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Seeing “Account Has Expired”?: You may see this message when trying to log in after a Splat! Fan Club pass expires. We will manually re-active your account so you can log into your account. We usually check accounts once a day. If it has been more than 24 hours, send us a nudge. 

Top Tip: If you are getting an error when trying to log in with your site username, please try with your site email address. You can always contact us here if you need help.

Two Factor Authentication (COMING SOON): Two factor authentication is turned on automatically for all accounts for added security. When you log in you will be sent an log in code to your site account email address. Just enter the code when prompted to complete sign in. If you can’t access the email linked to your site account you will need to contact us.  Please check your spam / junk folders for these codes if you haven’t received them in your inbox.

If you need help with accounts, please contact us here.

UPGRADE YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITH A FAN CLUB PASS: Upgrade your membership by purchasing a Splat! Fan Club pass. Your account will automatically upgrade so you can access all Splat! Fan Club Content. Add pass here. A Splat! Club pass gives you access to both The Splat! Show and Splatette! Show fan clubs.

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