The Splat! Show Experience

You’ve watched the shows and you’ve always wanted to give the Gunge Tank a go. Well, you too can now star in your very own Splat! Show with Splat! Experiences.  We offer three different Splat! Show experience packages to suit any budget. Gold, Silver and Bonze.

Come along to The Splat! Show and star in your very own Splat! Show in a safe and friendly environment where your privacy is always guaranteed

WARNING: Only contact us via this website through the “Contact Us” page to ask questions and to book. Do not engage with people on social media who claim to be us or to be acting on our behalf and give them your personal details. You can only book with us via this website and dealing with us directly. Splat! Private experiences do not go by any other name and we do not work with any other company or individual for booking Splat! Experiences. If people claim they are doing so, this is wrong and could be trying to scam you. Please be careful and stay safe. We have vast experience running these events with detailed customer feedback. Just be careful. 

This section is due to be re-designed shortly. All information remains correct and can be used until the re-design is complete.

NEWS December 2022: We have added all our current available dates up until the end of May 2023 so you can plan ahead. We have crossed out our unavailable dates and more will be removed as we plan for our next season of shoots and as customers book in for experiences. Don’t miss out, secure your date in the Splat! Show Gunge Tank today!

Book today - OUR Available Dates

Check Our Availability

Have a look at our available dates and then contact us if you wish to book. We look forward to making you a Splat! Star for the day on The Splat! Show. 

The following dates are available to book. Dates crossed out are not available. 

🔥WE ARE OPEN DURING THE WINTER MONTHS: Our gunge is prepared warm and retains the warmth for the duration of our Splat! Show experiences. Don’t let the cold weather put you off. Our studio and gunge is warm so you can enjoy your time on The Splat! Show. 🔥

March 2023 – Bookings Close February 20th 2023

Wednesday 1st March, Thursday 2nd March, Friday 3rd March, Saturday 4th March, Sunday 5th March, Monday 6th March, Tuesday 7th March, Wednesday 8th March, Thursday 9th March, Friday 10th March, Saturday 11th March, Sunday 12th March, Monday 13th March, Tuesday 14th March, Wednesday 15th March, Thursday 16th March, Friday 17th March, Saturday 18th March, Sunday 19th March, Monday 20th March, Tuesday 21st March, Wednesday 22nd March, Thursday 23rd March, Friday 24th March, Saturday 25th March, Sunday 26th March, Monday 27th March, Tuesday 28th March, Wednesday 29th March, Thursday 30th March, Friday 31st March,

April 2023 – Bookings Close March 20th 2023

Saturday 1st April, Sunday 2nd April, Monday 3rd April, Tuesday 4th April, Wednesday 5th April, Thursday 6th April, Friday 7th April, Saturday 8th April, Sunday 9th April, Monday 10th April, Tuesday 11th April, Wednesday 12th April, Thursday 13th April, Friday 14th April, Saturday 15th April, Sunday 16th April, Monday 17th April, Tuesday 18th April, Wednesday 19th April, Thursday 20th April, Friday 21st April, Saturday 22nd April, Sunday 23rd April, Monday 24th April, Tuesday 25th April, Wednesday 26th April, Thursday 27th April,  Friday 28th April, Saturday 29th April, Sunday 30th April,

May 2023 – Bookings Close April 20th 2023

Monday 1st May, Tuesday 2nd May, Wednesday 3rd May, Thursday 4th May, Friday 5th May, Saturday 6th May, Sunday 7th May, Monday 8th May, Tuesday 9th May, Wednesday 10th May, Thursday 11th May, Friday 12th May, Saturday 13th May, Sunday 14th May, Monday 15th May, Tuesday 16th May, Wednesday 17th May, Thursday 18th May Friday 19th May, Saturday 20th May, Sunday 21st May, Monday 22nd May, Tuesday 23rd May, Wednesday 24th May, Thursday 25th May, Friday 26th May, Saturday 27th May, Sunday 28th May, Monday 29th May, Tuesday 30th May, Wednesday 31st May.

All dates past May 2023 are currently free apart from….16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd June.

What Is a Splat! Private Experience ?

A Splat! Show Experience is a private event where you come to Splat! HQ to star in your very own Splat! Show. Just like the shows you see on the website, but with you being the star taking on The Gunge Tank. We offer four levels of Splat! Experiences to choose from when you book.

Why book with us? 

We were one the first to offer private experiences and have plenty of experience in running and hosting these events. You really won’t find what we offer on any other website, even if they claim to do so. While others have copied (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) our Splat! Experience ideas, you really won’t find an experience as good as the ones we offer. Don’t settle for a sub par experience and book with us today. Read some testimonials from our customers on why you should book with us here.

