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AJ – Scotland: After many years of deliberation, I finally plucked up enough courage to book the β€œCustom Gold Experience” and it did not disappoint. I had really great communication from Pete and he made me feel totally at ease, I picked a number of games they were all great but a special mention to the β€œGunge Bucket Throw” which was very memorable.

Pete was very patient between rounds allowing to time to shower and change between rounds, my only regret is I did not book sooner, I am already planning my next visit 

Review by Phil from Dublin, Ireland: I’ve been a Splat Show super fan for many years and I’ve always wanted to try the experience for myself.

I bought so many shows and voted on many gorgeous models to face the smelly gunge, so I thought I’d like to see how it really felt to be sat in the tank.

There was a lot of nerves and trepidation but I have to say that after about 5 minutes arriving at Splat and meeting Pete that was gone. Pete was brilliant, he put me at ease right away and all my nerves were gone and I was ready to go. Splat Show is a clean and quiet space and (chatting to Pete about all my favourite Splat shows was so fun) and it was a really chilled atmosphere. Then I was brought to the tank itself and it was finally my turn to take a seat. 

As a Get Your Own Back fan, my kits for the day were a tribute to the classic gunge show that I loved so much. When it came it sitting under the tank of slop I was very β€˜excited’ and Pete made me feel very much at ease about this too. The gunge was very thick, very sloppy and warm. As a gunge fan, nothing can prepare you for how amazing the Splat Storm really is. It’s a relentless barrage of slop, squirts and thick goo and I was literally speechless when I got the final splat of gunk!

I want to say to fellow gunge fans reading this – take the sloppy plunge and book a session with Pete! You will not regret it. Coming from Ireland it was easy to get to and it’s close to Kettering station. Pete had outdone himself on a big private session and it did not disappoint. On a personal note, doing the Splat Show private session did so much for my confidence, embracing my love of gunge that I no longer feel guilty about it and watching myself back on the recorded show, it has done a lot of my body confidence too. I will definitely be booking again very soon.

Thank you Pete for an amazingly sloppy fun day! 

Robin, Cambridgeshire: I visited the Splat Show earlier this year for a gold tier Experience and had an amazing time. So amazing that I decided to chance my luck and come back again for a further perilous visit to the gunge tank. Pete was again extremely helpful and professional, making sure I had all the needed information and to put me at ease. I didn’t do as well at the quizzing and paid the price – foam and pies flew freely, with a spot-on hit pretty much every single time. And all that was just the build-up before the ‘heavens’ opened up above and slime descended, totally covering me. Again. And again. And again. It was incredibly festive for the time of year too – at one point I even looked like I’d been doused with chocolate and salted caramel like a Christmas treat! And the Splat Storm was once again something to be reckoned with – way too much gunge, way too fast that I couldn’t keep track and ended up a giggling mess – pun intended. Thank you Pete for another excellent day, and a little piece of something totally different from normal reality.
Image provided by Robin from his Splat! Show Experience. This image were sent to us unprompted by Robin for us to post here. We never ask any customer to provide any images from their experiences to use on the website. We thank Robin and others for providing these images to help advertise our experience packages.

Kenny, West England: As a Splatette show fan for several years and having read the vast number of positive testimonials from others, I was incredibly eager to experience the Splat gunge tank for myself. The opportunity eventually came around and I eagerly booked up a Platinum experience.   

Pete really went above and beyond throughout the booking and planning process. He made a number of exceptions for me and was incredibly receptive to my ideas and input without any pushback (if I was in Pete’s position, I doubt I would have done the same!). Communication was frequent and making the payment was a doddle. 

The anticipation I felt in the days leading up to the experience built up and on the day, my excitement was palpable! Walking through the door and being greeted by Pete, I was immediately put at ease and any sense of nervousness or β€˜WTF am I doing!’ was erased. We had a quick chat and I was led upstairs to be shown the bathroom and the studio.  

I got changed into one of the various Splat t-shirts and excitedly took my place in the infamous gunge tank. I chose to start off with the gunge tank interview which was a great ice breaker and led to the first gunging of the day. The copious amounts of gunge was thick, warm and was a lovely sensation to feel. Nothing really prepares you for when it hits and gently envelops you!  

I went through a variety of games hoping that my trivia knowledge wouldn’t let me down and I’d also requested for Pete to switch up the questions. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), my trivia knowledge wasn’t as great as I’d hoped and ended up on the receiving end of multiple blasters, pies and tankings! The Splat storm was the final segment and to put it lightly, annihilation is an understatement! It was completely epic to sit there and take on multiple blasters, buckets and a final tanking!! 

I can’t really put into words how great Pete was throughout the day. As others have testified, he was incredibly nice and personable, even having conversations about gunge and the wider community which I’ve never really had with anyone before.  

It was completely exhilarating to have gone through the experience and as someone who has β€˜solo sessioned’ before it completely blows anything I’ve done out of the water. Furthermore, you won’t be able to replicate this at home and the added bonus of having cleanup, filming and editing like a commercial release, makes this so worth it!  

So, if you’re reading this and on the fence about booking, just go for it! 

Image provided by Kenny from his Splat! Show Experience. This image were sent to us unprompted by Kenny for us to post here. We never ask any customer to provide any images from their experiences to use on the website. We thank Kenny and others for providing these images to help advertise our experience packages. 

β€œNeil, Cheshire, UK: As a keen quizzer and furtive childhood fan of Noel’s House Party, I’d always fancied taking part in a gunge-tank-based quiz with messy consequences for wrong answers. The private experience didn’t disappoint – Pete is very personable, the games were a lot of fun, and the gunge was warm, thick, lurid and plentiful. Being gunged puts you in a different headspace, and a proper experience in a TV-style tank is something that can’t readily be replicated. If you’ve been wondering whether to book a session but have been putting it off for years like I did, I can only recommend you go for it.”

Ben, East England: “This experience was amazing and everything I’ve ever wanted! 

I’ve always wanted to get gunged in a gunge tank so I did some research and found out about splathq. I popped an email in querying about a gold session. I got a quick response from Pete and booked my private experience with ease. 

A week before my experience Pete sent over an email confirming everything for the day and asked to confirm some bits from my end, very professional and another quick response. The day before Pete got in touch again with a courtesy text which was also very nice and professional. 

