Season 16 Finale

Season 16 Finale


It’s time to end season 16. A season that has seen it’s fair share of epic Splat! Shows with some fantastic guests, including some you thought you would never ever see on the show. When it came to end the season we knew we had to do something special. One thing that we haven’t seen much of throughout the course of season 16 is double header Splat! Shows. You know, the ones where we have two guests in the same show. Season 15 had it’s fair share of those so we thought we would do a double header for our season finale this season. And boy, did we find the perfect two for this special show! 

Boyfriends Joe and Angel take on this epic Splat! Show to end season 16. We also made the show a bit bigger than usual due to it being a season finale special and we have every faith that you are going to love it! A bigger show means more gunge so get ready, the season is ending in the best possible way! Be sure to check out the blog entry at the bottom of this page for even more insight into the show.


The Splat! Interview x2: Both Angel and Joe start off the show with an interview in the tank each. We interview the guys separately so you get two interview segments in our season 16 finale show. Of course each interview ends with their first tanking of the show.

Foam Me Up x2: Foam me up has been our “game of the season” nearly appearing in every feature show this season. Both Angel and Joe take on the Foam me up around on their own with Angel getting white foam and Joe getting yellow foam. Angel makes an appearance towards the end of Joe’s Foam me up to pull the Gunge Tank lever. Each foam me up round ends with the tank to help wash all that foam off our guests, but we feel that Joe came off worse here with some real funky looking gunge!

The Custard Pie Round: After Joe came off worse in Foam me up, we decided that Angel should take on the custard pie round with Joe dishing out the custard pies, something he really seemed to enjoy. Will Angel get more questions right than wrong to avoid triggering the tank too? It’s not looking good for Angel…

The Finale: Tanking Point head to head!: For the finale we tried out a new game that we have been using at some recent private sessions. This time we tired it with two players. Each time a question is incorrect Gunge is added to the tank. Joe and Angel have no idea how much gunge is in the tank when it is their turn to answer their question. If they get the question wrong, more Gunge is added to the tank. Angel and Joe have to be careful not to be the ones to fill the tank on their incorrect question. Who ever fills the tank to the max on their incorrect question triggers the tank and get’s the last Gunging of the show. Will it be Angel or Joe who pushes the tank over the tipping point?

In total this bumper finale show features 6 takings in the Gunge Tank. A fitting end to season 16. 

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Joe Vs Angel

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. 

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Gunge Tank Cam Footage

Get a birds eye view of some of the Gungings in the season 16 finale with The Tank Cam! A lengthy video is over on the fan club now.

Lean more about the production of this show. All Blog Entries are written by James, show co-producer.

So, it’s time to end the season and, after our extended “break” (in reality doing a LOT of private experiences), Splat’s back to bring things to an end with serious amounts of mess, a filming schedule to strike fear into the hearts of all bar the most fearless gungers and two
of the most fantastic new models it’s been Splat’s honour to shoot with.  And when I say serious amounts of mess…. trust me, this is one season finale that I’m going to remember for a very long time.

We wanted to make this a season finale to be proud of and so it just had to be a duo shoot of some description. That automatically adds pressure to a shoot, two people to co-ordinate in the showers, twice the usual amount of clothing needed and twice the number of towels! From my side of things, it also means filling the tank twice as often, along with emptying it twice as many times as usual plus actually re-jigging the tank mid shoot to start putting two people in there.  The real biggest pressure though is getting the models. We didn’t want to repeat a pairing we’d done before and we know how you guys (and gals) love new faces so caution got thrown to the wind and two new faces were located.  Ah.  Slight problem.  There’s a day when they’re both available but they need to be done by 3pm.

11am, Joe and Angel arrive and we start the clock.

First up, the health and safety briefing.  This cannot be skimped on, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get through it quickly. Thankfully our stars are utter professionals and pay seriously close attention.  They also seem to already understand the atmosphere we want, impressive since
they’re not English and haven’t had the pleasure of growing up on GYOB and all the rest. I’m already utterly convinced that whatever ends up on film will be brilliant.  They also don’t seem to be phased by the VERY large number of pre-mixed gunge buckets waiting for them.  Even seasoned gunge models would probably have taken a look at it all and had second thoughts.  Joe and Angel… they just grinned huge grins and took it in their stride.

