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 Steve P.T Returns: First Show and Pre-shoot Content Offers!

We had the great pleasure to welcome personal trainer Steve onto the Splat! Show earlier this year. We really enjoyed having Steve here at Splat! HQ and for the past few months Splat! Show producer Tim, who recently worked on Sam Callahan’s Splat! Show, has been beavering away to make Steve’s return  to the Gunge Tank a possibility. With Steve’s return on the horizon we have cut 50% off his first Splat! Show and also released his Splat! Storm and Gunge Tank vote from the Splat! Vault. These offers will be available until Jan 1st 2019. We will be announcing details regarding Steve’s return shoot at a later date.

CHECK OUT 50% off P.T Steve’s main show and get his Storm and Vote HERE

 Sam’s Gunge Tank Vote and Storm – Final FINAL Chance

Although we offered Sam’s Gunge Tank vote and Splat! Storm a few weeks ago we are still receiving a high number  of request for these to be made available again. So they are now both available to download but this is the FINAL time we will be offering them. This time around you have a bit longer to grab both videos, January the 1st is the cut off date. So please, if you wish to download these two videos featuring Sam Callahan please do so before that time. This is strictly the last time we will be offering them as a request. 

You will find both, along with the download buttons towards the bottom his show page HERE

The Splat! Show Christmas Grotto NOW OPEN! – Posted: December 4th 2018

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming and so The Splat! Show Christmas Grotto is now open! This year is our biggest Christmas Grotto ever featuring a brand new Christmas Show with Ivan’s Gunge Tank Wonderland plus some past Christmas releases from The Splat! Vault too. The Splat! Fan Club has also received a special Christmas gift so don’t forget to check that out too.

It’s all waiting for you over at The Splat! Show Christmas Grotto! ENTER HERE

Get Your First Look At Our Christmas Shoot With Ivan! – Posted: December 2nd 2018

Today we completed production on our Christmas special as planned. Our Christmas special this years stars Ivan, the breakout star from our current season. Splat! Fan Club members can now get an exclusive early first look at today’s Christmas shoot with Ivan over on The Splat! Fan Club now. 

Ivan’s pre-shoot exclusive, 12 Days Of Splat! Christmas and The Christmas Gunge Tank vote will be sent out to viewers in the next few days.


Sam Callahan’s Splat! Show OUT NOW! November 21st 2018

We are delighted to announce that our first 15th anniversary special starring the wonderful Sam Callahan is out now! It was a pleasure to have Sam on the Splat! Show after a tough few months for us and we really hope you enjoy it.

Check out Sam’s Splat! Show Here

New Site Launches: November 21st 2018


Welcome to our brand new website. We have been planning the move to our new website for over a year and today the new site is operational. We have given the site a brand new look. Our old website was built using old software that is no longer being supported. We hope you enjoy the brand new website. We have added more pages detailing every aspect regarding the Splat! Show and we feel it’s a vast improvement over our old site. So please have a browse and tell us what you think. We will continue to make tweaks and changes over the next few months.

The page you are on now is our brand new news page. Here you will find the latest information and news regarding the Splat! Show.  Our new menu bar at the top of the page is present wherever you are on the site so you can easily jump to any section you wish.