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You’ve watched the shows and maybe you’ve always wanted to give the Gunge Tank a go. Well, you too can now star in your very own Splat! Show with Splat! Experiences.  We offer five different Splat! Show experience packages to suit any budget. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium.

Come along to Splat! H.Q and star in your very own Splat! Show in a safe and friendly environment where your privacy is always guaranteed

WARNING: Only contact us via our website through the “Contact Us” page to ask questions and to book. Do not engage with people on social media who claim to be us or to be acting on our behalf and give them your personal details.


ADVANCE NOTICE: We will not be accepting any private experience bookings for the following period: December 2024 – March 2025. We will be taking a much needed break when our 20th anniversary festivities wrap up towards the end of this year. Subject to change. 

Booking Date Availability Changes: We are making changes to our availability for our private experiences. When a date is now booked, the date after the booking will now no longer be available. For example if a customer books a Saturday, the Sunday will become unavailable for a booking. This is to ensure we have enough downtime between experiences to prepare for the next and will ensure we maintain our high standards for all bookings. Commercial shoots will also follow the same format. If we shoot a commercial release, the date of the commercial shoot and the following day will not be available for private experience bookings. 

PayPal Now Accepted: We now offer PayPal as a payment and booking method for booking our private experiences. We still recommend direct payment (Bank Transfer) when booking. Please note that the cost for booking via PayPal is slightly higher compared to direct payment method due to the fee that PayPal take for using the service. We have updated our prices and added the PayPal cost for each tier. 

2024 Private Experience Bookings: All remaining available 2024 dates have now been added. 

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Just How Much Gunge Can You Handle!?

We offer five different Splat! Show private experience tiers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium . Read on below to learn more about each tier we offer and then select the one you want to book. 

We offer standard packages with Bronze, Silver and Gold or go all out with one of our premium packages.

You can also custom plan our Gold and Silver tiers to play the games you want to play and even bring a friend with you for a two guest gold, silver or platinum tier Splat! Show private experience if you wish and is a perfect way to split the cost.

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