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Report Copyright Breaches / Infringements

The biggest threat to our future operations and sustainability is the unlawful distribution of our content.

Our business model is a pay per view or pay to download. This means that we make our money by selling our content directly to our customers. This enables us to keep the site online and also enables us to create new and engaging content.

We are asking you, our customers and community, to report any instances of Copyright Breaches you may see directly to us. This enables us to then remove said content and protect our copyright and business. 

If you spot any of our content online being presented on other websites, such as video sharing sites, social media sites or through other communication channels please report it to us directly using the email address above and below.

We will treat your submission with respect and protect your identity at all times. We thank you in advance for your help and co-operation. 


If you submit a copyright breach report that leads us to our content being unlawfully re-posted or distributed, we will reward you for your efforts and bringing said break to our attention. You can get a free download or Fan Club pass for each report!

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