Our Participant Relations

We foster a relaxed, fully informed and respective relationship with the people we work with to produce the Splat! Show.

Read on to learn more about our relationship with our participants, our model release forms and more!

Last Updated: December 14th 2022

We care deeply about the people we work with and who feature in our content. Below you will find out about our participant relations process that has been developed over the course of our history.

We regularly review and make changes to our participant relations to ensure we are acting in a professional and responsible manner and in the best interests of our participants. Sometimes we make changes and alterations after receiving feedback from our participants who have gone through our casting process and suggest how we can improve our processes for future participants. We want to thank those participants who sent us feedback so we can continually improve our processes for future participants. 

UPDATES TO THIS SECTION: Detailed information relating to our onboarding duty of care procedure for participants that was introduced in December 2022

Our Casting Process and Participant Relations

The participants, sometimes called contestants or models on this website, have been fully briefed on the concept of The Splat! Show and the nature of our shoots. They are informed about the different types of audience who may find interest in The Splat! Show. They are made aware of the site and encouraged to look at the site during the casting process. 

It is the participant’s responsibility to read and check the website and are actively encouraged to do so by us at various points during our casting process. If they fail to do this we do not take any responsibility for any problems that may arise. 

We have introduced an onboarding procedure (effective from December 2022) for any potential participant so we can check and secure proof that all participants have read our about us and casting pages fully. You can find out more about our onboarding procedure below. 

All information about this website and our shoots is presented to all potential participants and before a shoot takes place so they can make their own decision to shoot with us or not. We do not provide false information about The Splat! Show, our content or otherwise to any potential participant. All information about our shoots, content creation and website operations are presented on this website and these pages are not restricted to account holders only.  

We have introduced extensive onboarding and off-boarding procedures as part of our duty of care for each participant so we can monitor and record what information they have been given and that they have read all the information they need to make an independent choice about working with us or not. No pressure is applied by us at any point. 

Potential participants have to actively show us they have completed our onboarding duty of care procedures before a shoot moves forward. These records are held by us. No one is forced to do anything they do not wish to do and we actively encourage questions from participants at all times. 

We constantly check in with our participants throughout an active shoot to make sure they are happy and that they understand what is happening and to ask if have any questions or issues they wish to raise. We always inform participants what is going to happen before the camera’s start rolling so they are always informed and treated with respect at all times.

We foster an open and relaxed working environment at our shoots and the wellbeing of our participants is our priority during all content creation. We are confident in our processes and procedures but will make changes if any issues arise. It is not unusual for participants to return for a follow up shoot after completing their first with us. We can provide testimonials from people we have worked with who can provide feedback about their time shooting with us. This information only provided to those who have the correct credentials. 

If and when a participant raises an issue or concern, be it during a shoot or after a shoot, we will always act in their best interest and treat them with respect at all times even if it has a negative effect on us as business. 

We do not share participants full names on the website or in the videos. This is to protect our participants from any unwanted attention that may arise after their appearance on The Splat! Show. Any participant can request that we use their full name if they understand the potential consequences that may arise from such action. This is always discussed before a shoot takes place. 

Participants are required to sign a release form at the end of a shoot. We never ask participants to sign a legally binding release from before a shoot has taken place. It is only when the shoot has been completed that we then require a release form to be signed. This is so we can legally release the content in which participants appear. Our release forms give us legal consent from the participant to release their material within the law. 

If a participant fails to sign a release form after their shoot is completed we reserve the right to withhold some or all of their compensation offered to them for taking part in a shoot.

Our legally binding release forms contain all the information regarding the use of the images and videos captured at our shoots plus where they will be presented. Participants are offered a copy of their release form but are not obliged to accept. They are informed that they can request a copy of their release form at any time by contacting us. 

You can view an example of our release forms below. 

If after the shoot has been released on the website and a participant wishes us to remove their content, we will always respect their wishes and remove their content. We will discuss with them why they have requested removal but will never deny their request if it is genuine. 

All participants are confirmed to be over the age of 18 at the time of content creation. We check and collect this information if we have any doubts. 

All camera and recording equipment is only present in our shooting studio. No cameras or mobile phones (even that of our participants) are permitted in the bathroom or any other rooms used by our participants. This is strictly enforced to protect the privacy of our participants and ensure we offer a safe environment for all our participants. 

All release forms are kept on file and are secured according to strict privacy and data protection policies. We can provide these forms to any authority wishing to view them if they have a valid reason for doing so.

Participants who have worked with us can contact us anytime to raise concerns or issues. Any issues or concerns raised will be taken seriously and we will act in a quick and responsible manner to help resolve any issues or concerns. 

The Splat! Show content is highly influenced by the following TV shows which aired during the 1990s and early 2000s. 

  • Noel’s House Party (BBC late 1980s to early 2000s)
  • Get Your Own Back (BBC 1990s to early 2000s)
  • Tiswas (ITV late 1970s) 
  • Ministry Of Mayhem (ITV early 2000s)
  • And many more (just “Gunge” or “Gunge Tank” on YouTube.

All of the shows mentioned and highlighted above could be viewed by any age group and is what we base the Splat! Show on. 

Pre-Shoot On-boarding Duty Of Care Procedure

Introduced in December 2022: We have now changed and amended our onboarding and duty of care procedures for participants. Onboarding refers to our process that ensures that every participant we contact about working with us has all the information they need and is part of our extended duty of care procedure which was introduced in 2019.