We have priced all our private experience tiers at levels that offer great value for money. There are no hidden fees. We don’t expect participants to help us with any work at the experiences. You come for your day in the Gunge Tank and to have fun.


Want Your Experience Filmed? No Problem & There is no extra Charge!

What you Are Paying for

When you book a private experience you are paying for the following: 

  • All Gunge used in the experiences including foam, pies and the such.
  • Our time to run the experience. Our work starts two hours before participants arrive and continues after they leave until as we shut down and start the lengthy clean up process. Usually we have to dedicate at least 10 hours to each private experience.
  • Participants are booking time with us.
  • The clean up. We do all the cleaning up after and during a shoot (we let you clean yourself in the showers) but you can rest knowing that you won’t have to deal with the clean up after the experience has finished. You can just sit back and relax and enjoy the day.
  • Post Private Experience. After we have completed the private experience and clean up we will then start to edit footage for the participant (if they choose to have it filmed). This again is a lengthy process for us that can take up to five hours to complete. 
  • We don’t charge you extra to have your experience filmed, it’s all part of the package and covers all three tiers. You can choose to have it filmed or not. The choice is yours but you can rest easy knowing that we won’t charge you extra if you do choose to have your experience filmed. We will edit your footage so it appears like our commercial releases so you can watch your experience back at any time. 

Pick Your Splat! Experience

One Question: Just How Much Gunge Can You Handle!?

We offer four different Splat! Show private experience tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold and now Platinum. Read on below to learn more about each tier we offer and then select the one you want to book. You can also custom plan our Gold and Silver tiers to play the games you want to play and even bring a friend with you for a two guest gold tier Splat! Show private experience if you wish and is a perfect way to split the cost.

Bronze Tier Private Experience

Experience The Gunge Tank

Bronze Tier Private Experience

Our Bronze Private Splat! Show experience is our basic option. A perfect choice if you want to experience the Gunge Tank but don’t fancy doing a full Splat! Show. 

Our Bonze tier features one Gunging in The Gunge Tank. You can choose to have it filmed or not filmed for your personal use.

Bronze Tier Experience: £85.00

Bronze private experiences last between 45 minutes to 1 hour from your arrival at Splat! HQ to you leaving. Timings are an average and may exceed 1 hour. 

Silver Tier Private Experience

Star In Your Own Splat! Show

Silver Tier Private Experience

Our Silver private Splat! Show experience is a full solo Splat! Show experience. Our silver tier gets you a normal Splat! Show much like you see in the commercial feature shows we release on the website. The only difference is that your show will not be released and can also be filmed for your private use. Our silver tier gives you 5 games in the Gunge Tank and you can either choose a set experience or custom experience.

There are two Silver Tiers To Choose From.

Set Silver Tier Experience: £260.00

Our set Silver Tier experience is a pre-planned Silver Splat! Show experience. This means the games are set by us and can vary on the day. If you wish to pick the games you want to play, please enquire about our Custom tiers when contacting us. 

If you wish to have custard pies as part of the experience, you will need to book a custom silver experience as these are limited to custom experiences only due to the cost of providing these.

Set Silver Tier Cost:  £250 – This pays for all the gunge and our time.

Custom Silver Tier Experience: £290.00

If you wish to pick the games you play in your silver tier Splat! Show experience, you can order the Custom Silver Tier Experience. We will work with you to plan your experience and tailor the experience to your wishes. 

You can pick from the games we feature in our commercial releases or suggest ideas to us. You can find all the games that we can feature in a Splat! Show experience here. Custom Tiers allows you to suggest your own ideas too that we currently don’t feature in our commercial releases. Anything goes, well almost! 

Sliver private experiences last between 2 to 3 hours from your arrival at Splat! HQ to you leaving us. Timings are an average and may exceed three hours. 

Bring a Friend with you

Want to share your experience? Bring a friend or partner along with you and share the cost. Exclusive to custom silver tiers and both set and custom gold tiers.

Gold Tier Private Experience

Star In Your Own Splat! Show & Take On The Splat! Storm!

Gold Tier Private Experience

Our Gold option gets you five segments just like the shows we released on the website PLUS you also get our Splat! Storm experience on top of the five games. That is six trips to the Gunge Tank.

There are two Gold Tiers To Choose From

Gold set Tier Experience: £310.00

Our Set Gold Tier experience is a pre-planned Gold Splat! Show experience. This means the games are set by us and can vary on the day. If you wish to pick the games, please enquire about our Custom tiers when contacting us. 

If you wish to have custard pies as part of the experience, you will need to book a custom gold experience as these are limited to custom experiences only due to the extra cost of providing these. 

