Season 19 Cut Footage Index

Splat! s19 Cut Footage

Splat! S19 Cut Footage And Deleted Scenes (Under construction)

Welcome to The Splat! Cut FootageΒ Section!

Here you willΒ find cut footage from our season 19 shoots. Cut footage features cut footage and deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the show edits that areΒ released on the website to download. Get a look at the cut footage that you don’t get to see in our releases and watch our guests pre and post Gunging and so much more!Β 

This index is for season 19 cut footage and deletedΒ scenes. You can find other Splat! Show cut footage and deleted scenes from the Fan Club home index.Β 

S19 Finale Cut Footage

Ben's Splat! Show Cut Footage

Gooey Louie Cut Footage

Kyle Brutal Buckets Cut Footage

Lucas Returner Cut Footage

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