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Splat! Membership Tiers

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We have made some major changes to how our website operates. We have made these changes so that everyone who enjoys our unique content now also contributes to our productions. The free account you currently have grants you access to The Splat! Show News Page, The Splat! Private Experience Page and the about us and help pages. All other pages now require one of three paid memberships to access.

If you regularly visit us to view our show pages, images and trailers but have never or rarely purchase a download, we are now asking that you contribute by adding a paid membership tier to your account. Our bronze tier allows you to view all Splat! Show pages and view all teaser images and trailers for a small fee of £4.99 a month. If you also purchase a download during your membership period, we will extend your membership from the date of your download for an extra month. This only applies to our Bonze Tier and not our silver and gold tiers.

We have also introduced two other membership tiers. Our silver tier offers everything in our bronze tier but also includes asses to Splat! Retro Stream and Splat! Plus + Stream. Our gold tier is our top tier. Our Gold Tier features everything offered in our Bronze and Silver Tiers, plus access to all Splat! Show Fan Club content where you can also now download and keep Splat! Retro Stream and Splat! Plus + Stream videos. We are also moving all Gunge Tank Votes over to The Splat! Fan Club where you can participate in the voting for future votes at no extra cost and view them as part of our gold tier.

You can find out what benefits each membership tier includes below.

We understand this is a big change but the cost of producing our content is growing each year.  During our nearly 20 year history we have never increased the prices of our downloads. Asking you to contribute at our most basic tier of £4.99 means you are helping us to continue to operate and help fund future productions which we hope will only grow in scale.  We will continue to offer pay per view downloads as well as operate and expand the Splat! Fan Club along side our paid membership tiers.


If you currently have a free Splat! Show account, just purchase the tier you would like to add to your account to upgrade. Your site account will automatically upgrade to the chosen tier once payment has been completed.

If you currently have one of our paid tiers and would like to upgrade to another tier, please use the “Upgrade Tier” link. This means you can upgrade and you will only pay the difference between the current and upgrade tier instead of paying the full price. If you want to downgrade, please wait for the current tier to expire and then purchase the tier you want to downgrade to. You can see the status and end date of your current tier from the “My Splat! Account” page. 

Bronze Splat! Tier

The Bronze Splat! Tier is our entry level tier. 

Bronze Tier Account Privileges: Upgrade your free account to a Splat! Bronze Tier account to access all Splat! Show pages, view all teaser images and trailers on the website.

Bonze Tier Pricing: £4.99 for one month. Does not automatically renew.

Bonus: If you purchase any download when you have a Bronze Tier membership, we will extend your bronze membership for an extra month at no extra cost you from the date of the download purchase.

Sliver Splat! Tier

The Silver Splat! tier is our mid tier. 

Silver Tier Account Privileges: Upgrade your account to a Splat! Silver Tier account to get all privileges of our bronze tier PLUS you can access and stream Splat! Retro Stream and Splat! Plus + Stream each month on The Splat! Fan Club. All other Splat! Fan Club content requires a Gold Splat! Tier membership.

Bonze Tier Pricing: £9.99 for one month. Does not automatically renew. 

Want to upgrade your account from Bonze To Silver for £5.00? Click here 

Gold Splat! Tier

The Gold Splat! tier is our top tier. 

Gold Tier Account Privileges: Upgrade your account to a Splat! Gold Tier account to get all privileges of our bronze and silver tiers PLUS you can access all Splat! Fan Club content, download Splat! Retro Stream and Splat! Plus + Stream to keep, vote at no extra cost in future Gunge Tank Votes and stream the results and talk with other Splat! Fans on The Splat! Fan Club Forums. 

Gold Tier Pricing: £15.00 for one month. Does not automatically renew. 

Want to upgrade your account from Bronze to Gold for £10.00? Click here

Want to upgrade your account from Silver to Gold for £6.00? Click here 

F & Q And Help

Q: Why do I need to pay to view the show pages now?

A: Since introducing site accounts to our website, it has become clear to us that the majority of our visitors do not purchase a download. We offer a great number of images and trailers from our shows for people to view for free. It currently falls on the site visitors who do download and purchase from us to keep the site online and which allows us to create new content. To try and address this imbalance we have decided that it is fair that we introduce a small fee for people who just want to view our show pages, images and trailers. This means everyone is contributing, even if it is small, to the stability of our site and operations.

Q: Do I still need to purchase a download if I have a paid membership?

A: Yes, we still offer our pay for view downloads as we have always done. If you have our basic paid Bronze Tier and you buy any download we will extend your bronze membership for another month from the date of a download purchase at no extra cost. This only applies to our Bronze Tier. Our silver and gold tier memberships offer extra content that you can view as part of your membership at no extra cost. 

Q: Why hans’t my site account automatically upgraded after purchase?

A: Our systems are set up so that once you have successfully completed payment your account should autumnally be upgraded to the chosen tier. If it does not upgrade after completing payment, please contact us here. Please note that if your payment is sent as an echeque, your account will only be upgraded once the payment clears. Membership duration will be effective from the date the payment clears. 

Q: Can I upgrade to a different tier?

A: Yes, you can upgrade to a higher tier if you wish at anytime. To do this, you must use “Upgrade To This Tier” link. You will only pay the difference between the tiers you are upgrading from. Please note that upgrading to a higher tier will only upgrade your account to the higher tier for the duration of time remaining on the tier you originally purchased. It will not give you a month from the moment you upgrade, but instead will just upgrade your account for the duration left when you originally added a tier to your account. If you wish to have a full month at a tier, we recommend you wait until your current tier expires and then upgrade again with the tier you want. Please note that upgrades are not instant and require us to do this manually. This is usually completed by us within 6 hours of purchasing a tier upgrade.

Q: Can I downgrade a tier?

A: No, if you wish to download to a lower tier, please wait until your current tier expires. After this time you are free to choose another tier.

Q: My tier expired and I am now seeing a account expired message and cannot log in. What is up?

A: If the tier has recently expired, you may not be able to log in and you may see a “session expired” message. This is a temporary and we will set your account back to the free level after this time. We check accounts everyday, buy you can contact us if you are still seeing the message when trying to log in and more then 24 hours has past. 

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