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The Splat! Show Fan Club is the ultimate destination for The Splat! Show fan. The Splat! Show Fan Club features exclusive video series like Flans From The Fans, cut footage and picture packs. Fan Club members can also get discounts on shows, early access to new releases before everyone else and get early looks at shoots on the same day they finish production.  Want more from The Splat! Show? Join the Fan Club today! 

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You can join the Splat! Fan Club anytime you want. You are charged a monthly subscription to access the Splat! Fan Club. Once you become a member you can access all Splat! Show Fan Club content without restriction. There is always something new being added to The Splat! Fan Club so join today to get more from The Splat! Show and became the ultimate fan. Simply click here to access The Splat! Fan Club .

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Complete List Of Fan Club Content

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CLUB LAST UPDATED: October 8th 2019

Retro Stream Service: Aaron's Splat! Send Off

Retro Stream Service: David's Pie-Overload

Josh's Video Message

Jon VS Kyle Picture Pack

Toby's Lucky Or Mucky FULL GAME

Guilliano's Cut Footage

Jon's Friends Get Their Own Back Cut Footage

Jason's Football Tanking

Ash's s15 Splatter! Cut Footage

Billy's Splat! Tanking Cut Footage

Jack The Lad Cut Footage

Stee's Gunge Paradise Picture Pack

Aiden's Halloween Thriller Cut Footage

Flans From The Fans: Gabriel. Full Game

Gabriel's Cut Footage

Kyle's Christmas Special Cut Footage

Season 15 Finale Cut Footage

Jon's End of s15 Interview

Flans From The Fans Featuring Jon Full Game

PBK Picture Pack 1

PBK Picture Pack 2

Billy Censored 1

Henry's Cut Footage

Beau's Cut Footage

Connor's Mess Test Full Game

Henry's Picture Packs

Flans From The Fans Adam. Full Game

Tank Cam Footage From Ash Vs Kyle

Messy Easter Picture Packs

Messy Easter 2019 Fan Club Cam Extra Footage

Splat! Spiderman with Jon

Malcolm's Modeling Mayhem

Gabriel Censored

Roan Picture Packs

Roan's Cut Footage

Adam and Jon: Battle Royal Fan Cam Footage

Jamie's Gunge Tank Interview Full Segment

Phil Messy Club Message

Ben Messy Club Message

Kyle's Flans From The Fans. Full Game

Meet Leo-Rex Gunge Tank Full Segment

P.T Steve's Cut Footage

Filled Up Phil Cut Footage

Kyle Mix n Match Cut Footage

Ivan Ooze Cut Footage

Jon's Who's Under The Foam Full Segment

Jon's Special Visit Picture Packs

Pass The Pie With Angel and Joe

Season 16 Finale Tank Cam Part 1

Gunge Brothers Picture Packs

Gunge Brothers Cut Footage

Gunge Brothers Fan Cam Footage

Kyle Loses Out At Private Expereince

Kes Gungingham Cut Footage

James's EVIL Halloween Special. Available To Stream Until Nov 1st 2019

Dan Vs Jon Fan Cam Footage

Dan Vs Jon Picture Packs (differs from pack available to purchase)

SplatOween with Benji Cut Footage