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Various Updates – Mega Sale, Season 1 and 2 Retirement and 2020 Private Experiences –  Thursday 10th October

Mega Sale Now On!

To celebrate the end of our 15th year anniversary we are running a MEGA sale on selected Splat! Show items. It’s our biggest sale of the year and there are some great Splat! Shows taking part. Our MEGA sale ends on November 5th.

Check Out The MEGA Sale Here

Season 1 and 2 Retirement – Last Chance To Own

After being available for over 15 years, season one and two shows are being retired. These shows will always hold a special place in our hearts as they are the shows started it all. After briefly re-introducing these shows to the new site, we have now decided that it’s time that we retire all season one and two shows. After being available for over 15 years they are showing their age. We also need the storage space. You can read more about our reasoning for their retirement on the page.

To celebrate the end of their run, we have cut all season one and two shows to just £5.00 each. If you want to own any of these, then please grab them before November 5th.

Check Out All Season 1 & 2 Shows Here

Book Your Private Experience – 2020 Dates Available 

All remaining dates in 2019 for our private experiences are now fully booked. But fear not, we have plenty of dates available in 2020. It’s never too early to book your private experience, so head on over to the private experiences page and secure your preferred date today. 2020 dates covering January to end of March are now available. Don’t forget to read our testimonials page from previous guests who have had their experience too. If you have been holding out, now is the time to join us for a day you will never forget. We hope to see you in a few months in the Gunge Tank!

Check Out Our Private Experiences Packages Here


SplatOween With Benji OUT NOW –  Wednesday 2nd October

After we failed to produce a Halloween special last season, we made sure that this season would feature one! We had the real pleasure to welcome Benji back to The Splat! Show for this Halloween special filled with fun, scares, laughter and more tricks than treats! 

SplatOween with Benji is out until November 5th. We hope you enjoy!


Check Out SplatOween With Benji Here

15th Anniversary End Special OUT NOW! –  Wednesday 25th September 2019

Our 15th anniversary year has now come to an end. We celebrate the end of our 15th year with a special release starring the golden boy of Splat, Jon. In this special, Jon and Pete talk about 15 years of The Splat! Show and features two special gunging segments.

The special is just £5.50 until the end of October as a special gift to all Splat! fans. It will be £9.99 after this date. Thank you for making us one of the biggest Gunge sites around, here is to another 15 messy years!

Check It Out Here 

Splat! Fan Club Update Highlights –  Sunday 22nd September 2019

The Splat! Fan Club has received a number of updates over the last few days. Let’s highlight them for you.

Splat! Retro Stream on the Fan Club has been updated with Aaron’s Splat! Send Off and David’s Pie-Overload. Both are streaming on the Splat! Fan Club right now.

Stream Them On The Fan Club Here

Dan and Jon Fan Club Updates

We announced additions from the Dan Vs Jon Shoot to the Fan Club last week, but here is what was posted in more detail. 

Fan Cam Footage: Dan Vs Jon Fan Cam footage has been posted to the Splat! Fan Club. This Fan Club exclusive footage was shot on a handheld camera allowing up and close views from certain parts of the shoot.

Fan Club Picture Packs: There are also two Splat! Fan Club exclusive picture packs taken at the Dan Vs Jon Shoot. Featuring shots especially created for these picture packs. These images differ from the picture pack available to purchase from the Dan Vs Jon Show page.

Check Out All The Updates On The Club Here


MAJOR Update To Dan Vs Jon Page –  Friday 13th September 2019

Our mid-season special starring Daniel and Jon is now officially one month old. Today we have updated the show page with extra releases. 

These extra releases include: 

Daniel’s Splat! Storm, Jon’s Get Your Own Back Custard Pie Overload, Daniel’s Tour De Gunge, The Dan Vs Jon Gunge Tank Vote Results plus Splat! Fan Club exclusive releases including the Dan Vs Jon Fan Cam Footage and Two Picture Packs!

It’s all waiting for you to explore on the show page now beneath the feature show details. Scroll, download and enjoy!


Final Chance To Own Aiden’s Halloween Thriller –  Sunday 8th September 2019

With our new Halloween special with Benji fast approaching we have released our last Halloween Special from The Splat! Vault for the final time. Aiden’s Halloween Thriller!

Aiden’s Halloween Thriller is available now in last chance to own status with a hefty discount applied. We will not be releasing this show again to own and will not be offered on Splat! Retro Stream. This is your last ever chance to view and own this show. We have also released the Aiden Vs Stee Halloween Gunge Tank vote too, again with a price cut. You will find that on the show page too. If you are missing any of these, then please download them before November 1st.

