Content Guidelines

This website does NOT contain or feature explicit adult material, anything considered vulgar, hateful or abusive. 

Read on to learn more about our principles.

Our Principles

We follow the following principles when creating The Splat! Show.

  • Our content never features explicit adult material. No fully body nudity, exposed genital areas or anything considered  x rated.
  • We treat people with respect at all times.
  • To provide full information to prospective guests we plan to work with and answer all their questions honestly and in full.
  • Ensuring we work in a safe and friendly environment at all times.
  • Enable the people we have worked with to contact us at anytime if they need to raise a concern or issue through a direct channel.
  • That we will act on any concerns or issues raised in a timely manner.
  •  Remove content at a participants wish without any resistance or reason.
  • Comply with all laws and regulations as set out in law in the UK and where our material is accessible. 

Basically, we are here to have fun!

The Splat! Shows featured on this website do not feature full body nudity or content that may be considered R or X rated or sexually explicit. The shows are created for fun and joy and designed so they do not cause offence. 

Our material is designed so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Our shows are targeted to a wide audience and this also includes the WAM fetish community  (Wet and Messy) but our shows are not exclusively targeted to this audience and can be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in our show. The Splat! Show is staged as a lighthearted fun gameshow that anyone can enjoy irrespective of their interests. People can take what they want from our show to enjoy and the content we produce and this is made fully aware to all our participants during the casting process. 

We provide detailed content guidelines on each show page at the end of the show description. 

No User Generated Content Policy

The content you find on this website is produced by The Splat! Show under strict conditions in a professional manner and co-operation with the participants and guests. This ensures that all the content that you find on this website has been produced lawfully and under our own strict standards. You will not find any user generated content on this website and there is no facility for users to upload their own content to this website. 

This policy ensures that all the content you see on this website has been created with the consent of the participants and that each production follows our own strict guidelines and always within the law. We produce and collect data for each shoot that takes place to ensure we are following the law which can be provided to any authority wishing to view them if they have a valid reason.

No filters here...

We do not airbrush, use filters or use deepfake technology on our content. We present our content as it is shot, so everything you see is real and not fake. As technology progresses, there are many tools that can be used to enhance or alter content. We are firmly against such practices and will never use them for our content. Ever.

A bit more info about our content...

The content featured on The Splat! Show varies show to show but we do have a strict policy when it comes to the content featured in our shows. 

The Splat! Show is intended for a wide audience and not just for people who have an interest / fetish in WAM (wet and messy). Our show is staged as a messy gameshow and may be of interest to viewers who enjoy gameshows or may enjoy other aspects of The Splat! Show. The Splat! Show is not just produced for people who are have a fetish for WAM. Anyone, irrespective of their interest or age can enjoy our content for whatever reason they want.

Our shows are fun and lighthearted and do not contain anything that might be regarded as sinister, vulgar, offensive or sexually explicit. Many of our ideas presented on The Splat! Show are taken from or inspired by mainstream TV shows that are freely accessible, without restriction to any age group to view on TV channels at different times of the day.

All participants featured on The Splat! Show have been fully briefed on what they are shooting, the type of audiences who may enjoy The Splat! Show and are under no obligation to do and or participate in anything they don’t feel comfortable doing. There is no pressure from our production teams and we never push our guests to do something they do not wish to do.  For more details regarding the relationships with our participants please click here.

We want as many people as possible to enjoy The Splat! Show. This means you will not see fully body nudity or material that would be considered R18 rated content on The Splat! Show. While there is no fully body nudity on The Splat! Show, some shows do feature partial nudity in the way of being shirtless or wearing swimwear, which you can see at a beach for example, but you WILL NEVER see guests genitalia (private parts) featured on The Splat! Show.

We also have a strict language policy. Our language policy forbids language that is distasteful, hateful and the excessive use of swear words. Some shows do feature some minor swear word usage but this is minor and infrequent. We highlight any swear word usage on the show description pages. 

If you feel you have seen something on The Splat! Show that does not meet our content guidelines we welcome your feedback. Please use the “Contact Us” form here.

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