On the day I arrived and Pete showed me to the famous gunge tank where I’ll be for the day and then to the bathroom to get changed for the interview. 

The interview really helps to calm your nerves and at the end you get your first gunging which just felt amazing and nothing like I’ve ever experienced before, I was covered! 

The rest of the games were really fun (which I did manged to “win” one of them but still ended up gunged!). Each game ended up leaving me very messy and laughing throughout. 

The splat storm was the one I was most excited about as I had never seen it before so wasn’t fully sure what to expect. Safe to say it was by far the best part of the day and I was made into a work of gungey art! The constant stream gunge was just amazing. 

Overall this was an amazing messy experience and Pete is lovely, professional and very organised. I highly recommend going and also getting it recorded as its brilliant to watch back! Thanks once again for an amazing day. 

Image provided by Ben from his Splat! Show Experience. This image were sent to us unprompted by Ben for us to post here. We never ask any customer to provide any images from their experiences to use on the website. We thank Ben and others for providing these images to help advertise our experience packages. 
Allan, The Wirral, UK: My trip to Splat HQ was all down to me girlfriend and our kids, they say I am vain and cocky and I needed to face a Custom Gold Tier experience with two Splat Storms, having watched the Mitchell Storm I thought bring it on.  The day came and on arrival Pete quickly introduced himself and showed me the infamous gunge tank.  To say the first Splat Storm consisted of six-eight minutes of total destruction of my favourite rugby kit was an understatement, then came the second Splat Storm where I wore a Man United kit a team I hate and this Storm was even worse but I didn`t mind.    Thanks Pete for a great day and for making a 10 and 8 year old girl and boy very happy. 
Julie, The Wirral, UK: The children and I have been wanting to get our back on my fella/their dad for ages so a trip to Splat HQ was called for.  We decided to go for a Custom Gold Tier experience as we wanted Allan to face not one Splat Storm but two, so we booked back in March this year for Allan to come to Splat HQ in August.  Pete got back to us within a few hours and agreed to our request to do two Splat Storms, Pete is fantastic with all the logistical side of things and was always there to provide advice right up to the day.   Then the day of Allan`s reckoning finally came, sadly, I couldn`t attend the session with Allan but we got it filmed and have been watching it over and over ever since.  The gunge used throughout was really think as there was so much of it and Pete even took before and after photos which Allan`s work colleagues have put up around his work place to remind him of his double Storm experience. Thank you, Pete for a great day even Allan surprisingly enjoyed it!   Don`t try anywhere else, you can’t beat Splat for a total gunge experience. 
Robin, Cambridgeshire UK: After admiring the Splat Show from afar for many years, I finally found the drive to book an Experience (gold tier) and I was not disappointed.
Pete is professional, brisk and thoroughly efficient at getting things set up with excellent communication both before and after the Experience – really good to know exactly what was happening and how things would go. We started with a quick chat and interview with me in the gunge tank, to put my mind to rest and ease me into the incredibly messy day ahead. Of course the interview concluded with my first taste of slop from above – far more brightly coloured warm slime than I was expecting! And if I was expecting to stay clean after that, I was clearly deluded. Despite apparently hanging on much longer than many other contestants in Lucky of Mucky and dodging the unlucky number many times, I finally lost the battle and my ‘reward’ was a tank of bright blue slime. The same pattern in True or False – my question skills were not up to the task but I was penalised for every wrong answer with a blast of gunge to the face… followed by evil-looking black slime – it looked I’d had a shower in crude oil!
Then came the Splat Storm. I won’t even try and describe it other than to say that it felt like the messiest thing I have ever experienced… about halfway through. And then it just got messier and messier and messier… It was totally overwhelming and way way too much but in a really good way. I couldn’t stop giggling. All too soon, the day came to an end, finishing off with a tension-laden quiz to get closest to the right answers (and another slime drop) and the grand finale of the goodbye chat and the final sliming with the extra extra thick gunge. Red, blue, black, purple – I even got to experience glittery sparkly gunge!
Overall, an absolutely great day out and a total slice of the surreal. You’ll walk out thinking “Did that really happen? Did I just imagine that?”. Then you’ll look back at the video and realise that it did. Six times. And that it was awesome.

Image provided by Robin from his Splat! Show Experience. This image were sent to us unprompted by Robin for us to post here. We never ask any customer to provide any images from their experiences to use on the website. We thank Robin and others for providing these images to help advertise our experience packages. 

Sean, USA: “When I finalized going to the UK, one of the first things I booked was the Splat Private Experience and it was worth every penny!  Living out my childhood dream finally becoming a reality.  Pete was very helpful every step of the way and was very informative and prompt.  He made me feel more comfortable with each gunging.  100% will be doing this again when I come visit the UK next time.  Book today!!!”

Pete From Scotland: “After considering it for a long time I finally managed to book a seat in the Splat! Show gunge tank for a private experience. I went for the gold package to get the full experience and it didn’t disappoint. The initial nerves soon faded after the first gunging and I got into the swing of it, although my general knowledge could definitely be better, safe to say I got very messy very quickly. The highlight for me was the Splat! Storm, Pete did a great job of making sure I was completely covered which looks great on the video. If you are thinking about booking then just do it, you won’t regret it. It was a lot of fun and I hope to be back for another round one day.”

Lee, Essex UK:“I had a great time on my private splat show. I had seen the experiences on the website and was toying with the idea for a while, but I’m glad I went ahead and booked it. I went straight in for gold tier, despite having never done anything like this before, so it was definitely quite an experience for me.