If you saw the twitter feed the night before the shoot you’ll have had a sneak peak at our new vote outfits.  Pete had suggested a way to freshen it up and the new stools are exceptionally comfy to sit on whilst the models wait to see who’s won. The new tops are also brilliant (wow,
properly clean clothes…. that won’t last) and the new twist to the vote video…. we’re scrupulously honest at Splat but that doesn’t stop us from being very VERY evil at times.  Just this segment alone makes it clear we’ve got gunge naturals in front of us but the clock is ticking and whilst the first showers are had, I get on with filling the tank and Pete nervously looks at the very ambitious filming list.

Interviews done.  With a tight deadline we have to make them short but informative and give Angel and Joe a chance to show off their personalities.  I just want to keep talking to them both, I actually can’t remember a show where I’ve been so keen to keep talking.  The two stars have a great deal in common but they’ve also got very different personalities and any worries that we had about things being repetitive left the room for good at this stage.  There’s infectious laughter, very visual body language (more of which in a bit) and one or two very
revealing answers plus a true gift to Pete and I with one of the stars which made the tanking just that little bit extra special.  Oh come on, you don’t expect me to say *what* it was now do you?  You should know by now I don’t do spoilers 😉

The clocks ticking but so far we’ve managed four tankings. There still a LOT more to go though and I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned the tank out so quickly as I did today.  Given that we then played two games of foam me up it definitely made the gunge more like a mousse, and I’m very happily stock piling the gunge for the Splat Storm at the end of the session. The guys are also now totally and utterly relaxed on camera and, unlike some models who seem to sit there and only move their arms to wipe stuff off their face, Joe and Angel are the most expressive guests I can remember.  Just looking at stills on the show page really won’t give an impression of how much hand and arm motion there is in the show and behind the camera I’m besotted with them.  It doesn’t matter how thickly covered they get in gunge or pies, their smiles break through every time and they put on a great show for us.  Yes, the clock is ticking, but the pressure doesn’t seem so bad any more.  These two are naturals.

The two games of foam me up take us to six tankings so far.  Some shoots that would be it but today we’ve got at least three more to do, preferably more.  Whilst I’m on my hands and knees, Pete is calmly looking at the plans and reworking them on the spot. There’s no real
panic in the way he does it and everything he suggests the “fan” part of my brain is really loving. The “oh man that’s going to be how many tankings” part of my brain does kick in at one point though and we agree that we’re going to have to change one of the games so that it’s actually physically possible for me to deal with the gunge side of things without running from one side of the tank to the other.  The new game though (name changed about twenty thousand times whilst we were setting up) WAS played 100% for real and I promise that I really was so busy filling the tank during the game that I wouldn’t have been able to mix the outcome.  In the unedited footage (as I think Pete is going to crop me out of the frame for a lot of it) you can see me frantically up
and down on the chair, lifting buckets of gunge up and down whilst Joe and Angel lounge in the fabulous new white stools.

Clock is ticking, deadline is approaching and the tank needs adjusting. Without time pressures, changing it from a solo tank to a duo one is awkward enough but doing it whilst trying not to think about how close to the line we’re getting is a nightmare. But we do it and with about two minutes to spare we get one of the most intense Splat Storms we’ve ever done on film.  Whilst Joe and Angel get themselves cleaned up, I get the first eight buckets’ worth of gunge out of the bottom of the tank.  Oh yes, when it’s a double tank… it drips. Nothing seems to stop it leaking when it’s in duo mode and so I get to scrape the gunge out of the bottom whilst it’s still dripping down.  Let me tell you, by this stage of the day, what drips out of the tank is definitely NOT warm
and fun.  Know what though, when the shoot has been as incredible as this one, I really don’t care.

Four hours.  Something like eleven segments recorded.  When we first started talking about the show on the twitter feed, we promised hundreds of litres of gunge.  I can’t think of any other show I’ve been involved with that’s had anywhere near that much mess before.  My back is gonna scream at me in the morning I can tell.  I don’t care though.  Joe and Angel were so utterly fantastic today that the intensity of the effort was so much more than worth it.  This is a season finale that I’m actually proud to have been involved with. There is only one teeny tiny downside. But it’s the most fantastic downside possible.  Somehow, and I really do not know how, it means that the NEXT season finale is going to have to be even better.  And that is going to take some doing…