BF VS GF 3: Karma

BF VS GF 3: Karma


Since the inception of our little show, we have tried to settle one’ve lives long running battles. The battle of the sexes. Of course if you come onto the Splat! Show and not on our sister site, The Splatette! Show, you can expect that battle to be pretty one sided. Basically if you are male, come on the Splat! Show and expect the Gunge to be evenly handed out with your significant other then you are mistaken. Of course, James knew this even before he arrived. James girlfriend has always wanted to see him in the Gunge Tank and was looking forward to this day for a VERY long time! 

This show includes:

The Gunge Tank Interview: Just why has James agreed to come along to The Splat! Show and face our Gunge Tank? Well in this interview we find out. Basically, it all comes down to his girlfriend and future wife. She has always wanted to see James in a Gunge Tank and we made her wish come true. We also get to know more about our happy Gungy couple in The Gunge Tank Interview. The interview comes to a messy end with this shows first Gunging of the show.

Piestermind: It’s time for James girlfriend to start pelting the pies in piestermind! You should know the rules by now, but if not they are pretty simple. If James gets a question wrong then pies star coming his way. James needs to get more right than wrong to avoid a Gunging. 

Stop The Snot: In this round, the whole thing is about talking. Can James girlfriend get him to say yes or no? If she succeeds then she will be able to unleash the tank on poor James.

Gunge Tank Finale: Its the end of the show and time for James final ever tanking. We talk to both James and his Girlfriend about their Splat! Show experience and ask if it lived up to their expectations. The Tank is then released for the final time in the show.

Splat! Balloon Gunge Tank Challenge: As time was short, we couldn’t complete the usual five rounds. But we did manage to get a sneaky round of The Splat! Balloon game in. James has to try and complete the challenge by popping the balloons as Gunge is thrown at him

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