Check Out Aiden’s Halloween Thriller For The Final Time Here

Fan Club Spooked! 

The Splat! Fan Club has also received a very early Halloween treat with the release of James’ EVIL Halloween feature show. Splat! Fan Club members can watch the whole feature show now over on The Splat! Fan Club as part of their monthly subscription until November 1st!

Watch James’ EVIL Halloween Feature On The Club HERE

Now For Something Completely Different – Kyle’s Cosplay Special-  Wednesday 4th September 2019

Today we have released something we have been working on for a while. A completely new format in co-operation with a fan through newly launched Splat! Customs. Splat! Customs allow fans to write Splat! Shows starring our Splat! Stars. We completed the first one on Sunday with Kyle.

Kyle’s Cosplay special is a bit different than our usual gameshow fare and instead features Kyle taking on three messy scripted scenarios. We hope you enjoy this very different type of release from us. Please note that this release is a temporary release, this means it can be removed from sale at any point if we require the storage space used by this release. So if you want to view and own it, please do so now. We will offer some notice, but we can’t say how much notice will be given. 

Check Out Kyle’s Cosplay Here

News and Updates!!! –  Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Benji and Phil’s Debut Shows On Offer!

To celebrate the news that we will be shooting with Benji for this years Halloween Special and Phil for our Christmas special we are running a special offer on their debut Splat! Shows. Don’t forget to order the pre-shoot 2 for 1 offer featuring the return of Messy emails and also vote in our Halloween and Christmas themed Gunge Tank vote featuring Benji and Phil!

Both have been reduced from £16.50 to just £9.99 for manual downloads and £17.60 to £11.10 for automatic downloads. These offers end a day before we shoot their new specials. Benji’s offer ends on Sunday 29th September with Phil’s offer ending Sunday 3rd November.

Grab Benji’s Show Offer Here / Grab Phil’s Show Offer Here

Private Experiences News

We will be closing bookings for private experiences to take place in the November and December 2019 soon. There are few dates left so if you want to book a private experience before the years end please do so asap.

With the remaining 2019 dates closing soon we have now opened bookings for private experiences to take place in 2020. We have opened dates covering January 2020 to March 2020 and also refreshed the Silver and Tier packages. We have introduced Set and Custom packages. More information regarding the new tiers and available dates for bookings can be found on the private experience page. We hope to see you soon!

Check Out The New Dates and Packages Here 

Retro Stream Update & Ash and Adam Final Vote Released! – Friday 23rd August 2019

Splat! Retro Stream has been updated. This months update features Aussiebum Round 4 with Ben and All-Star Malcolm Feature show. Both are now streaming on the Splat! Fan Club for members. Both are available to stream until September 22nd.

Check Them Out Here

Also the final ever Gunge Tank vote featuring Adam and Ash has been released. You can now download the results video. You can find it on the Ash’s Gunge Tank Farewell Show Page, Adam’s Dumping Ceremony Page and The Gunge Tank Votes Results Page.

Stay tuned for news regarding a new kind of shoot. News will be announced this coming Monday. 

Mid Season Special Starring Jon and His Brother Daniel OUT NOW! –Friday 16th August 2019

Our Mid-Season special starring Splat! Super Star and his brother Daniel is out now.

We are incredibly proud of this show and feels it makes a very fitting release for  this seasons mid season special. It was a real pleasure work with both Jon and his brother Daniel to produce this show. 

We hope you all enjoy it! Whatever you do, do not miss this fantastic release!


Kes Splat! Storm Unleashed and Private Experience Returner Offer- Sunday 4th August 2019

Kes’s Splat! Storm has been unleashed for all! If you missed out on Kes’s Splat! Storm when it was in pre-shoot status, you can now download it as we have made it available to all after the exclusivity window ended. Kes (and his speedos) take on the Splat! Storm. One not to be missed and is out now! You will find it towards the bottom of his feature show page.


Private Experience Returner Offer – 20% Discount For Dates In November and December.

We have had a fantastic time meeting so many Splat! Fans at our private experiences in 2019. There are just two months left available to book this year before we launch our 2020 packages. We are running a fantastic offer for any fan who has already had a private experience in 2019 by offering 20% off private experience tiers taking place in November and December. If you have already had a private experience this year, why not book your return to The Splat! Tank today and save 20%! Offer only open to returning guests who have had a private experience this year.


Kes Gungingham is Out Now! – Wednesday 10th July 2019

 Since we finished our shoot with Kes there has been growing to demand for us to release his show as soon as possible. Well, we have heard you and today we have released Kes’s feature length Splat! Show, Kes Gungingham (more info that name on the show page) for people to download.