Pete was a real gent straight from the start, booking was an easy and friendly process.
The day itself was brilliant. Pete clearly puts a lot of effort into the experiences including before and after you arrive. The games are good fun, and made the day quite unpredictable. I seemed to do well on the quiz questions during the lucky or mucky round, but managed to find the unlucky number very quickly when I got them wrong. I actually won the pie quiz round but obviously still ended up getting gunged, and everything seemed to go downhill for me from there! Pete took great pleasure turning me into a ‘work of art’, in his words, during the splat storm, which was one of the highlights of the day, before the last quiz which I failed miserably at.
By the time I was home Pete had already sent me some pictures of a barely recogniseable me, and the video was sent to me within hours. It looks great and I’m glad I opted to have it filmed, as I definitely couldn’t see what was happening while I was being gunged, pied, splatted and whatnot.
Thank you for an awesome day, definitely a fun and unique experience and I’m sure I’ll be back!”
Images provided by Lee from his Splat! Show Experience. These images were sent to us unprompted by Lee for us to post here. We never ask any customer to provide any images from their experiences to use on the website. We thank Lee and others for providing these images to help advertise our experience packages. 
Adam, Kent UK: I have wanted to be gunged most of my  life ,ever since I was 7 or 8.
Never thought I would be possible as thought that it only happened on TV shows and I was never going to make it on to one of those.
After coming out of lockdown I realised that just how much I need to start doing the things I have always wanted to do and then last year I came across a splatette clip on YouTube which made me go straight to the site and it was here that I came across the private splat experiences.
After getting in contact with Pete for the first time he was really quick to respond and as the time that I wanted to book the experience for drew nearer I agreed a date with Pete by looking at the easy to use available dates section of the website and was able to Pay easily. 
Pete then sent me a detailed email explaining everything about the forthcoming day of my experience from the location,  to the times ,to what I needed to bring with me. In the email it stated that clothing would be provided and that there would also be a private bathroom so I could shower and change after the experience .
When the day arrived Pete kept me up to date via txt about the preparation that he was doing ready for my arrival. 
I arrived a bit early at the location so when I was waiting my nerves kicked in and I began to wonder if I had done the right thing but then then Pete called me in and I so regained my confidence. 
Before beginning Pete showed me the bathroom and the huge selection of outfits that I would be able to choose from. He then showed me the studio and the tank.
When getting changed I was delighted to find that I was able to wear the same outfit as my favourite splattete .
The experience was every bit as good as I had hoped for and more. Pete filmed it at no extra cost and did an interview with me first.
Then came the big moment, I was gunged in a nice white and purple and the gunge was warm which made the experience so enjoyable. 
After the experience Pete sent me the video for me to download which I really enjoyed watching. 
To anyone like me who has a lifelong ambition to be gunged I highly recommended Pete and an experience,  you most certainly won’t regret it.
Dave, England, UK: I was really nervous before booking and upon arrival for my experience, but throughout Pete really put me at ease, and is a fantastic host who really can’t do enough for you. The quality of the gunge was fantastic, really thick and really colorful. If you’re debating whether to do this, I was the same for a long time, but I can honestly say its one of the best things you’ll ever experience. Thanks Pete!
Heres to many more series of the splat show!


I’ve been a long time gunge fan and experienced my first time in a real gunge tank and it was worth every penny.  I booked β€œgold” wanting multiple tankings along the way and at no point was I disappointed. 

The initial drop the tank gives you has to be experienced & the following games add to the fun of the day.

The game element of the experience is exactly as viewers of the show watch, so it’s like being an actual contestant. 

Pete is OUTSTANDING from start to finish.  He puts guests at ease, explains everything, is accommodating to game requests or particular specifications and looks after the well-being of splat show fans from the start to the end of their experience. 

I can’t emphasise enough how any gunge fan needs to go along for a great day out.  I’m already looking at dates for a return trip to the tank.  Thank you Pete for an amazing experience and all the hard work and effort you put into running The Splat Show. 

Adam, UK:β€œThe SplatHQ Gold Tier experience was exactly that. I had a great time. Pete’s organisation and work meant the whole experience was a joy, all be it a very messy joy!!!! My first time in a gunge tank and I’m quite sure it won’t be my last!! Highly recommend this for a fun and extremely gungey time!!”

Paul and Martin, UK: Thanks for a brilliant first Splat! experience,  we both really really enjoyed it,  you made the whole thing really relaxed,  fun and enjoyable,  we’ve not stopped laughing yet!

Looking forward coming back to see you soon for another fantastic experience. 

Matt, UK: “Taking the messy plunge on a splat show experience was such an epic decision. I’d never been in a gunge tank before and even though I was both excited and a little nervous, Pete did such a good job in creating a relaxed and easy atmosphere. He was also amazing in tailoring the experience and helping to set up great messy games that we haven’t seen on the show in a while. He put so much care into creating a memorable and fun filled experience.

I’m definitely going to find some time to come back for a return visit and I’d recommend it with bells on.

Jack D from England: “I’d always been interested in gunge since I was a kid, so I decided to book a Gold Experience with Splat HQ. The experience was exactly like the shows and so much fun. The gunge was nice and warm and really thick, so it felt really authentic and I just knew it would look good on the camera. Pete was really friendly too, chatting between sets making me feel really at ease as well. Could not recommend more to anyone who is interested!”
Ste & Em From England:β€œHaving been a gungetank fan for many years an experience like the Gold Tier was very much a bucket list event. And boy did our experience live up to and surpass all expectations. Pete was a brilliant host and made both me & my partner really relaxed and at ease as soon as we arrived to take on the tank. We had such a great time and have loved rewatching the recording. We will be back again for another round of Splat because this truly was one of the best and most fun things we’ve ever done in our lives”.

David From USA: As a fan of the show for many years I’ve always wondered what it would be like to experience it for myself, However living in the U.S. presented its own challenges because I would need to plan a trip to the U.K. After a delay of around 2 years due to covid I was finally able to start planning and I ordered the custom gold experience to have the full show and Splat Storm. It did not disappoint. Pete was very nice and professional throughout, and in the days leading up to the experience he also gave me all the details I needed to know before coming, and as such, the process is very easy. It was great not to have to worry about anything and just have fun. He lets you know what to expect and does his best to make you feel comfortable. I was also able to choose from a bunch of the different outfits that have been on the show over the years, The entire thing was a blast, pun intended, and because of how good a job Pete did of getting me ready I wasn’t nervous at all. He did everything in his power to give me a good time and get me as messy as possible.

The gunge was really warm, which was nice, and each game plus the tanking at the end of them got messier and messier. I got more progressively covered in gunge until it was time for the signature part of The Splat Show the Splat Storm. To say I wasn’t fully prepared for how messy it was would be an understatement. Not only was it the most intense gunging ever, it was completely overwhelming more so than anything I could have imagined. It was just so much gunge, the blasters were so powerful I couldn’t do anything other than sit there and take it, and I loved every second of it. After the storm ended and the gunge in the tank was released all over me I got so trashed, that I don’t think that even a single part of me was clean. I could barely even see, it took forever to get off, and the day still wasn’t done because there was still one more game left and I got even more covered in gunge, which was fantastic. 

