Gunge Tank Vote

The Gunge Tank Vote - Who Gets It? YOU Decide!

Welcome To The Gunge Tank Vote. Here the power lies with you, The Splat! Show Viewer. The Gunge Tank Vote enables you to control who get’s Gunged in the votes and also control different aspects surrounding a Gunging. You have the power!

Joe V.S Angel! - Who's Gonna GET IT!?

The Gunge Tank Vote is back and the fate of our guests is in your hands! 

Joe and Angel will be shooting with us on Sunday 10th February. But the only question we want you to answer is who do you want to see get the instant Gunging in The Gunge Tank? Both Angel and Joe will be present as the results are revealed with one getting their first ever Gunging in the Tank! Expect plenty of build up and trash talk in the run up to the big results reveal. Get your votes in now and help seal one of their fates! The guest with the least number of votes will play The Great Gunge Tank Escape!




Votes cost £5.50 each. You can vote as many times as you wish.

The results video will only be sent to viewers who participate in the vote. It will not be made available on the website. So if you want to see it, you need to participate. 

The guest with the most votes will get an instant Gunging in The Gunge Tank. The guest with the least number of votes will have to play The Great Gunge Tank Escape.

Voting closes midnight on Saturday 9th February. If the vote buttons are still active after this time your vote won’t effect the outcome but you will still receive the results video. Links will be removed anytime after midnight Saturday 9th February. 

Vote results will be verified before filming commences.

Video will adhere to our content and language policies.