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Splatette! Fan Club Updated

October 14th 2021

Splat Plus + footage from the first two segments from Hannah’s Splatette! Shoot is now streaming over on the Splatette! Fan Club.

Simply add a Splatette! Fan Club pass to your site account to access all Fan Club content.

New Splatette! Fan Club NOW Open!

October 10th 2021

The Splatette! Show Fan club is now hosted within the site and is now open!

Just upgrade your site account with a Splatette! Fan Club pass to access all Splatette! Fan Club content. 

We have also brought over Retro Stream to The Splatette! Fan Club where you can stream a Splatette! classic show from our past as part of your membership. This month Kacie’s Debut Splatette! Show is streaming.

If you upgrade your site account today you will be set for our next shoot that will be taking place soon. We will be posting an exclusive early look at this shoot to The Splatette! Fan Club on the same day we finish shooting.

Follow the link to learn more and upgrade your account with a Splatette! Fan Club pass. You can then enjoy all fan Club content. 

Create A Splat! Account ToDay!

October 6th 2021

You may have noticed that we are now asking you to create an account and log in to view pages on our website. This is so we can bring you new features we are working on.

It is free to create an account (Free Splatter) and we will be bringing the Splatette! Fan Club within the site soon so you can upgrade your account to view all Splatette! Fan Club content.

Please follow the link below to create your free Splat! Account today.

Our privacy policy has been updated to reflect the changes. 

Sarah's Splatette! Show Out Now!

September 26th 2021

While one of our two planned shoots for this month fell through, Sarah’s Splatette! Shoot went ahead without a hitch! Sarah is from Paris, France who now calls London and the UK home.

Sarah’s show features one less segment than usual, but this has been reflected in the show price. We hope you enjoy seeing Sarah on the Splattette! Show

If you are a customer who took part in the vote or and ordered the Splat! Storm offer and haven’t heard from us. Please contact us here.

Alice's Splat! Storm Released

September 14th 2021

Alice’s Splat! Storm has now been released!

You will find it on Alice’s Splatette! Show page towards the bottom of the page under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section.

We have also listened to the feedback and this will be the last Splat! Storm to feature goggles. Many told us it was a mortal sin (ooh, harsh) that we used Goggles in the past few storms, we will try to do future storms without them while looking after the guests we have on the show.

First new Splatette! Show For September Released: Alice's Splatette! Show

September 1st 2021

It’s the first of a new month and we are starting out with a brand new release!

You may have wondered why we released Chloe’s content so quickly over the past few days. Well this is the reason, we shot Chloe’s content and Alice’s content a day after each other and we wanted to get a show out in August (Chloe’s) and then start September with another new release with Alice’s show.

Go and check out Alice’s Splatette! Show today! 

Chloe's Splat! Storm Released

August 29th 2021

Chloe’s Splat! Storm has now been released!

You will find it on Chloe’s Splatette! Show page towards the bottom of the page under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section.

You may be wondering why we have released Chloe’s Storm so soon after releasing her main feature just a few days ago, well we have some new content coming early in September. So Chloe’s Storm released was moved up a few weeks. More content is never bad thing right?

Chloe's Splatette! Show Out now!

August 27th 2021

Just in time for the weekend, we have a brand new Splatette! Show for you all!

Chloe starts in our latest release. Watch as she takes on The Splat! Show Gunge for the first time.

Hannah's Splat! Storm Released

August 4th 2021

Hannah’s Splat! Storm has now been released!

You will find it on Hannah’s Splatette! Show page towards the bottom of the page under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section.

Even more Splatette! Shoots are planned for later this month and we thank you for the support you have shown us since we resumed our in-person operations. 

Hannah's Splatette! Show Out Now!

July 25th 2021

After a busy few days since we shot Hannah’s Splatette! Show, we are pleased to announce that we have now finished the edit and the show is ready for download.

A great follow up to Belle’s Splatette! Show, Hannah is another great Splatette! Show guest and we hope you enjoy watching Hannah take on The Splat! Show Gunge Tank! 

Get More From belle's Show with Splat! + PLus

July 22nd 2021

As we work towards making The Splatette! Show on parity with The Splat! Show, we are bringing some of The Splat! Show features to The Splatette! Show.

Today we have introduced Splat! + Plus footage to The Splatette! Show starting with Belle’s Shoot. Splat! + Plus gives you the option to watch certain games from our fixed Splat! + Plus camera which is shot at a different and closer angle than the footage presented in the main show download.

You will find Belle’s Splat! + Plus footage on her show page towards the bottom of the page under the “Also Available From This Shoot’ section.

Belle's Splat! Storm Unleashed

July 1st 2021

Who’s ready to watch Belle take on The Splat! Storm!?

The Splat! Storm is the biggest Gunging we do here at The Splatette! Show and Belle bravely took it on.

It’s available now to download from Belle’s Splatette! Show main page towards the bottom under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section. 

Belle's Splatette! Show Is Out Now!

June 25th 2021

After the problem with the Splatette! Fan Club earlier, we have worked overtime to get our newest Splatette! Show out of the door and released for all to download.

Our first Splatette! Show since the lockdowns began to ease stars brand new guest to the show, Belle!

Belle’s Splatette! Show is out now so go and download it and watch The Gunge Tank do what it does best!