Even though the whole thing ended up being 4 hours, the experience still felt like it passed by in the blink of an eye and it was one of the most fun days I’ve had. Since I chose to have the experience filmed I got a fully edited episode of the show starring me to watch whenever I feel like. If anyone is at all nervous or unsure if they want to inquire about having your own private experience and even if you live somewhere much further away like in the United States, just take the plunge and do it. I did and had such a wonderful time I’m already contemplating another trip just to come and do it again.

Adam, Suffolk: Nothing prepares for you for when you walk into the room and see the Splat! Gunge tank. Pete was incredible from start to finish in the planning our custom event and made us feel so welcome at ease on the day. We truly hope to return in the future! 

Andy from BirminghamGold experience is exactly what you get on the shows. A very warm welcome to the tank after talking about gameshows of old what had encouraged me to go for the splat experience. Pete’s hard work was much appreciated. Very good communication from Pete from initial booking to revisiting my experience from his well edited recording…Would highly recommend if you want to be on your own show. 

 had many smiles on my face while getting splatted!

What you waiting for? Don’t get gunged, get splatted!

Paul from London: My Splat Show Gold Experience was amazing! Pete was reassuring and thorough in the run-up to the day itself. He took care to answer all my questions about practicalities, privacy, and making the whole experience covid-safe. As for the day itself – well, sitting in a gunge tank and getting splatted is definitely a fun and unique experience. Especially when it happens multiple times! The gunge was plentiful, thick, and surprisingly warm. Throughout, Pete put me at my ease while making sure I was safe. If you’ve ever wanted to try getting gunged, a Splat private experience is strongly recommended.

Bob, Wales, UK: Despite being a gunge fan for years, I was so nervous when arriving at Splat. Pete was great, welcoming and calming. At least until I took a seat in the infamous tank! The gunge was thick, colourful and plentiful while I was completely covered time and time again. I was good at the games, getting cocky despite knowing exactly what was going to happen. A great day all round, highly recommended.

Zak From Wales:I had an excellent time participating in my own Splat! Show, and not just because of the incredible amount of gunge thrown my way! Pete was very professional but still easy to chat with and it was very interesting to see how the whole operation is run.

I got my experience filmed and it’s been brilliant being able to relive the whole thing again but from another angle!

The games I played were all great fun in their own ways, the Gunge Tank Interview was a great way to start off and get rid of any nerves about the tank, I’d absolutely recommend it if you’ve never been in one before.
Then came a mix of physical games that I deserved getting gunged for and quizzes that I still got gunged for despite doing well at! A balloon is incredibly hard to pop when you, it, and the chair are all slimy!
The Splat! Storm was intense but still great fun. You really do get pummelled by buckets of gunge, I had to check my teeth were all still there at one point!

Throughout the day I got to choose from a vast array of outfits that have been on the show (or indeed my own clothes from home) and while I wore either their or my own singlets the whole day, there were some interesting suggestions I could have chosen!

Don’t be put off if you have long hair either, my hair is down past my ribs and while it did take a fair battering on the day, it has survived with no visible difference once all’s said and done; although if you do have long hair, you might want to factor in extra time for showers between gungings, the whole session was probably around three and a half hours on account of the longer showers.

All in all, I had a great time, I’d definitely recommend the experience and I hope I’m able to go again to try my hand at some of the other games!

MJ From Sussex, UK: β€˜I’d been wanting to get in a gunge tank for ages and finally plucked up the courage to book it with Splat as a post lockdown treat. All I can say is I truly enjoyed every moment of it and would recommend it Γ₯to anyone who wants to be covered in endless gunge

It was easy to book and Pete was reassuring about privacy every step of the way. On arrival you’re greeted by the tank and all the buckets of gunge waiting for you! Pick your outfit and then hop in the tank for the games. I had the gold experience and took 6 mega gungings. My general knowledge was better than I thought but it still resulted in me being covered in slime – no complaints there! 
The Splat storm was amazing and like nothing you’ll experience elsewhere. Bucket load after bucket load coming at you and then the drop of more gunge from ahead. To say I was trashed is an understatement! 
You could never recreate this at home and it was so much more fun knowing you don’t have to do the whole clean up. Just shower, select your next outfit and be prepared for yep, more gunge!’


Andy From The Midlands: β€œWith a miserable 18 months finally behind us, I’d decided that the remainder of 2021 was going to be all about seizing the day, and high on the list was a private Splat! Session. Gunge for me has mainly been a solo thing, usually involving various foodstuffs, so this would be my first time experiencing β€˜proper’ gunge, as well as a gunge tank itself, and someone else dishing out the mess!

The now-legendary Pete has the whole operation off to a tee. Everything was ready to go when I arrived (even just seeing the numerous buckets of gunge in the corner waiting for me was so exciting!), and I was quickly getting changed ready for my first game. I’d chosen to wear my own clothes for some of the games (experiencing the Splat! Storm in a full suit and tie was simply amazing!) but I also loved the opportunity to rummage through the β€˜dressing up box’ of the various outfits made famous by the Splat! Models, choosing something to wear.

Proceedings began, and we had a real laugh as we worked through each of the games, with pie after pie being thrown at me, the (upgraded) gunge blaster aimed right in my face, and of course, some amazing tankings in between! (Oh, and don’t worry about how good or bad you’ll do at each of the games – Pete will always make sure you get the result you want!)

All too soon, I’d played my final game, and so after a final annihilation in the Splat! Storm, it was time to head home (still with a bit of gunge behind my ear, and the feint smell of custard in my nose). But I was able to relive it all again the following day when my video arrived (superbly edited to the same standard as the commercial videos) – the perfect memento of a truly amazing experience!”

Jamie From Scotland” β€œA personal Splat! show is just such a special treat. Peter really does everything to put you at your ease. It’s amazing fun and everything you’d expect it to be.” 

BRENDAN FROM DERBY UK” I had a fantastic time during my Splat gold tier experience. Pete is a brilliant host. He is very professional, very easy to talk to and made the whole day a complete pleasure. I was incredibly nervous when I initially arrived and got into the tank for the first time but after my first gunging, I was raring to keep going back for more. The games and quizzes were really fun and the gunge felt amazing. It was everything I hoped for and more. I will 100% be going back in the future and I would hugely recommend it to everyone.”

