Ivan Ooze


Most new contestants we feature are almost always unknown quantities before they come to Splat! HQ. We rarely do castings (Leo Rex is an exception to that rule) so when they turn up to shoot we never really know what we are going to get. With Ivan, our newest contestant, what we got was not what we were expecting and thats the best thing. Thats because Ivan has the looks and the personality to really make a top tier Splat! Show contestant. 

Ivan’s reactions to his Gungings in our Gunge Tank are probably the best reactions we have seen on the Splat! Show. Ivan treats the Gungings as if he was in a shower, rubbing the gunge all over himself and making some very strange but funny noises in the process. This is what we want from our contestants, having fun. Oh and we haven’t even mentioned what random stuff he does during the show. From sitting on pies, putting pies in his clothes and even wanting to get the worst finale possible. All without us asking him to do this stuff, Ivan is a dream contestant and we really hope you love him as much as we did! 


This Show Features…


The Splat! Interview – Pure Gunge joy!

Ivan is 21 and hails from London where he is studying at Uni. But Ivan is actually from Bulgaria and has one hell of an accent. Ivan models part time and after checking out the site during our casting couldn’t wait come and shoot the show. Everything is covered in his Splat! Interview and this is the first time you all get to see the stunning Gunging reactions that comes from Ivan. Saying that Ivan enjoyed his first ever gunging would be an understatement! 


Foam Me Up – Ivan Ooze?

Ivan told us during the interview he goes to the gym every day of the week, sometimes two times a day too. So we let him show off his gym bod in foam me up. How will uni student hunk Ivan handle the general knowledge round? Will he make it to the end without being foamed up and avoid the gunge? Or will he give us another master class in Gunge Tank reactions? Oh and if you are wondering why this show is called Ivan Ooze, it’s all explained in this part of the show. You may already know if you grew up in the 1990s. Ivan suggested it!


Piestermind – Two Part Special

Ivan’s specialized subject was European capital cities. We had a feeling he would do well so we had a back up quiz just in case. We gave Ivan a pie to hold during this part to help him get as many right as possible, so he knew what would happen if he faltered. Well Ivan sure knows his EU captical cities and the pie is handed back. THEN we surprise him with the back up plan, world capital cities and thats where it all starts to fall apart for Ivan as the pies coming flying in. He then asks to sit on a pie and of course, we let him do it! With more wrong than right Ivan gets the slime and again does something unexpected, pulls open his singlet for a suit full of gunge that Ivan seems to enjoy a little too much! 


Wetter And Better Or Slimed and Stupid Ver 2

We revamped this game for Ivan after the last few trials of the game. This meant that there was more water (and better reactions) plus the threat of a gunging during the game was higher. It worked too and we feel this game is better than ever (no pun intended). Looking for that signature Ivan gunge reaction? Yeah it’s here too!


The Splat! Debrief – The Splat! Wheel Surprise Choice

By now you should know how the Splat! Wheel works. Ivan was given three spins. The first was just a test and then two others. He can stick on two or spin for the third and final spin having to take whatever it lands on the third spin. Thing is, Ivan is a bit different. Every other contestant so far has tried to avoid the Terrible 3 (ten pies, water soaking and massive tanking) but on his second Spin Ivan landed on the Terrible 3 and said he wanted it and did not want to take the final spin. Our jaws dropped! Ivan wanted to go out in style and he just did that. This also features the best gunging of the year from our point of view, it’s just perfect! 

Ivan, you are a Splat! Star! 

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Ivan Vs Ash

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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Ivan Ooze Cut Footage

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Splat! Blog Entry

NOTE: Behind The Gunge Blog entries are written by Splat! Show co-producer James.

Mental health… man I wish I understood it.  There isn’t an obvious pattern to it. Okay I know roughly the sorts of things that trigger my dysmorphia and on paper I should have found today’s shoot relatively straight forward. In the last year with Splat I have worked with bigger guys.  I have worked with guys who were ripped to hell.  I’ve worked with overly confident guys and I’ve worked with shy guys. Yes I’ve had odd moments.  Yes I’ve had to do exercises on the train to make sure I was in a good place when I arrived at Splat. But full blown anxiety and serious dysmorphia? That’s not something I’ve had for quite some time.


Ivan might have been the star of today’s show but Pete was the true hero for getting me through it.  If that had been one of the shows I did on my own… you probably wouldn’t have had a show.

More of that later, I know it’s really Ivan you’re interested in.  The “fan” part of my brain (yes, I might now be part of the furniture, to use Pete’s words from today, but I am still a fan as well) knows that Ivan is going to be a big name model one day.  The show he put on today was absolutely incredible and, hand on heart, today we shot some of the best footage I’ve EVER seen from Splat.  


