Benji’s Splat! Show

Benji's Splat! Show

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Cheeky chap Benji steps into the Gunge Tank for his first ever Splat! Show.

About The Show


We are now approaching the end of the season 14 releases. We have featured a few new faces this season and now is the time to reveal our last new face. One and all please welcome Benji to the Splat! Show. Benji is a fantastic addition to season 14 and will be big part of season 15! We contacted Benji via our normal modeling website and he instantly replied and agreed to take up the shoot. He then casually mentioned his Boyfriend is interested in taking part too. Wow! So we have booked them both for a double shot next season, but before Benji and Jordan go head to head it’s time for Benji to face the Splat! Show1

Benji’s feature show includes:

Gunge Tank Countdown Interview: We get to know the last new face of season 14. Benji is in the Gunge Tank with the timer on. We start our interview and wait for the time to run out to give Benji his first Gunging!

Custard Pie and Gunge Tank Quiz: We put Benji through one of our messy quizzes and this time it’s double the mess with a Custard Pie round and then a Gunging in the Gunge Tank!

The Splat! Balloon Challenge: The season 14 game nearly everyone plays! How will Benji fare with popping balloons? Gunge awaits if he fails to measure up!

Get Your Own Back: We give the chance for Benji to get his own Back on his boyfriend Jordan next season if he can complete this Get Your Own Back Challenge. Can Benji endure the mess so he can get his own back on Jordan by instantly sending him to the tank for the Get Your Own Back Gunging of Snot, Custard and Really Awful waste?

FINALE: Why so blue? We wrap off Benji’s first Splat! Show with a blue finale. Benji is dressed on a blue lycra singlet and then we drop the biggest gunging of the show on him to finish of his show. Oh and it’s a nice blue colour too! 

Video Details

Video Length: 42 mins and 52 secs. Help playing videos.
Content Guidelines: Shirtless in some scenes. Occasional minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: PG. Learn more about our Content Guidelines

A small selection of stills taken from the video for Benji's Splat! Show