After a participant has expressed interest in taking part in a shoot, we now require them to confirm in writing that they have read and fully understood our about us and casting pages. This is so we have written and legal proof that they have all the information about our shoots before a shoot takes place and that they have read and and understood everything about our shoots and operations. You can find an example of this below.

We have introduced this On-boarding procedure as we have found that some participants do not read these pages or tell us they have done so but in fact have not. We want to make sure we are being told the truth to offset any potential issues that may arise. 

This has been introduced to protect us and our participants.


Post Shoot (Off-boarding) Duty Of Care Procedure

We have a duty of care to all the participants who we work with. This starts when we contact any potential participant by providing all the important information regarding The Splat! Show (which is outlined above) and continues after a shoot has finished. 

From Summer 2020 we have extended our duty of care program to cover post shoot. All participants will be sent a support email when they leave after their shoot. Participants are free to contact the management team at anytime through a dedicated contact channel to raise any issue or concerns. 

We care greatly for the wellbeing of all our participants and we will continue to review our policies to ensure we meet the standards we have set ourselves and what others expect from us. 

Our Release Forms 2014-2021

Below we have provided a copy of our release form that our participants have to read in it’s entirety and then complete the form. 

This release form was used at shoots that took placed between 2014 and late 2021. We do not complete these forms on any participant’s behalf and it is their own responsibility to provide the information required. 

Participants are under no obligation or forced to complete a release form. Only after a participant has completed a release form are we able to release their content in which they appear on our website. Every participant who has content available on our website has completed a release form and we have them all on file as proof.

Our Current Release Form

Our release forms are the legal foundation for our working relationship with guests, models and participants. We updated our model release forms late in 2021 so all content is on one page. We also now take an image of our models / guests / participants holding their completed release forms for verification. We also collect government issued ID from participants if we have doubts regarding their legal age. All this material is hosted offline for security reasons. Below you will find a copy of our late 2021 and onwards release forms that we use. 

Participant Removal Request Transparency Reports

As previously stated, if a model / guest or participant wishes us to remove their content from our website we will respect their request. 

We understand that people’s lives and personal circumstances sometimes change. We are proud to be open and transparent with not only our guests and participants, but also with everyone else. 

Here you will find reports regarding removal requests from our participants and their status and outcomes.

Total removal requests received since 2004: 2

Total removal requests approved since 2004: 2

Total removal requests denied (and reasons) since 2004: 0

Consent Withdrawn By Participant Before Content Released: 1 (Our onboarding duty of care procedure was introduced after this incident).

Going Above And Beyond For Our Participants

Did you know that every website in the world is automatically archived? You can visit a website and see how it looked in the past. Say you wanted to see what a website looked liked in 2010, The Internet Archive (also called The Way Back Machine) makes that possible.

While this is great for certain websites, it does present challenges for a website like ours where the protection of our guests and participants is important. In theory you could go back in time and view our old show pages and images from shows that we no longer offer. This means that even when a guest or participant requests the removal of their content and we do as instructed, the content is not actually gone. It would instead be archived over on the Internet Archive for anyone to view. 

We have worked with the Internet archive and we are pleased to announce that they no longer archiving our website and have deleted all previous archived content from This means you cannot view old versions of this website on the Internet Archive and this is just another way we are working to ensure we protect and look after the models and participants we work with past, present and in the future.

Participant Health and Safety

The health and safety of our participants is very important to us. We follow a strict policy to ensure that all participants work in a safe and healthy environment at all times. 

The Gunge Tank is cleaned throughly after each shoot with disinfectant and other cleaning chemicals. Our Gunge Tank is not just used for The Splat! Show but is also used for private events and other projects by the parent company for The Splat! Show.

Due to the nature of Gunge, slipping can be a hazard. We have systems in place for slip avoidance with the implementation of specialised equipment to minimise the risk of slippage and all participants are told when it is safe to start moving and assistance is always provided to ensure their safety when on their feet in the Gunge Tank. A health and safety briefing is given to all participants before a shoot takes place. 

We carry public liability issuance to protect our participants and us in the case of an accident. 

The Gunge used on The Splat! Show meets all industry health and safety standards, is non toxic and is warm to prevent harm to our participants. The shoot takes place in a warm environment. All participants are asked about any health issues they may have before a shoot takes place.

Health And Safety Reports

Total Number Of Health And Safety Incidents Since 2014: 0

Pre-Season 13 Casting And Content

The Splat! Show was relaunched from season 13 onwards. This took place in 2014 under completely new management.

Shows produced under the Splat! Show name and the Splat! HQ name before this date was done in co-operation with other individuals who are no longer stake holders in the business. 

The casting process from season 13 onwards under operates under a new casting process set out by The Splat! Show for shows produced under new management  Casting, participant care and other aspects of the show before season 13 were usually handled by the producers filming content in person. If you need to contact these producers, you can email us here with your query.

As the Splat! Show grew in popularity and size, changes were needed to ensure that The Splat! Show under our management operates in a responsible way to protect the site, brand and our guests. 

Much of the contented produced before the show was taken over fully by us is no longer available to purchase on the website. We, the management took this decision as the content produced before the relaunch in 2014 did not meet the same standards and shooting policies now in place under new us. These videos are still offered on our Retro Stream service but are no longer available to own and are limited in a way to protect these participants and our other operations under us. 

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