2016 Euro Splat! Match

Euro 2016 Splat! Match

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Splat’s resident football fantastic Ash takes on The Gunge Tank in this football themed mess match fest!

About The Show

Ah, football. While we here at Splat! HQ are not huge fans of the game we are huge fans of the players and of course the kit. 2016 brought us the 2016 Euro 2016 football championships. The hopes were high for our home nation, England, to perform well but sadly things did not go to plan. We tricked Ash into taking part in a special Euro 2016 special with a brand new England football kit and the Gunge Tank!

This show features…It’s a game of two halves! 

Splat! Match Gotcha: Ash did not know he was about to take part in a messy quiz. He just thought he was shooting some promotional material for this years Football Splat! Match (yes we are doing it proper this year) so watch as we reveal to him that he is about take on the Splat! Gunge Tank dressed in a brand new England Football Kit!

Part 1: England V Wales Quiz: Wales has surprised the UK and Europe by doing very well in 2016 beating England by getting to the last 16. In part one of this special quiz we tackle the England and Wales Questions. For each wrong question Ash gets pied. If he gets more wrong than right he gets a tank full of Euro nation colors dropped on him!

Part 2: Iceland SURPRISE: Iceland, the country that knocked England out of the Euros. So we test Ash on Icelandic football. For each wrong question here gets BLASTED with the Gunge Blasters and if he gets more wrong than right then he gets a gift from Iceland in the form of FREEZING cold water! 

Tank Cam Footage: Order before the end of August and get the tank cam footage too and Ash getting a thick bucket of gunge thrown at him! 

Video Details

Video Length: 32 Mins and 49 Secs. Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: No shirtless scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for 2016 Euro Splat! Match