Tom From London:I thought I knew what to expect with my second Splat private experience but Pete pulled out all the stops to ensure I had yet another memorable day in the gunge tank. I even got to try out some brand new games and got absolutely trashed in some new colours of gunge too. Thanks again for an awesome day and see you next time!

Tony From London – “If you are looking for a gunge tank experience then look no further than SPLAT you won’t be disappointed. I went for the gold package and it was perfect everything was planned before I arrived and I couldn’t stop laughing (although this was difficult at times due to the amount of gunge). 

If you going to experience the tank you have to go for the storm the gunge is relentless and your only break is a few seconds before the tank drops. I went for it being recorded and the quality is fantastic it truly is your own show but importantly its Private”

David From Scotland – “After arriving at Splat! HQ, Pete and James relieved any apprehension I had. The guys were professional and the session was easy-going and a lot of fun. The quality and quantity of gunge is superb and my first experience of being in a gunge tank is something I’ll never forget. I’d absolutely recommend the experience to any fan and look forward to making a return visit in the future.”

Steve from Yorkshire – “Having viewed the Splat pages for 15 years (can you believe its 15 years of Splat handing out the gungings!) I noticed David had experienced a private session in that famous Splat gunge tank. The thought of sitting in there where models have come and gone and been slimed was too good an opportunity to miss and great you can experience a gunging in a tank in private like this. Pete is fabulous in the communication leading up to organising this and a great guy on the day, making sure everything is perfect and ensuring you are OK with everything. The build up sitting at the side of the tank, then the moment he tells you to step inside is out of this world… sitting there chatting, occasional drips of the goo above hitting your head, then when the trigger is pulled, gallons of the gunky stuff absolutely cover you. I opted by the bronze package which is just one gunging, this experience was awesome and out of this world, my only regret now is not taking the other packages and repeating this over again. I’ll be back for more. This was something off the bucket list, so if you have ever wondered what it is like, get booked now, and you will not be disappointed. Thanks again to Pete the host, a superb guy, sent the video and some pics so soon after, and I urge any gunge fans to give this a go.”

Neil From London -β€œI had a great time with the guys of Splat! for a private experience; five separate gungings, sometimes my own clothes, sometimes the well-worn famous clothes from the shows too.  Lots of humour and laughter and LOTS of gunge.  Time flew by and I’ve never had so many showers in such a short space of time!  I recommend it to any guys who have enjoyed the shows…..”

Richard From Yorkshire:Β “I have seen a few of the Splatette shows & have really enjoyed them, so the opportunity to experience the show for myself was something that was really appealing.

I opted for the Full Gameshow, followed by the Splat Storm after,

It was such a great experience being able to sit inside the tank & experience what so many others have before. This included the famous outfits that have become popular on the show, the countless wrong answers leading to a messy ending & then finally get the vast amount of gunge dropped on you from the tank above.

The colours of the gunge were fantastic.

After experiencing the countless sprayings & throwings of gunge as part of the quizzes & the inevitable tanking at the end of each round it was the end of the show.

Now onto the part I was looking forward to the most, the Splat Storm. There are no other words to say that what an amazing experience this was. To sit there & face a complete onslaught of gunge is something I would crave for each & everyday. If it was possible to have this happen each day then I would happily take a seat in the tank & face it.

To anyone who is contemplating having a session & are not sure what to expect, I would highly recommend that you take the opportunity at this as you won’t be disappointed.”

Paul From Essex:Β “Thanks for the experience yesterday, it was a great afternoon! And thanks for all the work you put into it. It was a top notch job! I will certainly be back, you guys really are the best around BY FAR!”

Kristian From England: “I decided to take the plunge for my first gunging experience with the Splat! crew, given the great shows they’ve made in the past and their great reputation for good quality gunge and games. I went for the full on Gold experience, with five gungings and the final Splat! storm. Although I was a little nervous on the way, Pete and James were very welcoming and I felt very at ease, and the hours just flew by. I didn’t opt for filming, so it meant they could be a bit more forthcoming with the messy chaos, and needless to say after all the gungings and the Splat! storm it took a while to get the gunge out of my hair! I absolutely reccommend all gunge fans to book one of Splat!’s packages.”Β 

Andy From The Midlands: β€œI went for the Gold package and it was a great choice. Although a β€œgunger” with some experience, I had to admit to being a little nervous, finally seeing SplatHQ from the other side (inside the tank!). Pete was great and quickly made me feel at home in the tank with a welcome interview and a nice warm gunging in a Splat T-Shirt and some shorts to kick things off. 

A variety of fun games and quizzes followed, most of which, of course, I lost, being gunged in various ”Splat wear”, Including singlets, trunks and the very recognisable β€œscuba suit” which was very ruthlessly pied when I got wrong answers and gunked with red gunge when the tank was unleashed! I found I wasn’t too bad at the general knowledge and actually won one game; you can guess what my prize was!

Pete worked hard preparing massive amounts of gunge and to say I was well covered every time barely describes it! Then there was the very awesome Splat Storm, and let me tell you, storm is an accurate description! The most intense, relentless deluge I have ever known, well worth it if you are considering the Gold option.β€œ

David From London: “From start to finish I had an amazing experience with the guys at SplatHQ. Everything was personalised for me with more gunge than I ever imagined, great games and quite a few surprises. The Splat Storm was magnificent and definitely worth going for, there was no escape!”

