Current Season Shows

Special Season 2021

Mid-Season Special: Benny Vs Darren

Our mid-season special features the return of breakout star of the season Darren along with his best friend Benny! Featuring head to head games and Benny’s Splat! Storm PLUS Splat! + Plus content included! Do not miss this Gunge Tank show all about friendship, sometime’s friendships get messy!

Ben The Boffin!

Ben, a guest who really gave The Gunge Tank a run for it’s money in our quizzes, stars in this great addition to the 2021 special season. How many BRUTAL buckets will he stop before the finale!?

Damn! Daniel Splat! Show

Daniel makes his way onto The Splat! Show and into our Gunge Tank. The first show to have a slight tweaked format which builds to the finale of the Show where Daniel can try and control his final Gunging!

Darren The Dashing

Brand new Splat! Show guest and first time Gungee Darren makes his way onto The Splat! Show and into the Gunge Tank for a show originally planned as this seasons opener! Also includes the Splat! Storm as part of the main show!

Rhys Splat! Show 2021

Big Splat! Show fan Rhys comes along to Splat! HQ to have some post lockdown fun in our Gunge Tank!

A joyful show with plenty of thick Gungings and debut of Rhys’ new beard!

Whitie's Returner Special

After more than 11 years since his last messy experience, Whitie makes a visit to Splat! HQ for a very special show! The show and Whitie may have changed over the years, but one thing is certain this time, he cannot escape our Gunge Tank!

A Splat! Show 11 years in the making!  

Pride Special 2021

It’s the first double header Splat! Show for over two years and this one’s for pride too! Starring James and Kes, two members of the LGBTQ+ community, this double Splat! Show features the return of fan favourites Pass The Pie, Crack My Tank and so much more! 

Ben's Splat! SHow

We kick off this special season of shows with a brand new guest. 22 year old Ben takes on the Splat! Show Gunge Tank, the first person to do so since October 2020!