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The Splatette! Fan Club is our online destination for the ultimate Splatette! Fan. On the Fan club you will find a whole host of exclusive Club content. From exclusive images and videos to more! Join the Fan Club today to get even more from The Splatette! Show. The Splatette! Fan Club is a monthly subscription service allowing you to view all club material while you remain a member.

Here is a complete list of content currently on The Splatette! Fan Club.

List last updated September 16th 2019.

Eva's Splatette! Show Cut Footage

Alaine's Splatette! Show Cut Footage

Kacie's Debut: Full Show

Kacie's Tank Debut: Full Show

Kacie VS Molly: Full Show

Lizzie Pre-Shoot Special Full Show

Kacie and Molly Pre-shoot Special Full Show

Kacie's Tank Pre-shoot special. Full Show

Going Goo Goo For Gaga. Full Show

Melissa's Picture Pack 1

Melissa's Picture Pack 2

Lauren's Cut Footage

Beth's Cut Footage

Lizzie's Feature Show. Full Show

Rosie's Feature Full Show

Rosie and Pammie Feature Show Full Show

Rosie and Pammie Pre-shoot special Full Show

Rosie and Pammy Picture Pack

Alexa, Gunge Alexa! Full Show

Amber's Splat! Show