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Last Call For current Vote and Pre-shoot Offer

September 22nd 2021

The first of our two shoots planned for late September and early October is just a few days away. We are shooting with Louie (on the right) this coming Saturday.

The Gunge Tank Vote between James and Louie and the 2-4-1 Splat! Storm pre-shoot offer will be closing this coming Saturday, so you only have a few days left to participate. 

We will be shooting with James a week later on Sunday 3rd October. 

Book A Splat! Experience For October today!

September 21st 2021

Bookings for Splat! Private Experiences to take place in October will be closing in a fews short days on the 25th September.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit us and have a go in The Gunge Tank, then we would love to see you.

Check out the Splat! Experiences page for all the details you need and you can always contact us too if you have any questions.

Dates for November and December are also now available to book.

We look forward to seeing you!

Fan Club Content Added For Marc's Shoot

September 20th 2021

So much content is captured at our shoots that sometimes we forget about it or we didn’t have a place to present it. Marc’s Splat! Show shoot took place nearly five years ago and before we had our Fan Club.

We recently found content from his shoot that is ideal for the Fan Club. A picture set (two sets) and a small but cute Fan Cam footage.

Both are now on the fan club for subscribers. Access it from the club page or Marc’s Messy Fate feature show page towards the bottom.

Complete GT Cam Footage From Lucas'S Shoot Now Available

September 16th 2021

The complete Gunge Tank Cam footage from Lucas’s shoot is now available to download or stream.

We shot with Lucas a year ago this month and it was a real pleasure to have him on our show. Complete Gunge Tank cam footage features the whole Lucas shoot shot from the perspective of the Gunge Tank Cam, including the storm.

You can either download to keep or stream it over on The Splat! Fan Club. Find it under “Also Available From This Shoot” section on Lucas’s page or from the GT Cam page.

Splat! Plus + Content from Whitie's Returner Special Now Available

September 15th 2021

Splat! Plus + content from Whitie’s returner special has now been added.

You will find Whitie’s Splat! Plus + content on the main feature show page under “also available from this shoot” and will be available until Whitie’s Returner special is eligible for Splat! Split and Switch in June 2023. After this time, Whitie’s Splat! Plus + content will not be available. 

Splat! Fan Club members can also stream the Splat! Plus + version of Whitie’s Splat! Storm over on the Splat! Fan Club right now until January 1st 2022 when it will be available to download.

Ben Vs Daniel Gunge Tank Vote Results Released

September 6th 2021

The Gunge Tank vote results featuring Ben and Daniel has now been released for all.

In this rare vote tie, both Ben and Daniel got gunged with no game required.

Both Ben and Daniel get to watch the results in a special video and their faces are priceless as the tie is revealed! 

You can access this Gunge Tank vote results either from Ben’s Show page here OR from Daniel’s Show page here under the “also available from this shoot” sections. Alternatively, you can also find it on the Gunge Tank Votes page using the link below.

Mid-Season Special: Benny Vs Darren Out Now!

September 1st 2021

We’ve worked overtime to get our mid-season special with returning guest and breakout star Darren and his best friend Benny out for you all to enjoy!

These two best friends are a great fit for a mid-season special. Featuring great head to head games and games where their knowledge about each other can benefit or hider their time in the Gunge Tank. The show also features Darren dishing out the Splat! Storm to Benny and also features Splat! + Plus footage of the Gungings and storm! A chock’-block content filled release! 

Customers who ordered the pre-shoot for this shoot have been sent this feature show at no extra cost to them as we incorporated the feature into the main show due to time constraints on the day.

Splat! Retro Stream Updates For September

September 1st 2021

Splat! Retro Stream has been updated for September!

This month it’s all about Zane! Featuring Marc VS Zane feature Splat! Show and Tom and Charlie get their own back on Zane.

Both titles are streaming on The Splat! Fan Club for members until October 1st.

These two titles were suggested by a fan, so don’t forget to suggest the next titles. Details are on the Retro Stream page. 

Ben The Boffin's Splat! Storm Released

August 29th 2021

Ben, star of Ben The Boffin Splat! Show takes on The Splat! Storm.

Ben’s Splat! Storm is now available for all and can be download from The Ben The Boffin Show page towards the bottom of the page under “Also Available From This Shoot” or find it on the Splat! Storm index page.

Damn! Daniel's Splat! Storm Released

August 17th 2021

Daniel, star of the Damn! Daniel Splat! Show takes on The Splat! Storm.

Daniel’s Splat! Storm is now available for all and can be download from The Damn Daniel Splat! Show page towards the bottom of the page under “Also Available From This Shoot” or find it on the Splat! Storm index page.

Splat! Plus + Content Added from Pride 2021 Shoot & Rhys 2021 Splat! Storm Now Streaming For Splat! Fan Club Members

August 11th 2021

Splat! Plus + Content from our Pride 2021 shoot with Kes and James has been added to the Pride 2021 Splat! Show page page.

Giving you unique views of the games and gungings from the Splat! Plus + camera you will find it under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section towards the bottom of the Pride 2021 show page.

We have also added Rhys’ 2021 Splat! Storm to the Fan Club for members to stream as part of their subscription to the Splat! Fan Club.

We decided to release Rhys’ Splat! Storm 2021 on the Fan Club as we feel his storm is better suited for release on The Splat! Show Fan Club. Rhys’ Splat! Storm 2021 is exclusive to The Splat! Fan Club and will not be released on the main website for download. 

Fan Club Update: s18 Finale Fan Cam Added

August 4th 2021

A massive update has been posted to The Splat! Fan Club with the addition of Fan Cam footage from Daniel’s Season 18 Finale Splat! Show.

Parts 1 and 2 are now available on The Splat! Fan Club and feature footage captured at the S18 Finale shoot on the Fan Cam. A handheld camera operated by show producer James which gives a unique view of nearly the whole show. 

While we have you, did you know that we operate a production blog? If you want to know what is going on behind the scenes, then Pete posts regular updates to the production blog. Go and have a read.