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New Josh Content Added- Sunday 5th April 2020


Today we have added the final two pieces of Josh content we have. 

We have added his complete Gunge Tank Cam Footage where you can watch the whole show from the Gunge Tank Cams point of view, not just the Gungings that are featured in the main show download but the entire show from the Gunge Tank Cam POV. You can download it from his show page under the “Also Available From This Shoot” section. 

Finally we have added Josh’s Splat! Show Cut Footage to the Fan Club.

You will find these and all our Josh Splat! Show content on his main show page. To find the extras, please scroll towards the bottom of the show page.

Check It Out Here


Meet Our Newest Splat! Star! Daniel’s Induction Special Out NOW– Wednesday 1st April 2020

We have filled one of our two vacant Splat!  Star spots and his Splat! Star Induction special is out now!
Yep, it’s Jon’s little Brother Daniel! Go and check out his fantastic Splat! Star Induction special today, and be sure to stick around after the pandemic is over because we have some big shoots lined up with Daniel and all our Splat! Stars.


Splat! Retro Stream Updated For April 

Splat! Retro Stream has been updated for April 2020. This month we are featuring two classics starring our first ever Splat! Star Alex! Alex’s BIG Dump and Alex’s Cool The Heat are now streaming to fan club members until the end of April.

Check Out Splat! Retro Stream Here 


Coronavirus Pick Me Up! Watch Adam & Jon: Battle Royale For Free – Saturday 21st March 2020


UPDATE SUNDAY 22ND MARCH: We have now uploaded a higher 4K quality version. You can change the quality via the YouTube settings tab. 

Times are tough but we are here to help you through by doing what we do best, by entertaining you. So our gift to you and in a hope to raise your spirits is that now you can watch Adam Vs Jon: Battle Royale feature show for free. Click the image to watch the whole show for free.

 If you want to download this show, you can do so and it’s currently 50% off too! Check it out!  We will donate 100% of gross sales from this show to Organisations helping to fight the pandemic too. 

We rely on sales of our content to sustain our operations but during this incredibly difficult time we hope this one-off gesture goes someway to help keep you entertained. 



We hope you enjoy the show and that it goes someway to helping you feel better.  Available to stream for free until the end of April.

We will be announcing other measures like donating to organisations helping to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic in due course. Stay safe, support others and stay healthy.


An Update From Us During Times Of Uncertainty – Saturday 21st March 2020

Hey Splatters, we just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to give you more details about how we are going to be operating over the next few months as the world continues it’s efforts to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Please read more about how the outbreak is currently effecting us here.
We understand that times are tough and many of you, us included are worried about our loved ones, our own safety and what the future may hold for us all. Many are staying at home and looking for something to take their mind off what is going on. It is important to follow the news but it’s also very important to relax and look after your mental health. That is why we here at The Splat! Show will be doing everything we can over the next few months to try be part of that downtime and help you relax and entertain you in our unique way. 
If you are looking for something to watch now, we have so many fantastic, messy and fun shows to watch now. Please check them out here.
On April 1st we will be releasing James T’s Splat! Show and our New Splat! Star’s Splat! Induction special. We will also be releasing a ton of material from our most recent shoots to the Splat! Fan Club too. 
We are continuing to monitor the situation in the UK and we hope we can relax some of our restrictions around future commercial shoots and our private experiences as soon as possible. You can find out more about our current station and plans here.

Josh Mini Picture Pack Added To Fan Club- Thursday 17th February 2020


We have added a small picture pack from Josh’s Splat! Show shoot to the Fan Club today. We have much more Josh fan club material planned for release soon. You can access it from the link below, from the Fan Club page or from Josh’s Splat! Show page.

Check It Out Here


Season 18 Launch Show Released!- Monday 24th February 2020


After giving Splat! Fan Club members a week of early access, our season 18 launch show starring ex British Athlete John is now available for all. We hope you enjoy our season launch show and look forward to the rest of the season.

Check Out Our Season 18 Launch Show Here Today


Jon’s Gunge Party Splat! Special Is Released For All- Sunday 16th February 2020


If you didn’t know, 2020 marks five years since Jon became one of our Splat! Stars. We are celebrating this milestone throughout 2020 with Jon. At his most recent shoot Jon shot a Splat! Special where The Splat! Gunge Tank gave Jon a five tank salute. Five tankings to mark each year Jon has been a Splat! Star. Jon’s Gunge Party is now available to all!

