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Season 14

New Gunge Tank Pilot with Mark Anthony

Mark Anthony returns for our Gunge Tank Pilot show. A brand new Gunge Tank needs testing and we couldn’t think of a better guest than Mark!

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Simon’s Returner Special

Of all the guests during the “dark times” Simon was one we really wanted on the revamped Splat! Show. So we are so happy he is back! Enjoy Simon’s Returner special and his time in an actual real Gunge Tank!

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Jon Vs The Gunge Tank

Jon takes on the Gunge Tank for the first time ever in this special feature as he is joined by guest presenter Keiron

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Simon’s Slime

Simon is back to close the current season. Having taken the role of “Gunge Tank Inspector” on two other occasions how well will the tank treat Simon for the season finale?

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Ash’s Tank Special

Ash built our brand new Gunge Tank, so it’s only right that he take it on. Will Ash win against his new creation or will The Tank win the day?

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Jolly Jack Jackson

Jack hails from Essex. A place that has reputation for vain guys and blond barbies. How will Jack, a guy from Essex cope with all the mess on The Splat! Show? Watch and find out today.

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Jon’s BIG Show

It’s time for Jon to face The Splat! Show Gunge Tank once again and this time its a big one! Jon stars in his most ambitious show yet, but will The Gunge Tank be lenient? 

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Adam & Jon: Clash Of The Titans

Adam & Jon star in this massive Splat! Show. Who will win and send their competitor into The Gunge Tank? The two biggest Splat! stars are about to clash, but who will be slopped out!? Download today!

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BF VS GF 3: Karma

James come to The Splat! Show at the request of his future wife to face challenge with The Gunge Tank.

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Anthony’s Splat! Show

Model and all round funny guy Anthony steps into our Gunge Tank for an unforgettable time!

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Dave C’s Splat! Show

Part time model, DJ and singer Dave C takes on The Splat! Show Gunge Tank!

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Kyle U Control 1 Mini

In the run up to his full feature U Control special, Kyle took on the U Control Mini. Viewers need to view this show to vote in the U Control Special. Now available to all, this U Control Mini features some fantastic Gungings in The Gunge Tank.

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Keiron’s Splat! Show Special

Who else could star in our mid-season special other than the wonderful Keiron!? In this bumper packed show Keiron takes on the Splat! show in an extended special episode.  

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Steve’s Gunge Tank Dream

A gunge fan get’s his wish to come on The Splat! Show. Does Steve enjoy his time on the show and in The Gunge Tank or does it turn into a nightmare? Download today to find out.

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Benji’s Splat! Show

Benji makes his Splat! debut in this Splat! Show. Watch as Benji takes on the Gunge Tank for the first time and plays to get his own back on his Boyfriend in a future show.

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David: Something To Prove

David comes to Splat! HQ to prove one thing, that he isn’t the vain stuck up guy he many think he is. Watch as David takes on The Splat! Show Gunge Tank in this fantastic show.

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