Rich From South East:“My Splat private session was amazing. I did the gold package and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Although I’ve been into gunge for years, I’ve never fully embraced or accepted it, limiting myself to small-scale, solo, messy experiences in private, always with a feeling of guilt and shame afterwards. It took me weeks to pluck up the courage to email Splat to enquire about a booking, and in a mad moment I booked it up. I regretted it almost immediately and felt so nervous and anxious I just put it out of my mind until it finally came round.
On the day itself I felt strangely calm about it and once I arrived Pete was so welcoming and friendly I felt completely at ease. Even just having a normal face to face conversation about gunge for the first time in my life was amazing and Pete really has seen it all and heard it all, so makes everything feel totally acceptable (even normal), which meant that my usual guilt and shame just disappeared, leaving me free for the first time in my life to embrace the mess with pure enjoyment and excitement. 
The session was a massive thing for me – first time with natrosol, first time in a gunge tank, first time being messed up by somebody else – and it was unbelievably good fun. I also was able to bring my own footy, rugby and kits to wear in the tank (although all the familiar splat show outfits were made available for me too if I wanted). Getting thoroughly gunged in my own kit felt amazing and the sheer scale of the gungings were truly epic – like nothing I’ve ever experienced before: several tankings, pies in the face, gunge blasters and even buckets of gunge thrown over me – it was heaven!
As a solo gunger it would be impossible to recreate the splat experience at home, so I wholly recommend it to anybody who is considering it. If you’re a nervous, embarassed, closeted fan like me, please, please be brave and book it up. I promise you will have the time of your life and no regrets. If you’re already a more experienced gunger then a splat private session is a great opportunity to experience a gunge tank and vast quantities of gunge with no prep or cleanup to do. Even if you’re just curious and want a gunge tank experience to tick off the bucket list, then a splat private session is a great way to achieve that. To anybody reading these testimonials, wherever you are on your gunge journey, I urge you to book it up and give it a go. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.”
Eifion From ChesterI recently returned to Splat for my second private session, this time taking advantage of the full Platinum experience. What an amazing experience! Pete was the consummate professional in the run up to the session, confirming logistics quickly and coming up with a brilliant plan for the day that would see me get completely trashed. The session itself was brilliant, with a good variety of games that kept me on the edge of my seat (in the tank) and also ensured that my host Kyle got a lot messier than he expected. I got thoroughly pied, gunged several times and completely obliterated in the Splat storm. There’s nothing quite like a Splat storm to bring you to your own personal place of Zen! And all the cleaning up is included in the session!
I would highly recommend a private session, whether solo or with a model. Kyle was a very willing sport, Pete was an excellent host and organiser; and all around the experience left me with a huge smile, a happy heart but thankfully without slime crusting my ears! I’ll be back next year for another go!”
Phil From London:: “My inaugural visit to the Splat Show was everything I hoped it would be. Any nervousness that I may have had disappeared instantly, as the producers talked me through how the day would work.
I’d left it up to them to plan my show (they’re the experts after all), but they still took the time to find out what sort of games I’d like to play, and the outfits I’d like to wear for each round.
I threw myself into proceedings with a level of confidence I never knew I had. And of course, I spent most of the day in the gunge tank. The gunge came from all directions – from above, from the front, and from the sides. And it felt utterly amazing.
The whole day was a riot from start to finish, especially the legendary Splat storm. If you’re thinking of booking your own shoot, don’t hesitate another minute. Just make sure you’re up for a laugh and make the most of your ‘star for the day’ status.’ Thanks”
Rhys From England “I had such a great time visiting the splat set. Not my first time on splat but my first time in the splat tank. It was huge! Much bigger than I expected but it didn’t fail to deliver several epic gunge drops. If you’re debating about going for the splat storm experience, I say go for it! All that gunge thrown, dropped and sprayed at you is truly a unique experience. The only way to know what happened exactly is to watch the footage back.  Pete was class, organising and delivering the whole experience.  
Spending the day playing games and getting messy, what’s not to love.”
Neil (aka Richey) from Ipswich: “I have been following SplatHQ productions for a number of years and initially made enquiries a couple of years ago about a private experience but, back then, I was not able to book a date.  Fast forward to June 2019, and I found myself sat in the SplatHQ Gunge Tank ready to have my ‘Gold Tier’ experience.  Reading the testimonials of others and chatting to some that had already taken the steps inside the tank, I booked a date that coincided with the first day of my 2 weeks leave from work.  Pete is a pleasant guy who is very welcoming and puts you at ease.  I didn’t have many nerves as I kind of knew what to expect from watching some of the previous productions.  For the Gold Tier, I got 6 gungings in the tank with the addition of some buckets of gunge thrown at me for the Splat Storm at the end.  Each time it was like a torrent of gunge cascading down on me completely covering me from head to toe.  A different outfit worn for each game (one of which I did quite well at). I have never taken so many showers in one day, but they were hot and well needed.  All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend the experience to anyone.  I look forward to making a return trip at some point in the future, hopefully in a head to head challenge.  Thanks, once again, Pete for all your efforts in arranging my experience.  A great way to start my leave from work

Rob From New York, USA: “I had an awesome time at my Splat! experience.  I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed, everything was super chill and taken care of, and all my requests taken into account.  It was so fun to finally sit in the tank I’ve seen in so many videos and feel tons and tons of gunge pouring down on me.  And the video turned out amazing!  Perhaps the best part is not having to set anything up or clean anything up — just arrive, play some games, shower and go!  Super easy train ride from London to Splat! HQ.  I highly recommend this experience and I will probably be back again!”

Dan From Leicester: “I recently had my first session at Splat HQ. The booking of the session was easy and straightforward. 
When i arrived i was made to feel welcome by Pete.  For the session itself i chose the gold experience which was 5 games in the tank followed by the Splat Storm. I had given Pete a few ideas of games to play which were taken into account and asked him to suggest one for me. After each game i got thoroughly gunged in the tank in various outfits from the show.
The whole day was fantastic and great fun. Thats to Pete for all the work he did before, during and after the session.”
Steve From Newcastle: A great experience in a friendly atmosphere.  On arrival Pete was so welcoming and put me at ease straight away, explaining how the session  would work and answering any questions I had.  The whole thing was really well oragnised, incorporated suggestions I had made beforehand and the games were fun.  The wheel of woe was my particular favourite – adding that little bit of jeopardy and anticipation made for a more exciting experience. The resulting video looked really professional – giving me my very own splat show appearance to treasure along with the memories of a great day.”
Stu From Scotland :“I chose to have a gold tier private experience with Splat! The booking process was seamless and I was contacted and my date confirmed within a few hours of my initial e-,mail enquiry. On the day Pete and James were friendly, good banter and made me feel at ease. I was impressed at the amount of preparation the guys had put in to make sure my private experience was tailored to my suggestions. I was allowed to play every one of my suggested games and the chance to select from the Splat! clothing and lycra collection meant that every game was played wearing an authentic outfit as worn by the Splat! models. During my five games the gunge flowed and the custard pies hit me from all angles. The gunge was freshly mixed, warm and brightly coloured and whilst it was fun playing to avoid the gungetank, it felt amazing to be sent inside it to be covered in gallons of thick gunk. The piece de resistance had to be the Splat! Storm- in all my years of getting messy I had never experienced anything quite like it. It was brutal and relentless and I was completely trashed with gunge and foam from every angle. I would recommend it to anyone. It was a fantastic day and I’d like to thank Pete and James once again for all their hard work before, during and after my visit to Splat!HQ. I’ll definitely be back!”