He’s keen.  I mean REALLY keen to the point where he couldn’t wait to get started! Some models, during the pre-shoot talk about the tank and the game etc, can be a little distant and/or bemused because they’re not used to having pre-modelling instructions.  Not Ivan, we had to keep him out of the tank to get the first photos…. he loves the camera but not arrogantly so and the camera loves him.  These days the brief is to get a LOT of photos, apparently you lot like them 😉 I’ve actually come to enjoy this side of the job.  You don’t get to see all the shots, Pete quite rightly only releases the ones that are just right, but knocking around somewhere are some that are blurred, the framing isn’t spot on… but they’re the ones I love taking the most as they’re the ones I get when the model is off guard.  I’ve worked out a few questions (no, they’re my secret) that either make the models laugh or make them go from “model pose” to “bashful human”.  Even when they then default back to modelling stances, they seem to fit in more with the background of the tank and they seem more at ease with the scenario.


We get the interview done… I’ve seen the footage.  Pete and I need to pick our jaws off the ground. Trust me, you will love it.  Trivia time for foam me up and Ivan basically has already got the atmosphere, style and tone of the shoot and gives us an incredible game.  There are things I desperately want to say but to do so would spoil the surprises.  I think all I can say is that I’ve never seen a model like Ivan, you’d really think he had done umpteen gunge shows based on this performance but I promise you we got him first.  You’re seeing natural talent and charm.  Specialised round…. always a difficult one because we don’t know how specialised their specialised knowledge is.  What we didn’t expect was for this game to turn into a masterclass in how to play up to the camera. What I also didn’t expect was to have to improvise a game (though I feel VERY happy that the camera broke down during the buildup because it gave me thinking time AND reassured me that when it’s gone wrong in the past it was the camera at fault and not me!) but Ivan was the perfect contestant for it.  And yes, I chose THAT question because I knew he’d respond well to it and give me an excuse to really go to town on the gunge.



Just watch it.  It’s amazing and totally unexpected.  

Gung tank vote (okay, serious question…. who could we put Ash up against where Ash would actually get the cold and smelly gunge?) and oh man the tank has sprung a serious leak.  It’s not just dribbling out as if often does… there are pools of gunge gathering on the floor.  Yes, we gunged Ivan so much that we broke the tank. And that was BEFORE we did the Splat storm. 

Ivan is an absolute legend.  I just wish I hadn’t had such terrifying dysmorphia around him. 


Pete, after the shoot, asked me what anxiety feels like.  The best description I’ve ever had is this.  Imagine you’ve dropped your phone and its landed screen down.  You know that heart stopping, hyperventilating split second of sheer panic?  Now stretch that out to last a few hours.  Maybe even a full day.  Imagine that you have to hide it from the world that you’re panicking.  That you have to carry on as if dropping your phone was such a common occurrence that it’s barely worth thinking about but inside your heart is pounding away in your chest and you can’t breathe properly. And you have to carry on.  Your phone is repeatedly dropping and you’re utterly terrified but you have to keep going. That was today.  My brain just decided “Know what, I’ve not screwed you over for a while and you’ve become too relaxed so I’m really going to kick in”. Trying to fill the tank, balancing on a chair and being anxious to the point of being dizzy but your pride refusing to let you stop.  So you then get anxious about what you’re doing on top of the anxiety you already had.  Okay, there was one moment that Ivan said something that he said in absolutely all innocence that basically piled on an extra level of dysmorphia but yeah, 99% of my problems today were my brain doing me over.  When I’m improvising the questions for the on the spot game, I hope you can’t hear the anxiety in my voice as my brain freezes.  


But this is Splat and Splat is Pete and Pete is safety.  I trust Pete completely and utterly.  A log time ago I promised him I would always tell him if I was having problems so today I kept that promise.  Between each segment he checked on me, reassured me and helped me calm down. I have friends on the gunge scene who I know will reassure me that today was just a one off. When I get home I can spend the next 36 hours or so doing therapy exercises to get my brain under control and try and pinpoint what happened and put guards in place to stop it happening again.


Most importantly though I have this blog.  Because this blog is proof that I kept going and that I CAN deal with things when I need to. This blog is proof that I survived because I have Pete, I have Splat and I have wonderful people who keep me going on twitter (Ed Note: Twitter is wonderful, if you can get away from the trolls).

And Ivan’s show is proof that he is a true gunge star in the making.