Service Status

🟒 Ordering Status: Up - No Problems Reported

No issues with ordering products reported. All systems currently operational.Β 

If you areΒ experiencing any issues such as payment systems not working, downloads not working or any other issues related to ordering products form usΒ pleaseΒ report themΒ to us here

🟒 Fan Club Passes & Site Accounts: No Problems Reported

No problems with Fan Club Passes or site accounts reported.

If you are having issues with Fan Club Pass purchases or site account upgrades after purchase, please report them to us here

🟒 Site Status: Up - No Problems Reported

No site wide problems reported at this time. All systems operational.Β 


If you areΒ experiencing any issues such as broken links,Β browser crashes, site account problems or other issues while using the site please report them to us here.

πŸ“§ REPORT - Tell Us If You Are Having Trouble..

If you are experiencing issues with our website and or downloads, please contact us here and we will reply as soon as we can to assist you. It will also help other users too. 

Our website is still growing, if you notice anything not working as it should, be it broken links or missing images. Please also report these to us to help improve the overall service and experience we offer our customers. We thank you in advance. 

πŸ”΄ Past Outages Log

April 7th 2024: Some site accounts failed to update automatically after purchasing a Fan Club Pass.Β 

September 2023: Download links didn’t work as intended. This has now been fixed.Β 

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