Ollie From Portsmouth: “ I was a little nervous on the way to Splat, but these soon subsided when I met Pete. He showed me around and where to get changed. Within a few minutes I was in the traditional Splat get-up and sitting in the tank for my first game, the interview. I probably babbled on a little too long on this, but I really was relaxing at this stage. Then the moment came my first tanking. It was great. Four other games followed, and I discovered I was terrible at quizzes, plus I really was not lucky in lucky or mucky. The gunge stepped up throughout the whole experience until it was time to film the infamous Splat Storm, and it was all that was promised, a not stop barrage of gunge, it was amazing.”

Post visit as I chose to have to have the experience filmed, it was edited and sent to me within 2 days, and really is to the same high standard of the real show. I recommend this experience to anyone and am already working out ways to try and get back in the future.”

Brian From Birmingham: “First of all, thanks for the experience on Sunday – I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I said at the time , I enjoyed my experience the last time, but this time was even better. The show looks great and the storm is spectacular. I will be back next year, one of the best experiences around with one of the friendliest people in the gunge world. The original and the best, by a long way.”

Joe From Bedford: “After considering other sites who offer a similar service, I decided to take the plunge (in the gunge ha ha) with the original guys. Oh boy, I’m so glad I did! What an absolutely wonderful gunge filled day . Pete put so much work and effort into making me not only feel at ease and relaxed, but he also managed to exceed my wildest expectations. Being on a show I have watched grow over the years and being in the famous Splat! Tank was an amazing experience I will never, ever forget. If you are considering taking the plunge (there I go again!), then do it with Splat! They know how to run these things and put others to shame. I will be back again very soon!”

Mick From England: “I signed up for the Gold package, and simply had the most wonderful experience with Pete and James.

Both of them are super nice guys, and they do everything to make you the star of a Splat show like all the shows you’ve seen, but making it personal to you. 

Pete is superbly organised and replies to email really quickly, so getting booked up a few months in advance was a doddle. He got in touch again about a week before my shoot to check things were OK, and to see about any special requests, and nothing I asked for in terms of games on the day or colours of gunge was too much trouble. He’s such a positive bloke, and kept on smiling, even when I accidentally splatted custard and cream up the walls, or when he had to wash used outfits by hand because the washing machine had broken down! I can’t describe how much it meant for the guys to organise a rainbow of gunge for my first gunging after the Splat interview: seeing myself gunged in rainbow stripes and foam the first time I took a tanking couldn’t have been more special.

James is stunning. Not knowing much about me apart from my name and my couple of requests during the week, within a few minutes it was like we’d been mates for years. He is so easy to chat too, and is clearly a massive gunge fan at the heart of the messy community. He made sure the experience was safe in every way: health and safety is taken care of, with him clearly describing how to get out of the tank and into the shower once you’re covered, what a tanking is like if you’ve never had one, and how best to enjoy the Splat Storm. But it’s also safe in that there are no surprises, you know what’s going to happen at every stage, and you can talk openly with a kindred spirit about what you like without embarrassment. He let me choose outfits from the classic Splat collection, and made suggestions about what to wear and colours of gunge that would look good on camera. I would say give him an idea what you’re looking for, and let him take it from there: I would never have thought of being in a baby blue singlet and getting splatted with shiny black gunge, but it was a great transformation.

I also signed up for a head-to-head with James, and kept on checking in the run-up that he was actually willing to risk a gunging in the middle of a working day. As if gunge mixing, tank emptying and cleaning, hosting and filming weren’t enough. Well, he was very much up for it. My favourite game of the day was our extremely messy Pass the Pie trivia quiz, where he was definitely playing to win, taking the pies like a trooper and doling them in every way possilbe. No holding back from either of us! Gentleman that he was, I took the victory tanking and he let me go in the shower first while Pete and himself got the next round ready, all the while in his singlet absolutely obliterated with custard pies and a plate still on his head. He shrugs it off as β€˜whatever I can do to make your experience as you want it’, but he brings a huge degree of commitment and enjoyment to your show. Just remember if you go head to head with him, he’s the guy who’s organising your Splat Storm at the end…

My advice? Just sign up and get in that tank. I’ve enjoyed all sorts of wet and messy things in my time, but nothing is like the classic gunge tank. If like me you’ve seen hundreds of people getting gunged on TV and on shows like Splat, and you’ve wondered what it was actually like to be the lucky person in there, there’s no substitute for getting some lycra on and climbing onto that famous red stool. It’s quite a cascade of sticky stuff, but it sort of gently envelops you, it doesn’t blow you away. Sit up nice and straight, feet on the rail, hands out of the way, relax, smile and wait… Get your head right under the nozzle and let that lovely warm stuff go everywhere. Get a nice gungey face, and don’t wipe it clean until it’s all over. It feels wonderful: it’s not dripping off you at the end, more like it clings to you. You definitely need to get squeegeed down before you step out of the tank! And the best of it is after the first one you have another 5 to go. In fact the last one will come in the middle of gunge blasters and full buckets of gunge being hurled at you. I’m not sure what the usual reaction is, but I just ended up in hysterical laughter.

One more thought: consider getting stills rather than filming the whole thing. I definitely wanted to see what I looked like clean and messy for each round. You can’t see a thing after you’ve been tanked, you can’t even see what colour it is, so it’s great to be able to see the full effect of 50 litres of gunge. James and Pete were great at taking pics, and they have the idea of doing a hand-held film of one tanking which is brilliant, but without filming you can just enjoy the moment, and they can move around the room much more easily – they can stand right in front of you with those buckets and gunge blasters. So I’ve got great pics of the highlights and a slow-mo film to keep on enjoying, and great memories of the experience in my head. I think that’s the perfect combination.

