Eva’s Splatette! Show

Eva's Splatette! Show

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We are continuing our Splatette! releases with brand new guest, Eva!

Eva is from London and works as a model and social media influencer. Eva was one of the first to reply to our emails regarding an appearance on the Splatette! show and we feel Eva’s Splatette! show is one our best so far, but we would say that wouldn’t we. Eva has a great personality, she doesn’t try to avoid the Gunge and has a great laugh too! We always say that our show is at it’s best when the guest is having a blast and Eva certainly did! 

We really hope you enjoy Eva’s Splatette! Show. Eva is hoping to come back for a double header shoot with one of her friends if this show does well. So it’s all down to you guys really, because we know we would love Eva to come back for a head to head special, but there has to be the demand first.

Eva’s Splatette! Show Features The Following

The Gunge Tank Interview: This is Eva’s debut Splatette! Show so we have to get to know more about her. The only interview in the world where the guest gets Gunged at the end. The Gunge Tank Interview. We talk to Eva in the Gunge Tank and get to know about her life and modelling career. Eva then get’s her first ever Gunging in the Gunge Tank. We think she enjoyed judging by her reaction. A fabulous first Gunging for Eva.

Lucky Or Mucky: Ok, so we have to admit something. During this round of Lucky or Mucky, Eva triggered the tank on the first question. Not ideal for the shows running time, so we took the decision to carry on and change the mucky number. This actually was in Eva’s advantage as she nearly almost escaped with one number remaining. So in what could’ve been the shortest round in L Or M history, actually turned out to be the most nail biting round. Eva’s second Gunging of the show matches the first with her apparent love of getting gunged!

Foam Her Up: Foam Her Up makes a return to The Splatette! Show after receiving feedback from you, the viewer. You told us you missed it in Alaine’s Splatette! Show so we featured it in Eva’s show. The result was probably the messiest single gunging that has featured on The Splatette! Show so far. We guess that’s what happens when you mix a ton a foam with bright pink gunk. This Foam Her Up segment starts with Eva talking about, and showing us her impressive collection of tattoos. 

The Splat! Debrief And Tour De Gunge Finale: Instead of doing the wrap up interview (Splat! Debrief), something you told us wasn’t really a favourite of yours, we added it to the start of the Tour De Gunge Segment. So before Eva embarked on her Tour De Gunge Cycle Challenge we quizzed her about her time on the show. What did she enjoy, would she come back and who would she Gunge if she had the chance were all covered. It was then onto the final part, The Tour De Gunge Challenge. How far will Eva get in the allotted time while enduring mess coming at her from all directions? The show ends with a final Tanking for Eva while she finishes Tour De Gunge!

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Aspect ratio of images have been altered and cropped from the video download. Video download plays full screen in 16:9 ratio. Video does not include Splat! Logos as seen in the images.

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Download the Eva Picture Pack featuring 38 high resolution pictures taken at Eva’s Splatette! Shoot. These pictures were shot especially for this picture pack and are not screen shots from the show. Manual and automatic downloads available.

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