Originally planned for release later this summer, Kes’s feature show is not to be missed! It was a pleasure to welcome Kes to The Splat! Show and the wonderful world of Gunge!

You Can Check It Out Here

Ash’s Final Ever Feature Length Splat! Show – OUT NOW – Friday 5th July 2019

 Ash’s final ever feature Length Splat! Show, Ash’s Gunge Tank Farewell has been released. We announced that Ash will be leaving his on screen duties earlier this spring, and with this release Ash’s time on the show is coming to an end. Ash has been invaluable to us over the years, especially to Pete as he relaunched the show. Ash will still be around as technical support, but you won’t see him on the show. We still have to release Ash’s dumping ceremony, but that will be released later in the year. Viewers who pre-ordered it along with Adam’s shall get their copy in the next few weeks when it finishes production.

Ash’s Gunge Tank Farewell is Ash’s first feature length show in two years, and of course we had to make sure the Gungings were extra epic for Ash’s final feature. So head on over to the page today to check it out. But a warning, the cheekiness levels from Ash in this show are off the chart! 



Adam’s Dumping Ceremony Special – Out Now!

On Sunday we shot with Adam for the last ever time. We announced a few weeks ago that Adam and Ash would be retiring from their Splat! Star roles and future Splat! Show appearances. Adam has now completed his last shoot with us. It’s now time for Adam’s last ever Splat! Show release, Adam’s Dumping Ceremony.

Our Dumping Ceremony specials are new formats created just for when our Splat! Stars retire. It’s our way of saying goodbye to them and the first with Adam is out now! Adam is interviewed about his time on Splat!, gets’ a three tank salute, a barrage of pies for all his years of Splat! Service and a risky final challenge with Adam risking his own clothes in The Gunge Tank! 

Watch Adam’s final Splat! Show release and celebrate his time in The Splat! Show Gunge Tank today.!


Gabriel and Uriel’s Splat! Storm Double & Vote Now Available 

Brothers Gabriel and Uriel’s Splat! Storm Double and Gunge Tank Vote results have now been released for everyone to download after the month long exclusivity for particpants came to an end.

You can access both The Splat! Storm Double and The Gunge Tank Vote Results from the bottom of The Gunge Brothers show page.

Check Them Out Here

Rhys Returns OUT NOW!

Rhys made a return visit to The Splat! Show this past weekend. Long time viewers will recognise Rhys, he appeared on a show (no longer available, but coming to Splat! Retro Streaming this month) around five years ago. Rhys came for a private experience but told us he wouldn’t mind his show released so any fans of his first show can view his returner special, this time in The Gunge Tank. As always Rhys was a fantastic and willing sport and we hope you enjoy his brand new feature show and we have also included his Splat! Storm too, which you will find at the bottom of his show page. It was a pleasure to have you back Rhys, we hope that your fans enjoy seeing you in The Gunge Tank!

Check Out Rhys Returns Here

BOOK YOUR SEAT IN THE GUNGE TANK, JUST LIKE RHYS DID: If you want to experience the Splat! Show, just like Rhys did, but don’t want your show released (unlike Rhys) then why not book a private experience with us? We have just released all remaining dates for 2019. Check out more information here. Don’t forget to read the growing number of glowing testimonials from people who have already taken their seat in The Splat! Show Gunge Tank for our special anniversary year! 

Feature Show Gunge Brothers with Gabriel and Uriel – OUT NOW

We always are looking for new and exciting show ideas and concepts, so when Gabriel contacted us saying he wanted to return, this time with his brother Uriel in tow, we just had to green light it. And are we glad we did. What we have managed to produce with Gabriel and Uriel is a real corker of a show. The chemistry between these two brothers just makes fantastic viewing and one of our strongest head to head shows in recent memory. 

Gabriel and Uriel’s feature show, Gunge Brothers is out now. We can’t wait for you all to see it and hear what you think. 

Sibling Rivalry with a Gungy twist is awaiting you. Go check it it out!


Season 17 Launched – TWO Brand New Shows and Guests!

Season 17 is here! To launch the brand new season of The Splat! Show we have released not one, but two new feature length Splat! Shows featuring two brand new guests. We are incredibly proud of these two brand new shows and we really hope you enjoy the work and effort that went into their creation. We are especially excited about our new season 17 competition, Tour De Gunge that will be running throughout the season. Go and check out Oliver (who wants to be a Splat! Star) and the marvellous Marius in their respective shows. Enjoy.