Current Season Shows

Our 2020 Halloween Splat! Show is here and it features Splat! Star Kyle. Download the show before our Halloween On Splat! 2020 celebrations end on November 1st to save and get a freebie! Check our Halloween Costume extravaganza today.

In what appears to be a Gunge Tank National Tour, Lucas makes his Splat! Show debut after appearing on a few other websites. Lucas, now a gunge pro takes on our Gunge Tank with ease in this feature length Splat! Show not to be missed!

It’s our first feature length Splat! Show since early 2020 and we have a brand new Splat! Guest to star too! Get ready for James’s Splat! Show! James goes to war with The Gunge Tank! 

Five years after his last Splat! Show appearance, Mark Anthony is back to kick off the first shoot since the Coronavirus lockdown which features some very THICK Gungings.

 Daniel is our latest Splat! Star. Daniel is officially inducted as one of our Splat! Stars in this fantastic induction special. 

 Ex-British Athlete and now model come personal trainer John stars in our season 18 opener. How will our British hero take to the Gunge Tank? Watch our sensational season opener with John today! 

 Jon makes a special visit to us, his first in 2020 and in his fifth year as one of our Splat! Stars. Jon stars in this pre-season 18 special with a mix of old and new ideas including a special homage to his mini series from season 15, Jon and Friends! 

 After two years since his first Gunge Tank appearance, James T makes a return for his final Splat! Show appearance in his returner special. 

 In this pre-season 18 special brand new Splat! Show guest, 18 year old student and fashion model Josh makes his Splat! Show debut against our Gunge Tank!