Splat! Stars

Meet The Current Splat! Stars...

Here at The Splat! Show we love working with new people. But we also have a group of fun loving guys we like to call The Splat! Stars, these guys are regular faces that appear on the show regularly. Splat! Stars are NOT exclusive to us but are our regular faces.  Here you can learn more about our Splat! Stars and easily find the shows in which they appear.

AKA Mr Popular

Jon made a brief appearance during Season 7 but officially became a Splat! Star in season 14. Jon loves meeting fans at private experiences but hates all the showering.

Jon Appears In The Following Splat! Shows…

AKA The New Guy

Daniel is Jon’s little brother. Daniel made his first appearance on The Splat! Show during the Daniel VS Jon: Mid Season 17 Special and became an official Splat! Star on April 1st 2020.

Daniel Appears In The Following Splat! Shows…

AKA Mr Gravy

Kyle is our newest Splat! star after his surprise reveal in season 14. Kyle enjoys seasonal specials but now hates gravy.

Kyle Appears In The Following Splat! Shows…

Battle Your Chosen Splat! Star - Platinum Private Experiences

Our Splat! Stars are available to book for Platinum Tier Private Experiences. Have them present your private experience, battle them to avoid the tank or just gunge the stars in the tank. The choice is yours. Find your more information here.

The Splat! Production Team

While we fully understand that our guests, models and Splat! Stars are the main draw, but the show wouldn’t even be possible without the Splat! Show production team. We constantly update our fans via the website and our social media channels, but we also have a Splat! Production Team Blog. We will post important updates to the Production Team Blog.

Retired Splat! Stars

Here you will find past Splat! Stars who have now retired from their Splat! Star roles. 

AKA Mr Serious

Adam much like Jon didn’t become a Splat! Star until a few years after his first appearance. Adam might seem moody but has a golden smile that will lighten up any show. Adam loves head to heads but hates Gunge Tank Votes.

Retired: June 2019.

Adam Appears In The Following Splat! Shows…

AKA Mr Gunge Tank Builder

Ash is the longest serving Splat! Star having been a regular since 2010. Ash built our Gunge Tank and enjoys head to head shows but hates the cold Gunge.

Retired: Pending. Due to film his Splat! Star Dumping Ceremony before the end of 2019.


Ash Appears In The Following Splat! Shows…