Custom Gold Tier Experience: £360.00

If you wish to pick the games feature in your Gold tier Splat! Show experience you can order the Custom Gold Tier Experience.

 We will work with you to plan your experience and tailor the experience to your wishes. You can pick from the games we feature in our commercial releases or suggest ideas to us. You can find all the games that we can feature in a Splat! Show experience here. Custom Tiers allow you to suggest your own ideas that we currently don’t feature in our commercial releases. Please note that the Splat! Storm will still be featured in Custom Gold Tiers and cannot be changed. All other segments can be custom ordered for your experience.

Gold private experiences last between 3 to 4 hours from your arrival at Splat! HQ to you leaving us. Timings are an average and mayfour hours.

Bring a Friend with you

The Splat! Show shines when it features two participants. Why not make your Gold Tier Private Experience a two player experience?

 We do not charge anything extra for two participants. Why not split the cost of the experience? 

Your experience will still feature a few solo games so you both are at least guaranteed a Gunging. You can play some games together too!

Two solo games with your opponent in charge of the Gunge Tank. You can then play a head to head game such as the buzzer round to see who wins out and who gets Gunged. You can also play games together that allow two players to get messy. A double Splat! Show will feature two solo rounds, a head to head round and then a double messy game. The final segment can be anything you like for example the person who gets a killer question wrong. We are open to your ideas, but you will not be able to be in the tank together for all rounds as this will increase the running time with you both having to shower after each segment. 

If you wish to have custard pies as part of the experience, you will need to book a custom gold experience as these are limited to custom experiences only due to the extra cost of providing these. 

You can both do the Splat! Storm together with the gold tier. You will have to share one chair however if you do the storm together so we hope you know the person you are coming with well!  

Platinum Private Experience

Have One Of Our Splat! Stars Join You!

Platinum Private Experience


Out top top tier, The Platinum experience is for the ultimate Splat! Show fan where you will be joined by one of our Splat! Stars. If you chose to have your experience filmed, all the cameras will be used to capture your experience. The main camera, tank camera and Splat! Plus camera will be used. Only the main camera is used for our other tiers.

The platinum tier features five segments PLUS The Splat! Storm (so six segments in total) with the difference being that you are joined by one of our Splat! Stars for the experience. 

The Platinum tier is set on what games are played but they can be adjusted by you if you wish. A Platinum tier usually features the following segments:

  • The Gunge Tank Interview. You will be interviewed inside the Gunge Tank by our Splat! Star. At the end of the interview you can either choose to be gunged yourself or have our Splat! Star get gunged instead.
  • The Buzzer Round: A quiz based round going head to head with our Splat! Star. Buzz in when you know the answer and hopefully get the question right and get our Splat! Star Gunged. Or you can play it so you need to get the questions right to get gunged, that is up to you!
  • Foam Me Up: Play a round of our iconic game, Foam Me Up. You can choose to play the game yourself or put our Splat! Star in the Gunk Tank and foam them up instead.
  • Pass The Pie: Play another one of our iconic games with our Splat! Star In Pass The Pie where you both can get seriously messy! Again you can choose what rules apply, so you can get gunged or you can try and get our Splat! Star Gunged at the end of the round. 
  • The Splat! Storm: The Splat! Storm is included in our platinum tier and again you can choose to take on the splat! storm by yourself, get our Splat! Star to do it or even take it on together!
  • FINALE: The final part of our Platinum experience tier is where you can get your own back on our Splat! Star or just have a go in the Gunge Tank yourself for the final time. If you choose to get your own back on our Splat! Star you can throw pies, buckets and then release the final Gunge from the tank. A mixture of yucky recycled (and probably cold) gunge all over our Splat! Star to end your day at Splat! HQ.
As one of our Splat! Stars will be attendance, we may release footage of them and their time in the Gunge Tank (If they get gunged that is) on the website. We will not feature yourself in any footage we may release.

That’s not all, when you leave Splat! HQ you will be given a goodie bag featuring a new and unworn official Splat! T-Shirt and a bottle of gunge (sealed) used at your private experience. Exclusive to our Platinum tiers!

Of course, you can choose to have your experience filmed so you can watch it back. You don’t have to have your experience filmed and is entirely up to you. Remember, we have strict privacy policies in place to ensure only you get to see your filmed experience.

IMPORTANT: If one of our Splat! Stars cannot make the shoot for any reason after it has been booked then we will add an extra two rounds for you to play. Every effort will be made so your chosen Splat! Star can join you but unforeseen events can occur,

Platinum Tier Experience: £560.00

Platinum Running Time

Platinum private experiences last between 3 to 4 hours from your arrival at Splat! HQ to you leaving us. Timings are an average and may exceed four hours. 

Who Can Join You?

