The Splatette! Show

All Splatette! Shows Now Available

All Splatette! Shows are now available to access here on the new website.  They are now located in the Splat! Show Index.


The Splatette! Fan Club MASSIVE Update!

The Splatette! Fan Club today has relaunched with a whole host of new content. The Fan club has been updated with our Splat! Babes Archive shows. These shows are no longer available to download on the website since they are from our old days before we became known as The Splatette! Show. So all shows branded as Splat! Babes is now available to view on the Splatette! Fan Club. This joins all the other content on the Club and we will of course be adding even more when we start filming our next Splatette! Shows.

You can view the full list of content currently available on The Splatette! Fan Club on the Club page.


Welcome To The Splatette! Show News Page

Hey Splatette! Show fans. Thank you for being patient while we created the new website. While the Splatette! Shows have been on the new site for a while, we haven’t had the opportunity to flesh out the remaining section of The Splatette! Show until now.

This page you are on now is the Splatette! News page where you will find all the latest news regarding the show. This page is also the main page of the Splatette! Show section. You will see the Splatette! section menu at the top of this page. Please use those links to browse the Splatette! Section of the website.

We hope you enjoy what we have coming and we hope to share more news with you soon.