About Us & Help

Welcome to the Help and About Us Pages. Please take the time to read each section to learn more about us, what we do, our principles and what to do if you need help. If you still have questions, please do contact us here

Our Relationship With Our Guests And Our Duty Of Care

We foster a relaxed, fully informed and respective relationship with the people we work with to produce the Splat! Show. Learn more about our relationships with our guests and view our model release form HERE.

Splat! Show Content Principles

Learn about the types of content we feature on The Splat! Show. The Splat! Show will never feature adult content in the way of full body nudity or feature vulgar material. Please read more about our content guidelines HERE for full details. 

Help Ordering And Playing Content

If you hare having trouble placing an order or can’t seem to play our downloads on your chosen device, then we are here to help. Please check out our help section regarding ordering and playing content HERE

Ways To Pay

We offer a fully secure and safe way to pay for our content. Find out more about the payment methods we accept HERE.

Your Privacy Matters

We understand the importance of protecting our customers privacy while they use our services. Learn more about our privacy policy and other steps we take to keep you safe and secure while visiting The Splat! Show. Read more HERE.

Our Legal Responsibilities & Yours

Learn more about our legal responsibilities as a business and how other legal issues effect you as a customer. Read more HERE

Social Media Policy

We use social media platforms to communicate updates regarding the Splat! show. Learn about our Social Media policy HERE.

Press Centre

Visit the press centre for official statements regarding The Splat! Show. Enter The Press Centre HERE