Why Do I Need A Site Account

Why Do I Need A Splat! Account?

All site visitors now need to create a free account to access the majority of our website. We have introduced site account requirements for a number of reasons which you can find out more below. You do not need a site account to access our about us and help pages.

Content Remains The Same: Our content will remain the same. We are not introducing more explicit content and our content guidelines are not changing. You can find out more aboutΒ contentΒ guidelines here.

Offer Visitors Greater Flexibility: Having our users use accounts means we can offer our visitors greater flexibility and launch new features. We now run our fan Club within the site instead of using aΒ thirdΒ party. This means we need to have an account system so users can upgrade their account if they wish to access the fan club. We can also offerΒ contentΒ to a select section of ourΒ audience if we wish too.Β Accounts give us and our usersΒ greaterΒ flexibility and offer a better userΒ experience.Β 

Security: Having anΒ account system means we are able to roll outΒ tighterΒ security features for our website. We can now actively block bad actors who may do us harm. We take theΒ security of our website and site accounts seriously.Β You may trip our security systemsΒ accidentally, but we canΒ easily correct any issues. WeΒ regularly check our accountsΒ system and you can leave us a message there if you trigger ourΒ system and you are locked out. The system isΒ sensitive on purpose to offer theΒ greatestΒ security for us and our users. You can also contact us anytime here.


Ready To Create A Splat! Account?

Are you ready to create a Splat! Account? Great, you will be in great company! We have now have over 5000 accounts registered and growing everyday. 

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you read our “About Us and Help” pages before you go ahead and create an account. Our content is designed for all users and does not contain or feature explicit adult content and our about us pages will provide you with more information about us, our content and our participants. You can always contact us here too if you have any concerns or questions. 

We also recommend that you read our privacy policy here before creating an account. 

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