Connor Hunter

Celebrity Special: Connor Hunter


Who’s ready for another reality TV celebrity to take on our Gunge Tank? First it was X-Factor’s Pretty Boy Karma who took on the challenge and now it’s the turn of MTV’s Ex On The Beach star Connor Hunter to enter the Gunge Tank! 

Hunky Connor Hunter takes on the Splat! Show in our second season 16 feature length show. Connor Hunter has been our guest wishlist since he first appeared on the nations screens a couple of years ago and he didn’t disappoint! Connor shot with us for over 6 hours for this show, the pre-shoot and vote and more. We hope you enjoy Connor’s show!

Thanks to Tim for helping with this show.

This Show Features…

The Splat! Interview

The first Gunging of many Connor was going to experience during his day at Splat! HQ. A nervous Connor sat in our Gunge Tank for an interview carried out by TIm. We ask all the right questions so you can get to know more about The Ex On The Beach Hunk. Then it’s Gunge time!  

Gungy Pants

Tim decided that he thought it would be fun for Connor to play our Gungy Pants game with Connor. And we are glad he did, because the Gunging that awaits Connor after he filled his pants with Gunge is up there with some of our best gungings of all time! 

Balls To That!

We brought you the first Balls To That Game in our first season 16 show, that was with two players. So how does it work with one player? Well we tested it out with Connor. Can Connor beat the clock and stuff all the balls in his Lycra singlet before the timer runs out and get’s messy? Or will he escape?

Leakiest Sink

We are not sure if show producer Tim has seen our Lucky or Mucky games but thats pretty much what Leakiest Sink is. For every incorrect question Connor gives he has to pull one of the cords, one is connected to the Gunge Tank. Will Connor do something no one has done before and beat the game and escape the Gunging!? It’s been close before but will he do what others have failed to do


We end Connor’s feature length show with a final Gunging of the show, but not his final Gunging of his day. He would go on to film the vote and pre-shoot videos plus some extra stuff too. Before his final Gunging in this show Tim asks him about his thoughts on his Splat! Show experience and if he would consider coming back. You have to love Connor’s giggle while getting gunged in this gunging too! A great way to wrap up the show!  

Huge thanks to Tim for helping get this show on air. 

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Preview The Show...

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Connor Hunter's Picture Pack

Download Connor’s Picture Pack that includes 26 high res pictures and moving photos. Taken at his Splat! Show Shoot. These pictures were shot especially for this picture pack and are not screen shots from the show. 

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Henry Vs Connor Hunter

It was Henry Vs Connor in the Gunge Tank vote. Connor was sent to the Gunge tank after polling the most votes and instantly gunked. Henry however completely failed at the Gunge Tank escape and was also tanked!


Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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Connor's Mess Test

Connor takes on The Mess Test . Can a blindfolded Connor guess what food-stuff is being dumped on him?