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Models: Pretty Boy Karma (PBK)  

Video Length: 50 mins 23 secs


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Behind The Gunge. Read the Blog entry about this shoot here

Towards the back end of season 15 production, season two producer Tim contacted us with some great news. Tim had secured booking with a guest he thought would be a great fit for us. We have been after a number of celebrities for years and we finally have one, actually two ready for a Splat! Shoot. Now depending on your definition of celebrity, Pretty Boy Karma might not exactly be celebrities to you BUT they did appear on the last season of the X-Factor and have done some press recently.

So fresh from their X-factor fame, Boyband Pretty Boy Karma now face the season 16 opener with none other than season two’s Tim producing, so you can expect Pretty Boy Karma to get some serious Splat! Show mess!

This Show Features...

The Splat! Interview

With PBK being the first celebrities to appear on the Splat! Show we have to interview them. Tim gets to know the lads known as Pretty Boy Karma with the interview ending on a fateful note. Which member of PBK will be the first in the Gunge Tank? Tim has the tool and ways to decide the outcome!

Mr and Mr

This might as well be called Brother and Brother but that doesn't sound right. Brothers PBK play the famous MR and Mrs. Before the shoot each member filled in a questionnaire about themselves. The brothers were then asked questions about each other and had to correctly guess their answers. IF they didn't they get messy and have to loose an item of clothing. The person down to their boxers gets the gunge!

Balls To That!

A brand new game from TIm. The rules are simple. The contestant with the most plastic balls in their singlet avoids the Gunge. So which member of PBK is best and who will end up getting slimed!?

Piestermind: The Gunge Factor

PBK’s claim to fame is due to their appearance on the X-Factor. So in this custard Pie quiz we test PBK’s knowledge of the X-factor with pies a plenty for wrong answers! Will it be mess all round or will one member get more than their fair share?

Gunge Tank Karaoke

We put PBK’s singing to the test in Gunge Tank Karaoke. They have sung live on TV before but how will they manage trying to do the same while getting trashed in the Gunge Tank live on the net. We wonder which they prefer? Singing for Simon Cowell of taking part in Gunge Tank Karaoke? A Fitting end to our fantastic season 16 launch show!

Huge thanks to Tim for helping get this show on air.

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Check out the PBK Picture pack on The Splat! Fan Club featuring 38 high res pictures!

Part One Here

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