Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

We use social media platforms to communicate updates regarding the Splat! show. 

 Below you will find details about how we use social media platforms and how to spot fake accounts pretending to be run by The Splat! Show and what you can do to protect yourself from these accounts.

Social Media Policy

The Splat! Show uses various social media platforms to communicate Splat! Show updates, news, promote new releases and communicate with our fans and viewers.

Posts on our social media channels are available for a maximum of two years before they are deleted. This is so we can manage our social media channels effectively and keep posts up to date and relevant. 

Due to the nature of social media in that people can communicate with us, we will block users and report posts directed to us that feature threatening or rude comments directed to us or and to our guests.

We encourage constructive criticism but will never tolerate abusive behaviour or trolling.

You are free to re-post our social media posts ONLY via the share button tools provided by social networks. Please do not post any of our content on social media, be it taken from our social media posts or material on this website, on your own social media as this will violate our copyright. Please only share our social media posts using the sharing tools such as retweet so. Do not share any content you download from this website on social media or other websites. All content is copyright protected. See copyright info.

If you have seen something on our social media feeds that you feel needs addressing, please reach out to us via the contact us form here.

Beware of Fake, Spoof and Troll Accounts

As the Splat! Show has grown in scope and reach we noticed an increase in what can only be described as trolling. We understand that we may be the subject to trolling issues because our business is primarily internet based and our use of social media to reach our fans and new potential audiences opens us up as a potential target for trolling. 

Beware Fake Accounts: One of the most concerning trends we are seeing is social media accounts being set up as to appear they are us. These fake accounts are not us and are instead created to troll us and our operations thinking it will do us harm. They won’t if you follow us via our official social media channels and ignore the haters and trolls who have taken issue with something we do or did. We all know why these people exist, to get us to engage with their comments and trolling so they can gain some sort of gratification and twisted satisfaction from their actions. We will not engage with trolls or fake accounts so any trolling efforts will be in vain. We don’t follow or look at these accounts but we do know that a few exist. Please do not engage or follow these accounts. Block and report them if you wish. 

Follow Our Official Accounts:  If you happen to come across fake accounts pretending to be us, just ignore them. Even better, follow us on our official social media channels and you won’t need to search for us and be subjected to any fake account and thus limiting any trolling power they “think” they have.

We Will Take Action But Not Engage With Trolls: Pretending to be or imitating a brand is forbidden on all the social media platforms we use. We will report any accounts that appear to be imitating our social media presence to the social media platforms directly using the extensive tools they offer. It can be frustrating for us to report these accounts and while we do report these accounts, it is down to the social media platforms to enforce their rules. We have found that they do not really care about fake accounts. Instead of wasting our time reporting them over and over again we just ignore and block them and we would encourage you to do the same. They have nothing to offer and instead reflect their own insecurities. 

We Have Always Welcomed Constructive Criticism: We honestly welcome any feed back that is constructive. If you know anything about Trolling then we don’t need to tell you why people do it. But we won’t be baited to play their games. So if you have a constrictive criticism, please share it with us direct so we can start talking to you in the proper manner.  

Don’t be a troll. Talk to us to like a human!


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