Environment Impact Statement

Learn more about the steps we take to protect theΒ environment while producing the Splat! Show and otherΒ aspects of ourΒ environmental impact.

Last Updated: September 29th 2022

When Creating Our Content

When we are creating our content we have a responsibility to the environment. Please read on for more information about this.Our Gunge powder we use to create the gunge is non toxic to the environment and is made to UK and EU standards. It is water soluble which means it washes away with no ill effect on the surrounding environment. 

  • We use fresh water for the health and safety of our guests but we do not overuse or waste water beyond it’s intended purpose.
  • The colouring we use for our Gunge is non toxic and is water soluble and is not toxic to the environment and nature. Our colouring is set to UK and EU standards.
  • Power we use for our shoots is from the UK grid and we only keep the power on for what it is needed for. We try to keep energy consumption low during our shoots.
  • Clothing we use is recycled and is never sent to landfill after we have finished with clothing items.

Hosting Our Content

We have selected sustainable hosts to host our content.

  • We moved to a carbon neutral web host in 2022. 
  • We also select cloud storage providers that are 100% run on renewable energy sources for our team and non customer facing operations. 
  • Our customer serving cloud storage and product delivery system is not currently operated on 100% renewable energy sources but we continue to explore new options for transition. 
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