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Site News and Status Updates

Here you will find news regarding planned site upgrades and new features. You will also be able to see the status of our various services we offer.

You Will Soon Need To Register - Delayed.

Site registration hasΒ been delayed. We hope to provide updates at some point in the future. We are looking at other options including paid membership to access the show pages for a small fee so only fans can access content including teaser images and trailers. ShowΒ downloadsΒ couldΒ be lowered to compensate forΒ theΒ fee introduction.Β We are still looking into different options and will keep you posted.

A Change To Pre-shoot Exclusives & Gunge Tank Vote Results Videos

Over the past few months we have been looking at our pre-shoot exclusive offerings. As it currently stands, pre-shoot exclusives (usually The Splat! Storm) are only available to order before a shoot takes place and are not made available on the site to download after.Β 

Orders for these pre-shoot exclusives have been important to help us fund the shoots before they take place. But we understand that there is a degree of frustration with our pre-shoot exclusive process in that they are only available to a select few people.

So we are going to me making changes to our pre-shoot exclusives. They will no longer be pre-shoot exclusives, but instead they will become early bird orders. Orders for pre-shoot material will operate same way they do now, but will be changed in the following ways.

  • Orders for pre-shoot specials will close at midnight the day before a shoot takes place.
  • These will now be priced lower than the current pre-shoot price of Β£9.99 and will be priced at Β£8.50. This is the early bird order price.
  • Viewers who place an order before the pre-shoot order closure date will receive their download the day after a shoot finishes production.Β 
  • The pre-shoot special will then be released for everyone to purchase on the website at the normal price of Β£9.99 ONE MONTH after the shooting date.
  • These will be available to order from the show pages under the “THIS guest(s) also shot the following at their Splat! Show shoot”.
We will be rolling out this change soon.Β 


We are also making changes to our Gunge Tank Vote results videos. Again we are making these changes so more people can enjoy our content. Our Gunge Tank votes wouldn’t work without viewers voting and thus ordering the results video before a shoot takes place. We operate a pay per vote for The Gunge Tank Votes to prevent spamming of the vote. Much like to the changes outlined above for our pre-shoot exclusives we will be rolling out the following changes to Gunge Tank Vote results videos.

  • Vote price will remain the same at Β£5.50 per vote until a vote closes. Usually a day before a shoot takes places.
  • Viewers who participate in a vote will receive the results video the day after a shoot completes production.
  • It will then be made available to download from the site for non vote participants one month after the initial shoot date.Β 
  • The price when added to the site for everyone to download will be Β£7.00 per results video.
  • You will be able to purchase from two places.Β From the show pages under the “THIS guest(s) also shot the following at their Splat! Show shoot” and The Gunge Tank Vote results page.
We will be rolling out this change soon.


Please note that we might reverse these changes if they do not meet our expectations.Β 

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