New Zealand News Article Response

New Zealand Blog News Article Official Response From PAW Media UK, the operators of The Splat! Show. October 2018.

In October 2018, a New Zealand based “News” blog posted a news article about The Splat! Show. The news article was poorly researched in which it presented assumptions about The Splat! Show and how we operate and then presented them as fact.Β They are not facts, they are assumptions.Β 

Instead of waiting for anΒ officialΒ responseΒ from us, they went ahead published their article with sweeping misleading andΒ libellous statements.Β This is sloppy andΒ unethical journalism in the pursuit of clicks and ad revenue.Β 

We responded to the newsΒ article’s publication with facts. Sadly, the site failed to present our full response and instead only published an edited version of the statement we provided to them. They decided to edit our reply to try and maintain the false narrative of their original and flawed article about us. This is unethical. We did not receive an apology nor did they edit or change the article after we presented them with our response.Β 

We have provided Pete’s full email to the writer of the news article below. They only published Β a snippet of our reply, which we can assume (we can make assumptions too) they chose to do this in order to enforce the false narrative in their piece.Β 

Since the publication of this news article we have made changes to the site and how we present certain information. We did this in an effort to present all the facts about The Splat! Show and our operations for all to see to prevent any misunderstanding about our site and show.Β 


Hello David,

Thank your for your email and I am sorry I didn’t reply to your enquires sooner. I didn’t know if you were a genuine journalist or not at the time so I just ignored it. 
I have read your article and to be honest it was a very hard read because you’ve made many false assumptions. But to be fair, since I didn’t initially engage with you before the publication of the article you didn’t have the full facts or a official response from me before the deadline.
We are always upfront and clear with the people we work with. We tell them from the outset what they will be doing, who may find interest in our work and the types of markets and demographics we target the show too including the wam fetish / interest audience. While we do target the show towards this audience, the show is not exclusively created for the WAM community and can be enjoyed by people who do not have a fetish for WAM. This is why there is no full body nudity in the shows, so they can be enjoyed by as many people as possible if that is what they want to do. 
We never trick people to come and work with us. They know exactly what they are coming here to do and we make every effort to make sure they have checked out the website before they arrive and this usually gives them an idea what we are about before they come to shoot. When they arrive for a shoot they are treated with upmost respect at all times and are never forced to do anything they don’t wish to do. They are spoken to at length about how the shoot will run and are encouraged to ask questions at all times and let us know if they feel uncomfortable at any time. We foster a easy and relaxed atmosphere at the shoots while always treating them with the most upmost respect.
We require our models to sign model release forms, but this done at the end of the shoot and never done before a shoot starts. Our model release form also includes reference to the target audiences for the show and stating that it may be of interest to the WAM community and that the show is also targeted to a wide audience not just the WAM community. They are encouraged to take their time reading and filling in the model release form and are never rushed to complete the form. They are encouraged to ask any questions they have about the form and it’s contents at any time.
We also inform our models that while we are entitled to release their work after they have completed their model release form, we don’t hold them to the fact. We understand that peoples circumstances change and if they wish us to remove their content from the site we will always act on their wishes. Over the years this has only happened twice and we have always respected their wishes to have their content removed. This compares to the dozen’s of models who have returned to us over the last 15 years due to the care, respect and honesty we have shown to all the people we have worked with. We would not have lasted this long if we deceived and tricked people into working with us. That is a fact. 
David, I do appreciate you reaching out to me again. But If I may, I do have one major issue with your article. It was not about The Splat! Show, but since it was mentioned in the same article as we were and it was quite disturbing to myself to be mentioned in the same article. It was regarding the rather disturbing news about a man asking for children to get messy for reward in your home country. Being linked to that kind of story, indirectly I admit, caused immense stress and upset to myself. We never ask underage models to work with us and always ensure they are over 18. I am not sure if this part of the article made people reach out to us via email and on our social media channels with death threats, harmful and disturbing messages but receiving those messages has also taken a toll on my mental health since the publication of the article.
I hope this makes things a bit clearer for you. Again, I am sorry I didn’t respond and engage with you sooner. I guess I could of saved myself a lot of personal grief and worry that I’ve experienced over the past few days if I had provided you with an official response sooner and before publication. Finally I would ask that you don’t publish my full name in the event that you follow up your previous article with information I have provided you with here today and I hope you will honour that request.
Thank you again David and I hope this reply finds you well,


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