Our Casting Process & Our Relationships With Our Guests


The guests, sometimes called contestants or models on the website, have been fully briefed on the content of the shoots they take part in well before any shooting dates. They are informed from the outset the types of audience who may find interest in The Splat! Show. They are made aware of the site and encouraged to look at the site during our casting process and are not forced to do anything they do not wish to do, or feel uncomfortable to do at any time. 

We ask the guests after every segment completion if they are ok, encourage questions and that their needs and wishes are always met. We foster an open and easy working environment during the shoots and the wellbeing of our guests is always a top priority . We are confident in our casting processes and that every guest we have worked with has enjoyed their time with us. 

Guests are required to sign a model release form at the END of their shoot. We never ask models to sign a legally binding model release from before a shoot has taken place. It is only when the shoot has been completed that we require a model release form to be signed so we can release their material on the website with their consent. The model release form contains all information regarding the use of the images and videos captured at a shoot and where they will be presented. On this website, on third party platforms including social media   If after the shoot has been released and a guest wishes us to remove their content we will always respect their wishes to remove their content. 

All guests are over the age of 18. All model release forms are kept on file and are secured according to strict privacy and data protection policies.

Our Model Release Forms


Here we have provided a copy of our model release form that guests have to read in it’s entirety and then complete the form. They are under no obligation or are forced to complete a form. Only after a guest has completed a model release form we will release their content onto our website. Every guest who has content released on our website has completed a model release form and we have them all on file.

Our Duty Of Care To Our Guests


We offer support to all our guests who are due to appear or have appeared on The Splat! Show.

The communication channels between our guests and the show producers is always open and we actively encourage guests to contact us at any time before or after their Splat! Show shoot if they have any concerns. 

We will always act on any concerns that our guests have before or after their Splat! Show shoot. We never hold guests to contract to have their show or and material on the website for an indefinite period of time and will always respect any wishes for our guests to have their material removed.

We have support measures in place and the care of our guests is our top priority before and long after a Splat! Show shoot. 

If you are a guest who has appeared in one of our commercial releases and have any worries or concerns, please do contact us here or contact us through the channels we originally contacted you on.

Health and Safety Of Our Guests

The health and safety of our guests is a top priority when shooting our shows. We follow a strict policy to ensure that our guests are in a safe and healthy environment at all times. 

The Gunge Tank is cleaned throughly after each shoot with disinfectant and other cleaning, non toxic chemicals. Our Gunge Tank is not just used for The Splat! Show but is also used for private events and other projects by PAW Media UK, the parent company for The Splat! Show. We ensure that there is zero risk to our guests when they shoot with us and are in The Gunge Tank by following strict cleaning practices after each shoot or event.

Due to the nature of Gunge, slipping can be a hazard. We have systems in place for slip avoidance with the implementation of specialised equipment to minimise the risk of slippage by our guests and all guests are told when it is safe to start moving and assistance is always provided to ensure their safety when on their feet in the Gunge Tank. 

The Gunge used on The Splat! Show meets all industry health and safety standards, is non toxic and is warm to prevent harm to our guests. The shoot takes place in a warm environment. Our guests are always asked to complete a personal health and safety form before any shoot to ensure they report all relevant allergies to us before a shoot takes place.

Lies and Fake News Regarding Our Casting Process


The people we work with to create The Splat! are fully informed and treated with respect at all times. A few websites have presented unfounded assumptions regarding how we cast guests to shoot with as fact. The assumptions these journalists presented are not, in any shape or form, “facts”. They are lies and fake news.

Guests agree to shoot with us because we tell them everything from the outset. It appears that some people find this hard to believe. 

They assume that we trick people or use other outlandish tactics to get people to come onto the show without revealing who might be watching our material and presented these assumptions as fact. This is sloppy and unethical journalism. On this page you will find out more about our casting process we use when selecting guests to appear on the show. We are transparent in our processes, and we shouldn’t need to do publish them but we have because we have nothing to hide. We have also provided a copy of the model release forms too, which contains all the information we provide to our guests.

We have worked with countless guests over our more than 15 year history. None have complained or raised concerns about our actions at any point. We also have a duty of care policy in place to help support our guests before, during and after shooting with us if they require it. Communication channels are left open after a shoot so guests can contact us to raise any concerns they may have.

We have signed, documented proof in the form of Model Release Forms that all guest have to read and sign after a shoot. These are kept on file and are proof we have tricked no one into working with us under false pretences. You can find a copy of our model release form on this page. Every single person you see on this website has a release form signed and we have them on file. Everything on this site is on this site because we have written permission from our guests via their model release forms. Guests are free to request the removal of their content at anytime too, without any questioning or push back from us.

These model release forms state the following: The audiences who may find interest in the Splat! Show (including WAM fetish), where the material will be presented and so much more. Everything is presented to them in writing. Guests have to read this form and we make sure they understand every single part and then sign each page.

We have nothing to hide. We are scrupulous during our casting process. It’s a shame these jourlanists are not when researching their articles. We also know that other websites similar to ours do not provide a fraction of the detail we do during our casting. We know this after talking to a few who have worked for them and us. We can only guess these journalists have targeted us due to our size and history, The story these journalists are peddling does not relate to us, but we know it does to others.

It’s just a pity that these journalists (if you can even call them that) didn’t do their research and contact us before posting their stories as fact.  We can only guess their version of the story was more sensational and would attract more traffic to their pathetic websites.

When we ask guests if they would come and shoot with us again, everyone we have asked has said yes. Why? Because they are fully informed. 

Lies, fake news and assumptions presented as fact are dangerous and potentially ruinous. The lack of morality in their work is astounding. We will not stand for it. We have worked hard to create our content within the law and will not be bullied, shamed or pushed around by people who don’t have the full facts or take issue with our work for other reasons. One thing is for sure, these journalists cannot be trusted to tell the truth and will do anything for clicks. 

Shame on them!