Content Guidelines


Detailed Information About The Splat! Show Content

sThe content featured on The Splat! Show varies show to show but we do have a strict policy on what type content do not feature in our shows. The Splat! Show is intended for a wide audience and not just for people who have an interest in WAM (wet and messy fetish or interest). Our show is staged as a messy gameshow and may be of interest to viewers who enjoy gameshows or enjoy other aspects of The Splat! Show. Our shows are fun and lighthearted and do not contain anything that might be regarded as sinister, vulgar or offensive. A lot of the ideas presented on The Splat! Show are taken from TV shows that are freely accessible, without restriction to any age group to view on TV channels at different times of the day.

We want as many people as possible to enjoy The Splat! Show. This means you will not see fully body nudity or R18 rated content on The Splat! Show. While there is no fully body nudity on The Splat! Show, some shows do feature partial nudity in the way of being shirtless or wearing swimwear. but you WILL NEVER see guests genitalia (private parts) featured on The Splat! Show.

We also have a strict language policy. Our language policy forbids words or language that is distasteful, hateful and the use of excessive offensive swear words. Some shows do feature some minor swear words, usually as a reaction to being Gunged for the first time for example.

The Splat! Show is a UK based business. If we had to give a rating to The Splat! Show we would look at the UK’s age rating film and TV classification guidelines. The UK has one of the worlds best regarded systems in place for issuing age rating guidelines for video entertainment. The BBFC issues guidelines and age ratings for films, TV, Videogames and videos and soon online content.

Looking at their guidance on their website, we feel that the Splat! Show falls within scope of 12A – to 15 certificate. We therefore conclude, as the producers of the Splat! Show, that certificate 15 by the BBFC is appropriate for the Splat! Show. Please note that the BBFC has not reviewed our show and this is purely The Splat! Show producers opinion after reading the BBFC documentation. 

The BBFC will also start to rate online websites offering video content in 2019 with attention to adult only websites. We do not feel that our site is just for over 18s at this time but we will work with them to ensure that our content falls within their remit of protecting children. This may include restricting our website to persons under a certain age via the use of age verification. We are awaiting further detail from the BBFC and the UK Government and will update in due course. We will always act in a timely manner and do everything we can to ensure we work within the laws.