Game List

The Splat! Show Game List

Here you will find a list of the games we feature on The Splat! Show. The following games can be chosen for our custom private experience tiers.

The Gunge Tank Interview

The Gunge Tank Interview is usually the first segment featured in a Splat! Show. Here we interview the guest to get to know more about them. A Gunging normally occurs at the end of the interview. The interview is a perfect way to break the ice any tension or worries the guest may be experiencing.Β 

Lucky Or Mucky

Lucky or Mucky is our chance based quiz. Usually played with strings or numbers, the guest has to either pull a string or say a number when they get their question wrong. One of the strings or numbers is connected to The Gunge Tank. Will you be lucky or get mucky!?

True Or False Gunge Blast Splat!

In True Or False Gunge Blast Splat! you are asked a series of True Or False questions. For each incorrect answer you are blasted with Gunge. If you get more questions wrong than right then The Gunge Tank is triggered (or if you win you can get gunged instead, it’s up to you!)

Foam Me Up

Foam Me Up! Is a quiz where for each incorrect answer you are spray with foam. Once you have been completely foamed up, it’s game over and Gunge Tank is released. The foam we use is non toxic and should not sting your skin. 

Gunge Bucket Throw

Gunge Tank Bucket Throw sees Gunge bucket throws when you get three questions in a row wrong.Β 

The Custard Pie Quiz

The Custard Pie quiz is again quite straight forward. The guest is pied with custard and cream (or just one) after each incorrect answer. This quiz can also be played with The Gunge Tank. If the guest gets more questions wrong than right, they are sent into The Gunge Tank.

Wetter Is Better, Slimed Is Stupid

In Wetter Is Better, Slimed Is Stupid the guest really wants to avoid the Gunge. For each correct answer the guest gets water (warm) sprayed at them. Each incorrect answer is counted against them and if at the end of the round it outweighs the correct answers they get slimed. Will you be wetter and better, or slimed and stupid?

The Balloon Pop Round

In Balloon Pop, guests have to pop the balloons in the Gunge Tank by sitting on them. The guests have a set time limit to pop all the balloons. Gunge will be fired from the gunge basters to hinder their progress. If at the end of the time limit they have failed to pop all the balloons, The Gunge Tank is triggered.

Pass The Pie - Two Player Game

Pass The Pie is a two player game. Each guest takes it in turn to answer a question. If they get their question right, they can then pie their opponent. If they get a question wrong, they have to pass their pie to their opponent who then pies them. If you are attending a solo private experience and would like a partner to play this game, one of our producers will be happy to participate.Β 

The Buzzer Round - Two Player Game

The Buzzer Round featured two guests. Each have their own Buzzer. Hey have to buzz in when they want to answer a question. The guest with the most correct answers wins the round with the loser getting sent to The Gunge Tank.Β If you are attending a solo private experience and would like a partner to play this game, one of our producers will be happy to participate.Β 

Stop The Gunge

In Stop The Gunge, the guest has three lives. They are then interviewed about a few topics. The guest cannot say yes or no, or nod or shake their heads during the game. If they do, if they lose one of their three lives. When they lose all their lives, it’s game over and the Gunge Tank is triggered.

Total Tanking

Total Tanking is one of our number based rounds. When the guest answers a question correctly they can pick one of ten pies. The pies are then thrown into the tank at the guest. Each pie has a number written underneath. After the questions have been completed, the guest adds up all the numbers from the pies inside the tank. If the total number is more than the target number then it’s game over and the tank is triggered. 

Please note that these pies are made of Gunge currently. Fun fact, custard has the same consistency as our Gunge! 

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