Splat! Show History

The Splat! Show History

The Splat! Show was established in September 2004. The show has evolved many times over the years to what it is today.

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The History Of The Splat! Show

Original Founders: Pete and Rob

Season One Producer: Rob (Pete not present at the shoots)

Season Two Producer: Tim (Pete not preset at the shoots)

Season Three to Twelve Producer: Charlie (Pete not present at the shoots)

Season Thirteen to Current Season Producer: Pete 

The Splat! Show was established during September 2004. Here you will find a timeline about our history.

2004-2005 – The Founding Days 

September 2004: Pete and Rob founded Splat! Rob produced the first season with Pete running the site and business side.

2005: Rob finishes production on season 1 and announces he won’t be producing anymore shows to concentrate on other aspects of his life. Rob would eventually go on to launch his own site similar to The Splat! Show a decade later.

2005: Unable to shoot the show himself at his current location, Pete posts a message to fans asking if anyone could accommodate the shoots. Tim steps forward. Pete organises the transfer of The first Gunge Tank and props to Tim so he can film season two of the show. Pete continues to operate the business and front facing operations.

September 2005: Tim completes season two production in one week. Tim is unable to operate the shoots long term. Pete again asks for help and Charlie steps forward.

2006-2011 – The Concept Slips

2006-20011 – The first Gunge Tank was damaged during the move to Charlie. The Splat! Show took a different direction during these years with a move away from the Gameshow format to more fetish based content. While Pete was grateful for Charlie continuing production, Pete was unsatisfied with the content that was being produced. Pete yearned for Splat! to return to the earlier days with a focus on the gameshow and Gunge Tank element and a move away from the more fetish approach that was introduced by Charlie. Pete felt it was alienating fans and other audiences. Pete was still unable to accommodate shoots so Charlie would continue to produce until 2011. Pete took over shooting certain shoots while still being based at Charlie’s location with the idea to hone his producing abilities in preparation of The Splat! Show relaunch a few years later.

2013: Charlie informs Pete he will now longer be able to accommodate the shoots. Pete thanks Charlie for his input and content he produced and puts all future production on hold.

2014 – Present – The Relaunch and Expanded Audience 

2014: Pete is now able to accommodate the shoots. Pete formed his own solo Business to operate the Splat! Show. Pete was now able to work on reviving The Splat! Show closer to the original concept. A Show for everyone, not just for one type of audience. Pete was able to build a new Gunge Tank with the help of Ash and re-launched the show a year later.

2018: Pete abandons the old website that was being used from 2005-to 2018. The site was built of outdated technology and needed to be upgraded and given a fresh new look. Pete launches the new website towards the end of 2018.

2018: James joins Pete in helping produce the shows and becomes part of the creative process. James was also important support for Pete who was straining under the work load and high expectations he placed upon himself. That support was greatly appreciated by Pete after a series of fake news articles impacted his mental health. 

2018: A New Zealand based journalist publishes an article about our casting process which was founded on his own assumptions and not fact. Pete uses this opportunity not only to push back on these allegations, but also prove they are false by publishing the show casting process for all to see. 

2018: Tim returns to The Splat! Show to produce a few shows. Tim was able to secure the appearance of X-factor’s Sam Callahan, an important milestone in our history. 

2019: The Splat! Show starts offering private experiences to fans.  

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