About Us & Help

About Us & Help

Welcome to the Help and About Us Pages. Please take the time to read each section to learn more about us, what we do, our principles and what to do if you need help. If you still have any questions after reading this section, please do contact us here

If you are legal entity or authority and wish to audit our site and operations please contact us here. 

Our Content & Our Principles

Main Points: This website does NOTΒ contain or feature explicit adult material, anything consideredΒ vulgar, hateful or abusive. Please select read more to learn about theΒ content featured on our website.

Our Relationship With Our Participants

Main Points:Β We foster a relaxed, fully informed and respective relationship with the people we work with to produce the Splat! Show. Please select read more toΒ learnΒ about our participants.

Our Terms and Conditions

Main Points: By using this website and purchasing our content you are bound by our Terms and Conditions. Please familiarise yourself with these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions could result in access to this website and our products and services withdrawn. 

Payments and Playing Content

Main Points: If you hare having trouble placing an order or cannot play our downloads on your chosen device, then we are here to help.Β PleaseΒ select read more to learn more and get help.Β 

Viewer Reviews and Feedback

Main Points:Β Read messages from our fans on what the Splat! Show means to them. View reviews and feedback.

Your Privacy Matters to us

Main Points:Β We respect and look after your privacy while you visit ourΒ websiteΒ and use our services. You are in control of the your own data. Please select read more to learn more about privacy and our data collection process.

Legal Matters

Main Points: Legal matters cover us as a business, you as a customer and our relationships with our participants. Please select read more to learn about legal issues covering all areas of our operations. 

Our Environment Impact Statement

Main Points:Β We take steps to ensure ourΒ operationsΒ have a minimalΒ impact on theΒ environment. Please select read more toΒ learn more about our efforts to keep ourΒ impact on theΒ environment low andΒ sustainable.Β 

Social Media Policy

Main Points:Β We use social mediaΒ platformsΒ toΒ communicate updates regarding The Splat! Show. Please select read more to learn about ourΒ social media policy.Β 

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