Rhys Splat! Show 2021

Rhys Splat! Show 2021


There is not going to be numbered season during 2021. Since we were only able to start production in the middle of 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this special season will run from June 2021 until the end of 2021. Season 19 will start in 2022 and this show and other shows released in 2021 will form part of this special season. 

Rhys is back on the Splat! Show and this time he’s brought his fancy new beard with him! 

Rhys booked this as a private experience and asked us to release it. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what our private experiences look like, then you can see it here with Rhys 2021 Splat! Show. They look like our shows we release, just like this one. Remember, we will never ask people if we can release any private experience and this was suggested by Rhys just like his last Splat! Show release. Book your private experience with us here.

Many of you may remember that Rhys was one of our first guests to grace the Splat! Show when we moved to our new location and featured just before we relaunched the show with our new Gunge Tank. Rhys is a big gunge tank fan and took on The Splat! Show Gunge Tank during season 17 of the show and has now made his second visit to us and take on The Gunge Tank once again.  This is something that he has been looking forward to do since lockdowns began to ease earlier this spring.

It was really nice to catch up with a friendly Splat! Show fan for this release and we all hope you enjoy watching a true Splat! Show fan on the show! Warning, some very thick Gungings feature in Rhys’ special Splat! Show 2021.

Rhys Splat! Show 2021 Features The Following…

The Splat! Interview: We are making some slight changes to the format with this special season. The formal interview will now take place outside the Gunge Tank at the top of the show before we move into the games. We talk to Rhys about the lockdowns and how he has been coping since his last Splat! Show shoot. Rhys has a really interesting and important Job that was essential to the Pandemic response so it was great to hear how he and his colleagues stepped up for us all! We are all very grateful!

Spin My Life: It’s time to bring on the Gunge Tank and start the mess in Spin My Life! We already know quite a bit about Rhys but Spin My life can throw up some rather interesting and probing questions. How long will it take for Rhys to spin the wheel and land on the Gunge Trigger? The first of many ultra thick gungings is not too far away and you can see that Rhys has been looking forward to this moment for a very long time!

Foam Me Up: Round two features the return of Foam Me Up. Foam me up is one of our favourite games we play and while we have considered retiring the game, it’s just too good to give up yet. It is also a game that Rhys hasn’t played before so it was nice to have him play this Splat! Classic and experience the mixing of foam and Gunge. Another thick and classic Gunging awaits when Rhys gets to that “foamed up” moment!

True Or False Splat! Blast: So Rhys has already experienced the Gunge Blaster, but that was the old one. If you’ve seen any of the shows this season or the storms you will already know that our new Gunge Blaster is a nasty beast! Rhys get’s to experience our new Gunge Blaster in True Or False Gunge Blast Splat!. Each incorrect answer, much like in Foam Me UP, means a messy forfeit in the way of a highly pressurised Gunge blast! Will the Tank trigger? Of course! We can’t have Rhys not getting what he wants. It’s always a different experience playing The Splat! Show with a Gunge Fan afterall! 

Lucky Or Mucky: For this round we gave Rhys the option to chose the game to play. After giving him some options he settled on Lucky Or Mucky. We have to admit that we did have to change the trigger number as Rhys gave us the trigger number rather early on, we can’t have a round that only runs for under a minute, although that would be pretty funny! So Rhys’ luck is given a boost as the round goes along and also helps himself with some good answers, it does seem to us that Rhys has increased his general knowledge during the past 18 months! Of course, Rhys’ luck does run out just as he is getting to the end of the questions. Again, we can’t have a real Gunge Fan escaping any of our tankings! 

The Splat! Debrief: It’s the end of the show so as usual things are wrapped up nicely with a Gunge Tank Debrief with Rhys. How much did Rhys enjoy his return to The Splat! Show after challenging year that we’ve all gone through? Spoilers: It turns out it’s just what he needed and couldn’t wait for this final Gunging to take place and bring his second visit to The Splat! Show Gunge Tank to an end. 

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