Gunge Tank Vote

The First Season 17 Vote - Time for some new faces...

It’s finally time, time to kick off another brand new season of The Splat! Show. After being slightly delayed, the new season is nearly here. That means brand new guests too, guest who will have to face the public vote.¬†

The two new guys opening season 17.  are Oliver and Marius. The Gunge Tank vote is back to cast instant judgment on our two new guests. So who do you want to see get that instant public vote Gunging? As always Splatters, YOU DECIDE! 

Format of Vote: This Gunge Tank vote will be using the “Great Gunge Tank” Escape format. This means that both gusts will film their parts separate. The guest with the most votes will get gunged ¬†in the tank instantly with cold and smelly gunge. The runner up will have to play The Great Gunge Tank Escape game.

Not sure who you want to see get it? Here are some facts to help you decide…

Oliver is from Essex, plays football and rugby and enjoys boxing. He is a full time model wants to be a future Splat! Star. He loves posing but hates fake people. Is looking forward to the show but hope he won’t make a fool of himself.

Marius is from London, street artist and model, street performer. He enjoys wall running and extreme sports. Has never been gunged before and is afraid it might ruin his hair. 

Who do YOU want to get it!? - As always, YOU DECIDE!

Gunge Tank Vote Terms and Conditions

Vote closes Sunday April 7th at midnight. Oliver’s and Marius will shoot on separate days. Over the 8th and 9th April.

The results video will only be sent to viewers who participate in the vote before the close  date. It will not be released on the website under general release.


Watch Oliver and Marius's shoots LIVE as they happen...

Splat! Fan club members can watch both shoots, including this Gunge Tank Vote live via the Splat! Fan. Timings will be posted to our twitter feed. 8th Р9th April mid morning starts.