You will find Jon’s Gunge Party Splat! Special on the Jon’s Special Visit 2020 page towards the bottom of the page under “Also Available From This Shoot”.



Josh’s Splat! Storm Released For All- Wednesday 12th February 2020


Josh’s Splat! shoot was our headline event for BIG January last month. The reaction to Josh’s show has been great and we want to say a HUGE thanks to those fans who have downloaded a copy so far. If you are looking for more Josh content and missed out on his Splat! Storm when it was in pre-shoot status then we have some good news for you. Josh’s Splat! Storm is now available to all! 

You will find Josh’s Splat! Storm on Josh’s Splat! Show page towards the bottom of the page under “Also Available From This Shoot”.



Jon’s Special Visit 2020 Released – Wednesday 29th January 2020

Jon’s Special Visit Feature Is Out Now!  


Jon’s special visit 2020 is out now. Filmed as part of our BIG January specials, Jon makes his first visit to Splat! HQ in 2020 and in his 5th year as a Splat! Star and features in this mash up of new ideas and Splat! classics. Best of all? It’s half price until the end of the year, just like our other Jon content.

Check It Out Here Today


James T’s Returner Early Access– Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Splat! Fan Club members can now access James T’s highly anticipated returner special Splat! Show early and purchase before non members. James T’s Returner special is now available to Splat! Fan Club members by visiting the link below. It will be released for non Splat! Fan Club members on or after April 1st 2020.

Fan Club Members Can Access James T’s New Splat! Show HERE


Josh’s Splat! Show – OUT NOW!- Friday 17th January 2020

The First Splat! Show Of 2020 Is Here! 


Our first feature length Splat! Show of the new decade and 2020 is here. It was a real pleasure to welcome a brand new face onto the Splat! Show for our first show of 2020. 18 year old Josh who is a student and pastime model takes the hot seat for our this first special pre-season 18 special Splat! Show.

Josh’s Splat! Show is out now and waiting for you. Beat the January blues by download Josh’s Splat! Show today!

Check Out Josh’s Splat! SHow

50% Off All Jon Content ALL Year Long! – Tuesday 7th January 2020

Splat! Star Jon’s Year Long 50% Off Sale!

2020 marks five years since Jon officially became one of our Splat! Stars. Jon is coming to HQ later this month as part of Big January to film a celebration special but if you can’t wait we have a big Jon sale happening right now. All Jon content is now 50% off for the entire year to celebrate five years of Jon being one of our most popular Splat! Stars. Never to be repeated, you now have the time and the savings to grab any Jon content you might be missing from your Splat! Show Collection. Ends December 31st 2020!

We are not just having a 50% sale on Jon’s current content, but all his 2020 solo feature shows will also be 50% off this year too! Excludes pre-shoots, Gunge Tank Votes and head to head specials in 2020. 


Happy New Year & Retro Update – Wednesday 1st January 2020

Happy New Year Splatters!

Happy New Year and decade Splatters! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and new year. We are heading into a very busy January here at The Splat! Show, see our Big January lineup here for more information.

Splat! Retro Update For Jan 2020

The Splat! Retro Streaming service on The Splat! Fan Club has been updated with the two Retro videos for January 2020. This month we have two feature length shows streaming. Lee’s Cold Comfort and Cliff: A Guy On The Edge. 

Watch Splat! Retro Via The Fan Club Here

Season 17 Finale with Kyle is OUT NOW – Wednesday 11th December

Our season 17 finale special starring Splat! Star Kyle is out now.

Season 17 finale with Kyle is our biggest season finale release ever, featuring not just the feature show but also includes a number of great extras included with your download including the return of The Gunge Tank Cam!

Also, because it’s the season finale and we are feeling rather generous, there is an early bird price offer on each download until January 1st! Our way of saying thanks to our fans for their support this season.

You can find out all about the finale show with Kyle and it’s special bonus on the show page. There is a ton of new content waiting for you!

Check Out s17 Finale With Kyle Here

 Christmas Comes Early – Festive Phil Feature Is OUT NOW!  Wednesday 6th November

With Halloween and Bonfire night out of the way, it’s time to gear up for Christmas. We want to get straight into the festive spirit with the release of our 2019 Christmas Special.

This year our Christmas special features the return of Phil who was last seen in our mid 16 season special last year. It’s our biggest, messiest and most ambitious Christmas special EVER and features the return of Gunge Tank Karaoke, just in time for the party season! It’s waiting for you now so go and check it out! We hope you enjoy. We “might” have more Christmas surprises for you before the big day.

