Ben The Boffin

Ben The Boffin


So, here we are. Another Splat! Shoot in the heat of summer. If you didn’t know, Ben’s shoot was paired with Daniel’s for the pre-shoot offer and Gunge Tank vote. That’s where the similarities end however as Ben is completely different to Daniel personality wise. Ben is reserved, well spoken and really REALLY smart at general knowledge, hence the name of this show. Ben The Boffin.

So it was interesting to see how Ben did with our slightly tweaked format. Just like with Daniel’s show, Ben could reduce the mess in the finale of his show. There are three bucket throws that could be added to the finale if Ben fails to stop them being added in the segments before the finale. The first add is purely luck as it’s on the Splat! Wheel, but you need to be good at general knowledge to remove the buckets in these rounds by getting more questions right than wrong.

Even though Ben did well during the show, it wouldn’t be a Splat! Show without the Gungings and as you may know by now, you really can’t stop the Gungings. The models are here to get Gunged, they know that but by adding something for the models to work for makes our show even better. And fighting to remove brutal bucket throws is something every model wants to be good at!

We hope you enjoy seeing Ben, an inspiring actor take on The Gunge Tank in this release. It’s sometimes nice to see a guest performing well in our games, especially when they are as polite as Ben.

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Guest Introduction: New for this special season we are introducing the Guest Introduction card. A brief video screen showing Ben looking happy and waving to the camera as we detail some stats about Ben and what’s coming up during the show.

The Splat! Interview: It’s time to get to know our guest in The Splat! Interview. This is the only part of the show where the Gunge tank is not in play. A relaxed interview with our guest before the games and gunge start!

Spin My Life: Spin my life features the first game with the Gunge Tank for this special season. We already know a bit about our guest from their interview but now we move into more probing questions. The round ends with the first Gunging of the show.  A “BRUTAL BUCKET” is on the wheel and will be added to the finale for this show if Ben lands on ut during this round. After ten spins it’s game over!

Foam Me Up: Foam Me Up is one of our signature games. Get a question wrong and you get sprayed with foam.  Get completely foamed up and the Gunge Tank is triggered and it’s game over! Ben get’s more questions right than wrong here and takes a BRUTAL BUCKET throw out of the finale. BOO! 

True Or False Splat! Blast: Get a question wrong and a blast of gunge from the blaster comes your way. Get more questions wrong than right and the Gunge Tank joins the party! Again, if Ben manages to get more questions right than wrong then removes a BRUTAL BUCKET from the finale, his final chance to do so. The Gunge Tank dumping brings his show to a close.

BRUTAL BUCKET COLLECTION & DEBRIEF: Just like with Daniel’s Show, Ben’s show features four rounds instead of five as part of the new tweaked “BRUTAL BUCKET” format. Here is where we get to find out how well Ben performed during the rounds in his Splat! Show. With three potential BRUTAL BUCKET throws coming his way in here in the finale we find out how Ben did and give him those BRUTAL bucket throws he may have collected before the final Gunging of the show. Before all of that however we talk to Ben about his Splat! Show experience.  

Gunge Tank Gunging Footage: This release features Gunging footage taken from the perspective of the Gunge Tank Cam. A birds eye view of The Gungings.


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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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