Splat Show News

Black Friday weekend Deals are now live. Ends Monday!

NOvember 27th

Our Black Friday weekend (yes, we do weekend deals) deals are now live.

Check out some great savings on a small selection of Splat! Show content. 

Deals will end at the end of play this coming Monday, 30th December. 

Brain Box Ben Cut Footage Added To Fan Club

NOvember 20th

We have updated the Splat! Fan Club today with the addition of the cut footage from Brain Box Ben’s Splat! Show shoot. 

Get more from The Splat! Shows you love with extra footage that didn’t make it into the download edit. Featuring pre and post gunging footage, clean downs and more! 

The Fan Club is bigger than ever and will continue to grow. Jump in now and you’ll be ready for our Fan Club Christmas celebration content too!

Site Updates: Viewer Reviews and Introducing Splat! Split & Switch

NOvember 14th

Today we have completed the rollout of our new feature show page design across the entire site. The show pages have had a slight rejig and we have also introduced a viewer reviews section to each show page. 

Also today we have launched Splat! Split and Switch. 

Splat! Split allows you to buy individual scenes featured in our feature length Splat! Shows from just £5.00 each. Split is enabled on feature length shows two years old or older since their original release. 

Splat! Switch enables you to pick five scenes from Splat! Split to create your very own bespoke Splat! Show download for the same price as our released feature length Splat! Shows. 

Splat! Split is rolling out now and we will try to add new content to Split and Switch daily until we catch up to the two year limit on eligible feature length Splat! Shows..


NOvember 14th

We regularly review our content and sometimes we need to remove content to make way for future releases or ensure content meets our current content guidelines.

We don’t need to do this often but sometimes we have to and we are unable to keep everything online as storage is limited.  Today two shows have been selected for removal. Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream and Ash’s Gunge Tank Show. 

Steve’s Show is being removed to make room for future releases while Ash’s Show no longer meets our content guidelines. 

Both shows will be unavailable after December 1st and now have £10.00 off too for each show in last chance to download and own status. You can also watch Steve’s show over on the fan club until December 1st if you so wish. 

Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream can be suggested for future inclusion in our Retro Streaming service while Ash’s Gunge Tank show cannot. All other Ash content will remain available on the site at this time as his other content meets our current content guidelines. 

You can learn more on our Last Chance Saloon page. 

Cut Footage From Lucas' Shoot Now Streaming On Fan Club

NOvember 11th

The Splat! Fan Club has been updated with the cut footage from Lucas’ shoot. Featuring footage that didn’t make it into the download edit the cut footage features before and after gunging footage and clean downs.

Its streaming over on The Splat! Fan Club now.

Mark's Tanking Return Shoot Complete GT Cam Footage Now Available

NOvember 7th

The complete Gunge Tank Cam footage from Mark’s Tanking return shoot is now available. Complete Gunge Tank footage features the whole shoot shot from the perspective of The Gunge Tank Cam. Not just the Gungings (which are also in the main show download), but the whole shoot from the perspective of the Gunge Tank camera. 

This complete Gunge Tank Cam footage features footage from Mark’s Tanking Return feature length show, The Tank Awaken’s Splat! Special and Mark’s latest Splat! Storm.

You can either download the footage to keep or stream it over on the Splat! Fan Club now as part of your club membership. 

Find it on Mark’s Tanking return page under “Also Available From This Shoot” and on The Complete Gunge Tank Cam footage index page.

Season 18 Finale - out today!

NOvember 4th

Our season 18 finale special is out now!

Join us as we bring season 18 to a close with Splat! Star Daniel. His first full solo feature length Splat! Show, and no Jon in sight!

Our season finales are always BIG on content and BIG on mess. You can also get a special extra if you download this show before December.

We hope you enjoy our season 18 finale with Daniel.

Own Daniel’s Splat! Show T-Shirt As Used In Our Season 18 Finale.

Daniel’s white Splat! Show T-Shirt as used in our season 18 finale has been added to The Splat! Show Outlet for sale. 

Splat! Retro Stream Updated

NOvember 1st

Splat! Retro stream has been updated for November.

This month Kieron’s Splat! Show (pre-tank) and Gage’s Mini Splat! Show are streaming over on the Splat! Fan Club. Both are available to stream until the end of the month.

Don’t forget to suggest the next two titles for Retro stream too. Full details can be found on the Splat! Retro Stream Page.

Lucas Gets Stormed!

October 30th

Lucas has been gunged more than most over the past few months. Having already appeared on two other respectable Gunge websites, Lucas now faces his biggest and most relentless Gunging experience. The Splat! Storm!

Lucas’s Splat! Storm is now available to download from his feature length show page and also from The Splat! Storms Index.

We say it all the time, but there is nothing quite like The Splat! Storm and Lucas’s storm is probably the biggest and messiest featured this season! Don’t miss it! 

Halloween On Splat! 2020: Kyle's Dress Up Mess Up is out now!

October 11th

Our feature length Splat! Show for Halloween 2020 is out now!

Kyle’s Dress Up Mess Up takes the concept of dressing up in crazy costumes in the Gunge Tank to the extreme! 

Check it out today!

Unlucky Lucas Feature Length Splat! Show - out now!

October 9th

A fantastic new feature length Splat! Show with brand new guest (who is no stranger to Gunge) Lucas is out now!

Adam's Shoot Delayed

September 30th

We were due to shoot with Adam tomorrow but we are sorry to report that the shoot has been delayed. 

Adam is currently at a University which is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak. Adam is not allowed to travel to us to shoot so we have no choice but to delay his Splat! Show shoot.

Please note that his shoot has not been cancelled. 

We have more details on the production blog, so follow the link below to read more.

James's Splat! Storm Out Now!

September 25th 2020

James’s Splat! Storm has been released. 

You can access James’s Splat! Storm in two ways. 

Access it from his feature length Show page under “Also Available From This Shoot” towards the bottom of that page or from The Splat! Storm index page.


James's Splat! Show OUT NOW!

September 14th 2020

James’s Splat! Show has just been released and this show is our first full feature length Splat! Show since the Coronavirus lockdown ended.

We had a fantastic time with James at his shoot and his Splat! show is the perfect show for these troubled times. Fun, charming and filled with many messy games with The Gunge Tank, do not miss it!

We really hope you enjoy James’s Splat! Show! 


New Show Tiles Revealed!

September 1st 2020

We’ve had a lot of free time on hands this year (thanks Coronavirus!) which has enabled us to double down on the website design. Some big changes have taken place on the site over the past few months and the response from you has been very positive, so thank you! 

Today we have completed updating the show tiles that represent each release. Gone are the old tile photo designs which have been replaced with a better fit for our brand new site design. 

You can check out all the new tiles for the shows from the season index.