Check It Out Here

Fan Club Updates:

The Splat! Fan Club has been updated with Festive Phill shoot material featuring Cut Footage, Two Picture Packs and Fan Cam Footage. You can access them from the Festive Phil page after the main show write up. Or find the links and all other fan club links here.


15th Anniversary End Special OUT NOW! –  Wednesday 25th September 2019

Our 15th anniversary year has now come to an end. We celebrate the end of our 15th year with a special release starring the golden boy of Splat, Jon. In this special, Jon and Pete talk about 15 years of The Splat! Show and features two special gunging segments.


Check It Out Here 

Splat! Fan Club Update Highlights –  Sunday 22nd September 2019

Dan and Jon Fan Club Updates

We announced additions from the Dan Vs Jon Shoot to the Fan Club last week, but here is what was posted in more detail. 

Fan Cam Footage: Dan Vs Jon Fan Cam footage has been posted to the Splat! Fan Club. This Fan Club exclusive footage was shot on a handheld camera allowing up and close views from certain parts of the shoot.

Fan Club Picture Packs: There are also two Splat! Fan Club exclusive picture packs taken at the Dan Vs Jon Shoot. Featuring shots especially created for these picture packs. These images differ from the picture pack available to purchase from the Dan Vs Jon Show page.

Check Out All The Updates On The Club Here


MAJOR Update To Dan Vs Jon Page –  Friday 13th September 2019

Our mid-season special starring Daniel and Jon is now officially one month old. Today we have updated the show page with extra releases. 

These extra releases include: 

Daniel’s Splat! Storm, Jon’s Get Your Own Back Custard Pie Overload, Daniel’s Tour De Gunge, The Dan Vs Jon Gunge Tank Vote Results plus Splat! Fan Club exclusive releases including the Dan Vs Jon Fan Cam Footage and Two Picture Packs!

It’s all waiting for you to explore on the show page now beneath the feature show details. Scroll, download and enjoy!


Mid Season Special Starring Jon and His Brother Daniel OUT NOW! –Friday 16th August 2019

Our Mid-Season special starring Splat! Super Star and his brother Daniel is out now.

We are incredibly proud of this show and feels it makes a very fitting release for  this seasons mid season special. It was a real pleasure work with both Jon and his brother Daniel to produce this show. 

We hope you all enjoy it! Whatever you do, do not miss this fantastic release!


Kes Gungingham is Out Now! – Wednesday 10th July 2019

 Since we finished our shoot with Kes there has been growing to demand for us to release his show as soon as possible. Well, we have heard you and today we have released Kes’s feature length Splat! Show, Kes Gungingham (more info that name on the show page) for people to download.

Originally planned for release later this summer, Kes’s feature show is not to be missed! It was a pleasure to welcome Kes to The Splat! Show and the wonderful world of Gunge!

You Can Check It Out Here

Ash’s Final Ever Feature Length Splat! Show – OUT NOW – Friday 5th July 2019

 Ash’s final ever feature Length Splat! Show, Ash’s Gunge Tank Farewell has been released. We announced that Ash will be leaving his on screen duties earlier this spring, and with this release Ash’s time on the show is coming to an end. Ash has been invaluable to us over the years, especially to Pete as he relaunched the show. Ash will still be around as technical support, but you won’t see him on the show. We still have to release Ash’s dumping ceremony, but that will be released later in the year. Viewers who pre-ordered it along with Adam’s shall get their copy in the next few weeks when it finishes production.

Ash’s Gunge Tank Farewell is Ash’s first feature length show in two years, and of course we had to make sure the Gungings were extra epic for Ash’s final feature. So head on over to the page today to check it out. But a warning, the cheekiness levels from Ash in this show are off the chart! 



Adam’s Dumping Ceremony Special – Out Now!

On Sunday we shot with Adam for the last ever time. We announced a few weeks ago that Adam and Ash would be retiring from their Splat! Star roles and future Splat! Show appearances. Adam has now completed his last shoot with us. It’s now time for Adam’s last ever Splat! Show release, Adam’s Dumping Ceremony.

Our Dumping Ceremony specials are new formats created just for when our Splat! Stars retire. It’s our way of saying goodbye to them and the first with Adam is out now! Adam is interviewed about his time on Splat!, gets’ a three tank salute, a barrage of pies for all his years of Splat! Service and a risky final challenge with Adam risking his own clothes in The Gunge Tank! 

Watch Adam’s final Splat! Show release and celebrate his time in The Splat! Show Gunge Tank today.!