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Customer Contact Details - How To Reach Us

This is the only email address we use for communication. Download orders use a different email address but you can contact us at for order queries. If you contact us via our download email address, there may be a delay in replying to you.

We do not read or respond to any messages sent to our various social media channels. There may be fake social media accounts or email addresses in operation acting as they are us and may try to trick you. You can only contact us via our official email address.

Before emailing us, please be aware of the following…

Please contact us before you contact our payment processor about refunds, incorrect orders or mistakes as we will be able to sort these issues for you.

INSTANT DOWNLOADS: If you have placed an order for an Automatic (instant) Download and you haven’t received your download to your nominated email address, please check your spam and junk folders before emailing us.

MANUAL DOWNLOADS: If you have ordered a manual download (we have to process the download for you) and 12 hours has passed or you have purchased a Fan Club pass and your account hasn’t automatically upgraded please contact us for assistance. 

Splat! Site Accounts: If you are having issues with your Splat! Account, please contact us for assistance. To activate your account you will need to have access to the email address you used to sign up with to complete registration. Accounts that do not complete the sign up process and are pending will be deleted. Please check your spam / junk folders for the activation email before contacting us.

Participant Contact Details

If you are a participant that has been featured in our commercial releases and you wish to contact us urgently for any reason, please contact us on the channels we originally contacted you on. If you no longer have access to this information please reach out to us using the email address on this page (

As outlined on our about us and help pages, if you are a participant and have any concerns or issues we will always respond to you promptly and in a professional manner. We are always here to help and do the best we can by you. 

Other Contact Details

If you are legal entity or authority and wish to audit our site and operations please contact us with the relevant information. Requests must come from official and verified channels otherwise they will be ignored. We generally don’t reply to any press or media enquiries and these will be ignored with no response provided. If you are a business and would like to contact us, please provide proof with any enquiry. 

When You Can Expect A Reply From Us

We aim to respond to all messages within 12 hours but are usually replied to sooner. Please be aware we are in the UK, so if you email us after 8pm our time we may not reply to you before our next working day. You can view the current time at our location using the clock below.

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