So the BIG question is, who can you request to join you at your Platinum Splat! Show Experience?

Currently you can request Kyle, Louie or James to be booked with your platinum private experience. It is a challenge to match up our Splat! Star availability with the dates you request to book for your experience. It is best to have a few dates in mind so we can give these options to our Splat! Stars.

Usually it is best to enquire to book Saturdays or Sundays as this is when our Splat! Stars are usually free. Please enquire about their availability when you contact us and have a few dates in mind so we can speed the process along for you. 

It's Private. No Ifs, no Buts.

Have Your Experienced Filmed And Watch It Back Whenever You Like.

We guarantee Your Privacy

After making sure your private experience is top notch with all the gunge you can handle, we also make sure your privacy is guaranteed and protected at all times.

If you choose to have your private experience filmed we never store your files from your experience after we have emailed you the download. Downloads are delivered securely and only you can access the files, and ONLY you. We will delete all content, from the raw files to the edited footage, from your Splat! private experience after you have downloaded it.

We have been offering private sessions for a number of years now with no issues or problems and are more than confident in offering you an experience you won’t forget while also protecting your privacy. Many fans have booked return sessions after their first because they know we are the best around and can offer an experience no one else can match.

How To Book...

An Experience Like No Other!

No matter what experience you want to book, booking your time on The Splat! Show is easy! 

Contact us here and tell us you are interested and we will get straight back to you.

Please note that full payment will be required when you settle on a date to secure the selected date. Payment is done via bank transfer into our business account. Please note that The Splat! Show is NOT listed on transactions to protect your privacy. You will be provided a receipt as proof of payment for your own records.

Please only enquire if you are serious about booking a private Splat! Show experience. No time wasters please.

We are located in Northamptonshire, England which is about an hour from London via train and an hours drive from Birmingham. We are ideally located in the centre of England and close to Luton airport. 

The shoot takes place in a private residential property with space converted into studio space which you can see in our commercial releases. 

All clothing is provided by us or you can bring your own. We have showering facilities on site and you will be treated like a model for the day. 

Your own camera or phones are not permitted in the Splat! Show studio during a private experience. They must be secured away with your personal belongings that will be stored in a safe place during your experience.

Cameras and Phones are also not permitted in the bathroom under any circumstances.

The bathroom where you shower and change throughout the private experience has a lock on the door that we encourage you to use at all times.

It is forbidden to sell a date or booking onto another person or party without informing us first. If you wish to sell your date on to someone else you must first contact us to prevent issues with bookings and timings. Failure to do so may result in the booking being cancelled.

Legal Details...

Looking After You & Us

Private experiences are open to anyone over the age of 18. Please only contact us if you are over the age of 18. We will check this when you arrive if we have any doubts.

We carry public liability insurance for shoots and private experiences to protect us and shoot participants. 

You must comply with and follow our health and safety instructions at all times. Failure to do so will result in the private experience being cancelled and you will be asked to leave. 

We will not tolerate any abusive or inappropriate behaviour, physical or verbal, directed to The Splat! Show team or other party members while you are at Splat! Show Private Experiences. You will be asked to leave and law enforcement may be called if we are subjected to abusive behaviour during a private experience. 

If you choose to have your show filmed you agree that your show is ONLY for your private use and you may not release it on any website or social media platform without OUR consent. All footage recorded remains copyright of The Splat! Show. We will consider requests if you wish to release images or clips from your show, but you MUST contact us before you do so.   

Booking Cancellation Or Postponement 

All bookings are final and non-refundable in most cases. If you need to cancel a booking please contact us for more details. 

Sometimes we may need to delay your private experience due to unforeseen circumstances. This is rare but it can happen.  Delays can happen for a number of reasons such as illness effecting the production team, technical issues with the Gunge tank and issues with shooting equipment and facilities. 

We will always be clear and direct with you and explain why we have asked for a postponement. We will then work with you to secure a new date.

We will ask you to pick a new date within 6 months of your original date. 

If you fail to show for your booked date, we will contact you and try to rearrange a new date with you within the 6 month window. Please note that if you fail to make your original date, additional fees may apply. Each case will be assessed separately and fairly.

We hope to see you in The Gunge Tank Soon!

Testimonials - Why Book with us?

Don't Take Our Word For It, Hear From Our Customers!

Previous customer visits To The Splat! SHow

We firmly believe that we offer the best private Gunge Tank experiences available, but don’t just take our word for it, read testimonials from our customers who have already starred in their own Splat! Show Private Experience. 

Due to the ever growing number of testimonials , we have moved them to their own page. You will also find the private expereince gallery there too!

We keep all testimonials on file as proof of their authenticity and can be provided to any legitimate authority wishing to view them.

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