Kyle’s Cosplay Special


Kyle's Cosplay

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Kyle dresses up and (tries) acts in three special scripted segments. Created in partnership with a fan through Splat! Customs.

No longer available.

About The Show

No Longer Available

Due to the different nature of this release compared to our standard releases, this release is temporary and is onlyΒ available until 10thΒ October. Sadly ourΒ storage space is limited.

Over the summer we have been working on something brand new. Our private experiences are great if you don’t mind getting messy, but what if stepping into the Gunge Tank is not your bag? Maybe you are more of a watcher but you still want to get involved with the show. Well Splat! Customs is for you! Splat! Customs are shoots and shows that are written and designed by you and then we produce the show to your requirements, or as close to as possible. You can find out more about Splat! Customs and book your own here.

This special pack of three videos features the result of the first Splat! custom we undertook. We worked with a fan who booked Kyle for a custom shoot. The fan wrote the script for these three specials for Kyle to undertake and we are pleased to present them for you to enjoy for a limited time. People who book a custom show get the edited versions presented here as well as copy of all the unedited footage. The terms of Splat! Customs enable us to release the edited footage for all enjoy.Β 

Kyle’s Cosplay Special Features The Following…

  • PC Frost Sketch: Inspired by the Nigel Mancel Gunging from Noel’s House Party, Kyle takes on the role of Police Officer Frost. In this scripted segment Police Officer Frost makes a visit to Splat! HQ after receiving a tip off from a journalist about a “humiliating device” being used on unsuspecting victims. Β Cocky Police Officer frost gets more than he bargained for when he insists to test the device out for himself! Β 
  • Pilot Frost’s Splatoon Training: Kyle takes on the role of Pilot Frost in this second scripted segment. Pilot Frost goes through all the training required to earn his wings with a messy twist. Pilot Frost encounters rain (water), snow (foam) , enemy fire in the form of gunge streams and pies plus a “pea-souper” (green gunge barrage). The training ends with Pilot Frost dealing with a self destructing aircraft unleashing a yellow torrent of slime over Pilot Frost. Does Pilot Frost earn his wings? You will have to watch to find out!
  • Power Ranger Peril: In the final segment featured in Kyle’s Cosplay Special, Kyle takes on the role of the Red Power Ranger. After failing to avoid capture Kyle, morphs into the Red Power Ranger but is tied up and placed into The Gunge Tank before he can make his escape. Will The Red Power Ranger escape before he is completely foamed up? Or will he succumb to the awful toxic waste waiting in the Gunge Tank? Β This segment also features a small intro from Kyle featuring some scenes from his past shows.

Video Details:Β Video Length: ThreeΒ separateΒ videos featured in the pack. CombinedΒ runningΒ time 33 mins and 15 seconds.Β PresentedΒ in 4k. Help playing videos.

ContentΒ Guidelines:Β .Β No minor swearword usage. If we had to give it a age certificate: U. Learn more about our ContentΒ Guidelines.Β 

A small selection of stills taken from all three videos featured in Kyle's Cosplay Special - Not Available

No Trailer Will Be Created For This Release.

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