Our Guests Relationships

We foster a relaxed, fully informed and respective relationship with the people we work with to produce the Splat! Show.

Read on to learn more about our relationship with our guests, our model release forms and more!

Our Casting Process & Relationship With Out Guests

The guests, sometimes called contestants or models on this website, have been fully briefed on the content of our shoots they participate in well before any shooting dates. They are informed from the outset the types of audience who may find interest in The Splat! Show. They are made aware of the site and encouraged to look at the site during the casting process and are not forced to do anything they do not wish to do, or feel uncomfortable to do at any time. 

We ask our guests after every segment that has been completed if they are ok, encourage questions and ensure their needs and wishes are always met. We foster an open and easy working environment during the shoots and the wellbeing of our guests is always our top priority . We are confident in our casting processes and that every guest we have worked with has enjoyed their time with us. 

Guests are required to sign a model release form at the END of their shoot. We never ask models to sign a legally binding model release from before a shoot has taken place. It is only when the shoot has been completed that we require a model release form to be signed so we can release their material on the website with their consent. Our model release form contains all the information regarding the use of the images and videos captured at our shoots and where they will be presented. On this website, on third party platforms which may find interest in the show and also social media. If after the shoot has been released and a guest wishes us to remove their content, we will always respect their wishes to remove their content. 

All guests are over the age of 18. All model release forms are kept on file and are secured according to strict privacy and data protection policies. We will provide these forms to any authority wishing to view them.

Guests who have worked with us can contact us at anytime to raise concerns or issues. Any issues or concerns raised will be taken seriously and we will act in a quick and fast matter to resolve any issues or concerns. 

Our Model Release Forms

Below we have provided a copy of our model release form that our guests have to read in it’s entirety and then complete the form. They are under no obligation or are forced to complete a form. Only after a guest has completed a model release form we will release their content onto our website. Every guest who has content available on our website has completed a model release form and we have them all on file.

Our Duty Of Care To Our Guests

We have a duty of care to all the guests who we work with. This starts straight away when we contact our potential guests by providing all the important information regarding The Splat! Show (which is outlined above) and goes all the way through until the shoot is complete. 

From Summer 2020 we are extending our duty of care program to cover post shoot. All guests will be given a support package when they leave after their shoot. This pack will contain important information covering various aspects of support we offer. Our duty of care package will include information on what to do if guests wish to have their content removed for any reason, how to promote their appearance on The Splat! Show (if they wish to do so) and advice on how to keep safe from people who may contact them after their appearance on the show, such as undesirables or people who are not who they say they are.

We care greatly for the wellbeing of all our guests and we will continue to make changes to support our guests throughout every stage. 

The Health and Safety Of Our Guests

The health and safety of our guests is our top priority when shooting our shows. We follow a strict policy to ensure that our guests work in a safe and healthy environment at all times. 

The Gunge Tank is cleaned throughly after each shoot with disinfectant and other cleaning chemicals. Our Gunge Tank is not just used for The Splat! Show but is also used for private events and other projects by PAW Media UK, the parent company for The Splat! Show. We ensure that there is zero risk to our guests when they shoot with us.

Due to the nature of Gunge, slipping can be a hazard. We have systems in place for slip avoidance with the implementation of specialised equipment to minimise the risk of slippage by our guests and all guests are told when it is safe to start moving and assistance is always provided to ensure their safety when on their feet in the Gunge Tank. 

The Gunge used on The Splat! Show meets all industry health and safety standards, is non toxic and is warm to prevent harm to our guests. The shoot takes place in a warm environment. Our guests are asked about any health issues they may have before a shoot takes place.

Pre-Season 13 Casting & Content

The Splat! Show was relaunched from season 13 onwards under PAW Media UK which is solely owned and operated by Pete. 

Shows produced under the Splat! Show brand before this was done in co-operation with other individuals. The casting process from season 13 onwards under PAW Media UK operates under a new casting process set out by Pete for shows produced under the PAW Media UK brand. Casting, guest care and other aspects of the show before season 13 were usually handled by the producers filming content in person and not by Pete.

As the Splat! Show grew in popularity and size changes were needed to ensure that The Splat! Show under PAW Media UK operates in a responsible way to protect the site, brand and our guests.

Much of the contented produced before the show was taken over fully by PAW Media UK is no longer available to purchase on the website. These are still offered on our Retro Stream service but are no longer available to own.