Pride Splat! Show 2021

Pride Splat! Show 2021


There is not going to be numbered season during 2021. Since we were only able to start production in the middle of 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this special season will run from June 2021 until the end of 2021. Season 19 will start in 2022 and this show and other shows released in 2021 will form part of this special season. 

It’s been over two years since we shot a double Splat! Show feature, that was way back in the summer of 2019 with Jon and Daniel. Now that we are back shooting, we knew we had to bring the double feature back so we thought about what theme and two guests should feature. We resumed our in shooting person operations in June, which also happens to be Pride month so we had our theme but who could we get to feature? That was easier, two popular guests who also happen to be gay. James and Kes return to star in our first double feature Splat! Show for Pride. Bring on the gunge tank, pies and the speedos! 


Pride Splat! Show 2021 Features The Following…

Guest Introduction: New for this special season we are introducing the Guest Introduction card. Kes and James are briefly shown waving to the screen as some stats about each are displayed. 

The Splat! Interviews: We are making some slight changes to the format with this special season. The formal interview will now take place outside the Gunge Tank at the top of the show before we move into the games. A quick five minute interview each with Kes and James takes place before the games to catch up on what they have both been up to since their last Splat! Show appearances and what they expect will happen at this double shoot.

Gunge Tank Roulette: It’s time for a new game to kick off our first double feature in over two years. Gunge Tank Roulette is a game of chance and a little bit of skill too, well if you are good at general knowledge that is. Kes and James each take turns sitting in the Gunge Tank. The person sitting outside the tank is then asked some questions. If they get three right then they can spin the Splat! wheel. If the wheel lands on the designated Gunge Zone, then the person in the tank is Gunged. As the game goes on, more Gunge Zones are added to the wheel to increase the tension. Who will lose out and get the first Gunging of our pride special!?

Buzzer Round: The buzzer round is a classic and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Both James and Kes each have a buzzer. They can then Buzz in if they think they know the answer to a question. There is no forfeit for buzzing in and getting the question wrong, although it might help their opponent. The person with the most correct answers at the end of the round is declared the winner forcing the other into the Gunge Tank. Who will win out in the buzzer round, James or Kes?

Pass The Pie: AT LAST! Pass The Pie Is Back. The pandemic forced us to stop the use of Custard pies in all our shoots during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. Out of all the games, pie games were the highest risk due to the physical contact that is required. So when we were able to resume our in person operations, it was also nice to bring back the custard pies too. We know many of you have missed them, so it’s great to see them back in arguably the biggest pie game on The Splat! Show, Pass The Pie! If you don’t know the rules, it’s pretty simple but very messy for both parties. Kes and James have to each make a pie. If they get their question right they can throw their custard pie at their opponent. But if they get the question wrong they have to pass their pie to their opponent who then throws it back in their face! So each question there is a pie, it just depends who gets it! The person who is pied the most also makes a trip into the Gunge Tank at the end of the round! 

Crack My Tank Finale : It’s the final round of our double Pride feature and we have saved the best till last. James and Kes dressed in their best pride speedos for Crack The Tank. James and Kes have their own Gunge Tank waiting above their heads. If they get a question wrong they have to pull one of the cords in front of the tank. The catch? Some of the cords will trigger the tanks. James and Kes have to try and trigger their opponents tank to win the game and be declared the winner of the whole show, but they can also trigger their own tank and handing over the win. Who will crack their opponents tank first?

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