Thank you, Pete and James, for making my day a really special one. Thanks for customising it from the first gunge to the bonus beans after the Splat Storm had passed. Thanks for making it safe and laugh-out-loud fun. Thanks for doing all the work behind the scenes so I could just play and enjoy, and I hope everybody who’s debating whether to go for it reads this and signs up to get in there.”

Tom From Oxford: “Any nerves I had disappeared as soon as I arrived as Pete immediately makes you feel at ease so you can relax and enjoy the experience. My first time in a gunge tank is an experience I will never forget – I only wish it had lasted longer! Pete’s top notch organisation ensures he takes into account your preferences when arranging the games and best of all the clean up is all taken care of. All in all it was an incredible day and I can’t wait to book my next session.”

Jonathan From London: A brilliant day at the Splat Show – it was everything that it promised to be and everything that I was hoping it would be. Like some others, I was a bit apprehensive as I arrived, but that disappeared pretty much immediately:  the whole experience is so well organised and delivered, and Pete so easy to get on with, that all I needed to do was relax and enjoy it – and I did!  Sign up – you’ll have a great time. 

Rich From South East: “I thoroughly enjoyed my first Splat Private Experience (gold tier) earlier in the year, so I was eager to book again and take advantage of the generous returner discount offer. My only slight concern was that the gold tier experience would be too ‘samey’ the second time round, but the new customisation options meant that I could tailor the experience to include new games, plus some two-player games with the participation of James, one of the Splat producers.
I had an absolute blast and never once regretted re-booking. This was a completely new experience and even more enjoyable than my first. I got to play some new games and wear some different clothes (and be the guinea pig for a couple of new tech additions to the Splat shoots too). Pete was very hospitable and funny and a genuine pleasure to be around. James, likewise. Special credit to James for really giving his all, especially in our two head-to-head quiz games (even if I did send him to the tank on one of them!). James got his sweet revenge on me in the Splat Storm though, which was beyond epic. If I thought I got splatted last time, well, this time it was a tornado, not a storm! A relentless barrage of thick gunge coming at me from all angles, the sheer volume of which was beyond all expectation. I got thoroughly trashed and enjoyed every second of it! 
I’ll almost certainly be back in 2020 for another day of fun and gunge at Splat HQ.
Harry from Coventry: Being gunged is something I have wanted to experience since childhood, and 20 years on I took that opportunity and visited the famous Splat! show HQ for a private session. I booked it 3 months before the shoot date, which was no hassle at all. And when the day finally arrived, I was very apprehensive . But all nerves instantly disappeared when I met the host Pete. The most friendliest guy I’ve ever met and made sure everything was perfect throughout the day.
I went for the gold package. Got my first ever gunging in the interview. I asked during the booking if Stop the Snot was still on, and Pete had organised this for me, very kind of him! This was followed by Lucky or Mucky (which I was very lucky at and won!) and Foam Me Up. Then onto the part I was looking forward to the most – the Splat! Storm. I was absolutely annihilated with gunge at all angles, plus it was so colourful and thick. It felt incredible! And lastly the debrief with one final tanking.
I chose to have the session filmed so I could own my very own Splat! show and it turned out amazing, exactly like the commercial ones. Pete even edited and had it ready on the same day. I will treasure it forever.
Charlie From Stafford :Thank you so much to Pete for an unforgettable day. I can’t wait to return again. Anyone reading this who is debating whether to book, please do it right away. You won’t regret it!
Despite having never been gunged before, I opted to dive straight in and book the gold package. I was so pleased I did as it was one of the best experiences I’d ever had. Of course, I was quite nervous at first but Pete is really nice and friendly and once the first gunging happened, then I started settling in and really started to enjoy myself. I did quite well in Lucky or Mucky, lasting quite long until my luck finally ran out but after that in the subsequent games, it went downhill and suffice to say, I got very messy, very quickly! The gungings themselves felt amazing. It was thick and warm and I would’ve been quite happy to just sit in the tank for a few minutes after each game, letting the gunge drip down me. The highlight of the day was definitely the Splat Storm. As I opted not to have it filmed, it meant Pete could stand right in front of me, dishing out the mess. Gunge was blasted and buckets thrown at me relentlessly with barely any time to breathe and recover; by the end of it, I literally couldn’t open my eyes as they were welded shut from all the gunge! Overall, I had such a great day, I couldn’t stop smiling throughout. I was so pleased to have finally done something I’d been dreaming of doing for years and I hope to be back for more

Aaron From England : I booked the gold tier including the epic Splat storm, although I have been gunged before it had been a while so it was a great experience to get back in a tank and covered in gunge, and I mean covered! Was v impressed with the amount of gunge! Pete was a great host, putting together some good games like on the show, the only difference being that getting questions right gets you gunged, because that’s what your there for! He also sent me the video of the session on the same evening, great customer service.

If you enjoy being gunged, or think you’ll enjoy it, go for it – it’s a great experience! 

John From Bedford : “Really enjoyable day at Splat! HQ. Lot’s of great clothing to pick from and Pete was really professional and easy to get along with, and clearly put a lot of hard work in behind scenes. Would definitely recommended for anything thinking of trying it and would certainly do it again” 

Jon from East Midlands : “i booked a bronze package late 2019 or early 2020 for June, Due to covid 19 I was lockdown so it was rebooked for august 2020. Pete was very helpfully all the way thur it to make sure I followed the covid rules. I’ve  been a fan of the website for bout 5 years i seen that you can have a chance of getting  gunged in the tank. The day has came and Pete was helpfully. There was plenty of lycra and clothes you can choose from to get gunge in so i decide to wear the famous lycra. The moment had came to go and i sat in the tank. I sat on the famous stool, my hands was away from my face and i looked up to the nozzle n close my eyes and then the lovely warm gunge pour over me face  n body. The gunge was thick which was very good to have,   it felt so great to be gunge was a dream to go in a gunge tank. i had it recorded and 5 hours later i got the video from the gunging what was very good n edit to i would be coming back to do more gungings in the future. you deffo get the valve of money with the gunge when you book it at Splat HQ” 

Neil from East London: The private splat show experience was everything I expected and wanted it to be.  It was well organised in terms of shooting the scenes with easy access to the bathroom between segments.  Splat provided the outfits required (but are also happy for attendees to use their own outfits).  The gungings were well played out and the gunge was plentiful (and thankfully warm).  I would definitely recommend this and will hopefully be back at some point in teh future.
Thanks again for a great day

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